Hølding Ønto Yøu

Laura is a girl no one knows.
Tyler is a gifted singer everyone knows
They accidentally meet each other.
Buckle up kids.


2. Ruby

How nice, the last chapter was just like something i'm reading on Watt Pad. Sorrry.



Laura drove up to her house, and was ready to make apples for Austin when she realized he was OUT.

She carried him up to his room and in his bed. Laura went back downstairs. 

She made apples for herself and ate them while she opened up the piece of paper the floof man had gave her. WOW!!!! IT WAS HIS NUMBER!!

Doesn't this get better and better?!

She texted the number.

Laura-Hey is this Tyler


Laura-Well, my mind hasn't changed, by the way. And if you're confused, you offered me tickets. Also, btw, I'm Laura

Tyler-i remember :(

Laura- Sorry.

Tyler-I saw that kid with you, who is he?

Laura- My brother. He's adopted. His name is Austin.


Laura-He wanted a marshmallow for dinner.

Tyler-Did you give him a marshmallow?

Laura- I gave him a chocolate milkshake

Tyler-Why not the marshmallow? Was it a jumbo marshmallow?

Laura- It's unhealthy and yes.

Tyler- But you gave him a chocolate milkshake????????

Laura- Stop antagonizing me.

Tyler- I am not.

Laura- shut up and gn

Tyler- good bye








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