Shooting Star

There was two kids that were total strangers to each other. Then one day a star fell from the sky. This star was magical though as it changed the twos lives forever.


1. School Uniform

Sophia's pov:

    I woke up to my sister yelling as loud as she could. "Breakfast is ready!" Get your lazy butt out of bed and come down stairs!" I groaned and sat up in bed. "Okay...I'm coming!" I called out and got out of bed. I stood up and stretched first then got changed into my uniform and brushed my teeth and then my hair. "Okay though I'm all ready!" I smiled at my self in the mirror and then grabbed my bag and went down stairs to eat breakfast. "Well look who finally got out of bed." My sister teased though I knew she was annoyed.


Jason's pov:

   I grabbed a slice of bread and ran to the door cause I was running late. "Bye dad!" I yelled out and ran out the door to catch up with my friends before he could respond back. "Hey look who decided to join us!" My friends started to tease me as I ran to catch up. "Sorry I over slept this morning." I chuckled  and rubbed the back of my head. "So Jason tell us all the details." My friends started to get close to me and wouldn't stop pushing about me and the girl I worked with. Ever since they learned of my small crush on her. "I all ready told you guys that nothing happened." I said as I kept walking to school. They all exchanged looks with each other before laughing. "Yeah okay." I shook my head and looked down and that's when they brought up the shooting star. "Did you know there's a shooting star passing by the earth tonight. You should make a wish on it Jason and see if it comes true." I gave him a weird look and laughed.

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