Mission: Kill

Jax Opel Rudd, is what some people call strange, others a monster most don't even know who she is. She is one of the youngest assassin, one of the best at that. She's 17 and always worked alone and hid her second life from her family, but she's been given a mission that jeopardizes everything she's ever known and anyone she has protected.


1. Chapter 1

Jax Opel Rudd. That's my name. Most people have no idea who I am, some see me as a monster others see me as a normal teenage girl, and for the record all of that is true. I'm one of the youngest assassins in the world, and my own family doesn't even know. 

"Jax! How did the mission go." My supervisor Dante Cruiz says opening a can of beer.

"Quick and easy, like usual sir."

"Great. What about witnesses?"

"None, it was while everyone was asleep."

"I've taught you well."

"i learned from the best."

"Your next mission is to be watching at the King of France's speech this weekend. We've revived word that Destiny Parks will be there, your job is to take her out. She's 21 years old and trained in kung fu."

"On it." I stand up to leave

"Jax, wait."

"Yes sir?"

"We have a new recruit. Jackson Lark, he'll be assisting you on this mission."

"Sir, I work alone, I've Always worked alone. A newbie will just weigh me down. I can do this on my own."

"No you can't-"

"This is totally unfair!" I reach under the hem of my shirt and I pull up my gun and shoot it at the wall, then storm out of the room. 


"LET ME WORK ALONE AND I'LL CONCISER IT!" I run around he base past offices past interrogations and into the gym. I stare at the punching bags I jump up on to it wrap my legs around the bag and start to do sit-ups on the bag when someone opens the door. Now the unspoken rules of the gym are, don't stare, don't question and NEVER underestimate; and this dude must've been new because he was clearly staring at me. "Did your mother ever tell you staring was rude?" I say sarcastically, continuing to do sit ups on the punching bag. 

"Yeah but she was kinda inane so I didn't listen," he says walking towards me

"Do you have an issue with something?" I say pushing myself

"Yeah, you're using the only punching bag." he responded flatly

"Go cry me a river," I'm pretty sure he left or went to use another piece of equipment, I honestly don't care. "98...99...-" my body is thrown from the punching bag and I landed on my back. Hard. I groan and slowly get up, "What the hell?" I walk around the bag to see the same freaking guy who was talking to me earlier. "Ok so you're either new here or have a death wish." 

"Whatever," He says punching the bag,



"You didn't answer my question."

"Look girly, I don't have all day I have to meet with a major assassin today, and I can't let them see me as weak." 


"Who is it?"

"The fuck?"

"I've been here for years I could give you some tips." I'm SO going to kick his ass, or have someone else do it.


"Tell me or I'm going to kick your ass."

"Jax Rudd, he's supposed to be a master killer, one of the youngest." 

This douche did not just assume 'Jax' is a dude, oh I'm going to have fun with this one. "Well, HE loves dolls, and pink, bring him that and your sure to get on his good side, also feel free to as TONS of questions and make awful jokes." 

"You sure?"

"Would I lie to you? Also one more thing," I punch him in the gut, he falls to the ground "There are rules of the gym, learn them, next guy won't be as generous." I jump back up onto the bag and continue the sit ups. When a set of strong hands pull me down, THE FREAKING ASSHOLE DUDE THAT IS CLEARLY NEW! 

"Fight me for it." He said flatly

"What?' He throws a punch I can easily doge it, "Big mistake dude." I grab his hand and flip him onto the ground "Would you like to continue or have you learned to stop." 

"That's one thing about me. I don't stop." He stands back up and runs full force at me and during the time it took him to stand up and start running I was able to load and point my gun at his head. 

"You gonna stop now?" 

"It's not loaded," I shoot the wall, he stares at me "ok so maybe it is loaded, but you won't shoot me."

"Really because based off the rumors I've heard, Jax is a merciless killer who stops at nothing," 

"Yeah and Jax is a dude," Damn he's slow 

"Stand down Jax" I turn my head and lower my gun, dammit I was just starting to have fun. 

"Dante!" I say extremely sarcastically!''

"I can see you've met your partner,"

"WHAT? No Jax is a dude right." Dumbass stuttered, Dante and I stare at the kid "shhhhhhiiiiiittttttt,"

"Dante can I talk to you?"

"Yep," We both walk out of the gym and into the hall,

"I want a new partner or better yet no partner,"

"You think I wanted to train you?"

"No but I wasn't a sexist ass who picked a fight in the gym,"

"Yeah but you did nearly get yourself shot!"

"But I didn't!" 

"Look he has a background of fighting, he was in a gang-"

"Your joking, Dante I'm not working with him, get me someone else or I'm walking." 

"Jax," he sighs

"Bye Dante it's been great working with you." I start to walk down the long hall

"Jax! 9:30 tomorrow my office we'll talk about this," 

"I'll be there," I say walking out the door and down the street back to my house.

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