Hølding Ønto Yøu

Laura is a girl no one knows.
Tyler is a gifted singer everyone knows
They accidentally meet each other.
Buckle up kids.


1. Løvely


​sorry bout that I'm just so excited ;-;

"Laura! Wake up!" Laura woke to her smaller brother Austin standing by the bed. He was just 4 years old. He was also adopted. Their family is full of more surprises but I'm saving them for later. She had taken a nap through the day and now it was night. Austin was probably hungry. Laura had fed him lunch like a good sister, don't worry.

"Ok, kid, I'm getting up." Laura walked into her bathroom, and Austin rushed downstairs. 

Laura looked into the mirror and her jaw dropped. Her hair had been up in a ponytail all day yesterday, and it was so messy. Laura had forgotten to take it down so now it was everywhere. She quickly got scissors and cut it off to a short cut. (You know? Like what the casual guy has? Yeah that.)

Laura changed and went downstairs.

"Laura, can I have a marshmallow for dinner?!" Austin bounced behind Laura as she grabbed her phone and car keys.

"Well, kid, thats not healthy. How about some chocolate milkshakes and some apples instead?" Laura asked. Austin jumped up and down.

"YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!" Austin said.

"Let's go over to the diner to get some chocolate milkshakes." Laura told Austin. Laura is 26, old enough to drive.

Laura noticed it was 12:00 am and hoped the diner was still open. 

As they drove in the parking lot of the diner, they noticed two cars there. Laura wondered if one of them was a person actually eating. Laura took Austin in and they saw that a person was eating. But, he was writing something down.

They were wearing a skeleton hoodie and they had brown floofy hair. Laura took Austin over to a booth behind the man. The man noticed and got up.

"Hey, want concert tickets?" He asked. Laura looked up and Austin just smiled.

"For what?" Laura asked.

"Twenty one pilots?" The man shrugged and sat in the seat in front of them. 

"Haven't heard of 'em. Why would I want tickets? And why are you asking?" Laura questioned.

"Well, I'm the lead singer and we go on world tours. We have sold out shows most of the time. It's a good option to say yes." The man negotiated. Laura thought about it for a moment and went with intuition and lied.

"Busy, sorry." Laura said. The man's smile faded into a frown. He got out a folded piece of paper and gave it to Laura. What a nice man!

"I'm Tyler, and open this if you change your mind." Tyler said, and walked out.

What a nice guy!!

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