My art is a love story.

It's the year 2017. Cyrus is just a normal student at Menaoty high. He lives in the town Koonika. He uses his days drawing. He's an amazing artist with a keen eye for the art of a pencil. One day he gets involved with four girls and they become friends. But what choice will you make? Let me ask you that as you read the story of Cyrus and the four girls. Fuki, Anzu, Kaori, and Momo.


1. Information

Hello guys

This is Salthemor here.



This book is a new project of mine where you get the choice of who the main guy ends with. These four choices are connected to the four girls. So I hope you keep an eye out for the four girls. So I hope you gonna enjoy it. 



Another form of information is this


It's away from the main guy perspective when things are written in this font. It means it will go into a new perspective. Either from one of the other girls or from yours like this

(The four girls would sit and chat)

Or get this message

(Fuki perspective) 

Hope that helps you understand a bit more. Now have fun!


I will not say when. But when you have a choice. It will say like this


(If you choose Fuki. Go to chapter xx) 

(If you choose Anzu. Go to chapter xx)

Then you get the choice to go to the chapter and see that perspective.


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