Mission: Kill

Jax Opel Rudd, is what some people call strange, others a monster most don't even know who she is. She is a young assassin, one of the best at that. She's always worked alone and hid her second life from her family, but she's been given a mission that jeopardizes everything she's ever known and anyone she has protected.


2. Chapter 2

"I reach my small apartment building when my annoying ass, pervert neighbor stops me and starts to stare at my chest. 

"Jax, baby why don't you come inside, and we can chill," he says reaching for my face,

"Back off asshole." I say pushing him away

"Come on, with an ass like that and a dick like mine we could reach heaven," He says hitting my ass

I turn around to defend myself when Dante runs up and punches him in the stomach, "Sorry man but I can't stand it when someone hits on my girl...whoops." He says putting his arm around my waist.

"You...never told me you had a boyfriend girl," he says  getting back on his feet

"It's none of your damn business asshole." 

Dante moves his hand from my waist and laces his hand in mine, and whispers, "Just go with this ok," not even two seconds after he pulls me in close and kisses me softly and sweetly then walks me up to my apartment," We reach my room and I quickly unlock the door, we run in then I lock it again." 

"Thank you." I say walking backwards from him. 
"What are you doing?" He questions me,


"What are you processing...?" He says seductively

"Um....your my boss....this-this isn't right....y-you could get fired....I-I could get fired."

"That's only if they find out..." He says biting his lip walking closer. 

I've known him for years, he's saved my life multiple times and I've never had the urge to kiss him the way I want to at this very moment. Every nerve in my body tells me to do it but there the something holding me back. 

"Dante..." I whisper

"Shhhhh," He whispers back, he's inches away from my face. 

"I-I've never done this before..." I admitted,  

"I can help you if you want." 

"Please?" He holds my head in his soft hands for a minute then brings his lips to mine. He's gentle, passionate and dominate. He reaches for the hem of my black tank top and takes it off. 

He stops for a minute and looks around my house, "where's your bedroom?" I push my lips together and grab his land and slowly lead him to my room and I close my curtains and look at him, I run over to him and jump he catches me and kisses me sweetly, he carries me over to my bed and places me on the bed I look up at him and he takes off his shirt, then joins me on the bed. "are you sure you're ready? We don't have to if your scared." He stares into my eyes.

"If I wanted to stop you, you and I both know I would've been able to do it." He smiles and continues to go slowly and is careful of every move he makes and is trying not to hurt me.





"That....was amazing," I say cuddling up close to his body, "but it can't happen again..." I say turning away 

"Jaaaaax," he turns me around, "we didn't do anything wrong, we are just co-workers that decided to have bit of fun," he chuckled. 

"Dante I'm serious," I stare into his eyes, a dreamy green color.

"Jax this is your life not your works, you are aloud to have a bit of fun in between, just give it a shot ok, we don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to." he does that annoyingly cute thing where he puts his hand on my cheek and rubs is thumb on my cheek. 

"Ok," I whisper, I close my eyes and let myself melt in his arms, when my phone starts to ring. 

"Shouldn't you get that?" He whispers softly in my ear

"No, it's most likely just a telemarketer, just let it go to voicemail." about a minute later my phone stops ringing, "see," I turn around and kiss him, mid kiss my phone rings again, "damnit," 


"My mom, I told her I'd come home for dinner, what time is it?" 

He looks at his watch, "5:25-"

"SHIT!" Shut up now, she's going to kill me..."  I answer my phone as I rush to my closet to find clothes that are not blood stained and sweat stained, "Hi, mom, sorry got held up at the shop, I know I'm late I'll be there in an hour." I find a super old white button down shirt and a pair of yoga pants.

"Ok, I was beginning to worry that you forgot about dinner tonight." 
"No never! Just got held up," I signal to Dante to talk like he's ordering a cup of coffee, and by signaling I mean I wrote it on my white board. 

"Hi I'd like a black coffee," 
"Hey mom I got a customer, I'll see you in an hour, bye" I hang up the phone at look at Dante, "Thank you so much, but we both have to leave," 

"Yeah of course," he stands up and gathers his clothe and I rush to the shower to wash most of the seat from today off and brush my hair," Once that's all set I run back to my room to get my shoes and Dante is gone, a part of me hoped that he'd still be there, but that's ridiculous and stupid. I race out of my house and of course there Carl is, leaning agents my car. I roll my eyes and pull out my phone. 

"Oh baby what are you doing?"
"Calling the cops," I say typing Dante's number.

"Why would you do that, did that man hurt you baby, ol' Carl can take care of him for you." he says walking closer to me, 

I hit call and wait for Dante to answer, 

"Hello? Jax are you ok?"

"Yes police, I have this neighbor who has sexually assaulted me several times," 

"Oh I get it. Yes miss a cop car is being sent to your exact location." I hang up my phone and text my mom that there is traffic and I'm going to be a little late.

"Oh baby why did you do that, you know I just want to make you happy." 

Before I can say another word sirens come flying down the street, "Step away from her sir," Says a 'cop' over a megaphone

"Y-you don't understand I-I'm only flirting," 

"Hand's in the air," 

"Dante," I say with relief I run over to him and hug him, "just go with it," 

Another 'police' officer walks up to me, "Ma'am is that him?"
"Yes sir," 

"Take him away," he says to the others


I rest my face closer to Dante to intimate a scared girlfriend and half of the crew drives away with Carl and when he's far enough down the street, Dante and I push each other away, "Damn, if I was a real cop I would've thought you two were really dating, good job," 

"Thanks Kevin," I say letting out a small laugh, "if you'll excuse me I have to get to dinner with my parents," 

"Oh right sorry," Kevin moving away from my car. I get in and drive down the street and on to the highway. "Alright, off to dinner," I say turning the radio up. 

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