My art is a love story.

It's the year 2017. Cyrus is just a normal student at Menaoty high. He lives in the town Koonika. He uses his days drawing. He's an amazing artist with a keen eye for the art of a pencil. One day he gets involved with four girls and they become friends. But what choice will you make? Let me ask you that as you read the story of Cyrus.


3. Fuki Vovon.

One more line. One more picture. One more hour. Suddenly it was the third lesson of the day. Date fourth Juny year 2017. I was sitting at my desk slowly drawing soft lines on a piece of paper as I paid attention to the teacher. She was talking to us about an assignment where you pair two and two. You needed to show the class who you were and how two people can work together to make one thing to show who they both are. I had no partner and just sat at my desk. My eyes followed people as they made groups. The teacher usually ignored me when it came to this kinda things. They knew I didn't talk to people. I looked around and saw Vovon sit by herself. She would fiddle with her thumbs. I could smell the nervousness from here. I slowly stood up and the teacher's eyes fell on me. I slowly walked between the desks. I slowly made my way to the front row and then looked down on Fuki:
"Oh...Umm. Tylin..." Fuki said:
"Hello. Vovon was it?" I asked:
"Fuki Vovon yes." She said. Her voice trembled a bit:
"Wanna team up?" I asked. I came to a conclusion yesterday. I want to get to know some and I thought Fuki was a good choice. She usually alone and tries to avoid others like me. So to team up would be a nice thing:
"You wanna team up with me to the assignment?" She asked surprised:
"Yeah, why not?" I said. I tipped my hat with a smile:
"Su-Sure! Sure let's do that!" She said:
"So Fuki Vovon and Cyrus Tylin. Should I put you into the paper?" The teacher asked:
"Of course. We part of this class aren't we?" I asked. The teacher nodded to me and I grabbed a chair placing it in front of Fuki desk. I leaned my arms on her desk and smiled:
"So what could we do?" I asked:
"Well. We could get to know each other a b-bit better first." She said to me:
"Sure. Well, my full name is Cyrus Tylin I'm a second year here in the last term. I like art and to draw-" I said but then she interrupted me:
"I have seen that. You always draw here in class." She said with a smile. She seemed more relaxed now. Maybe she's only nervous around new people:
"We can go to my room after class. I can show you my gallery of art." I said with a smile. She seemed to look around a bit nervous before she smiled:
"Su-sure why not." She said. I smiled:
"So what about you?" I asked:
"Well, I'm Fuki Vovon second year student of the final term. I like to read. I...Um...I. I like to explore the mountain side when I'm bored." She said:
"Wait alone?" I asked surprised. What if she fell down or got hurt. No one would know where to search:
"Yes, alone. Why?" She asked:
"What if you got hurt...No one knew where to find you." I said a bit chocked:
"It's not like anyone...Would come." She mumbled something I didn't really hear:
"What did you say?" I asked:
"Nothing, nothing. So we are going to talk after class?" She asked:
"Sure," I said as I slowly stood up and placed my hat a bit back on my head so my forehead hair could be seen a bit better:
"Wait..." She said:
"Hm?" I let out a surprised hum as she suddenly told me to wait:
"When I saw your gallery. Wanna come with me to the mountain side?" She asked. I rolled my shoulder and smiled:
"Sure. It's only fair to see what you like too." I said with a smile. She smiled back. She seemed to relax around me now. The class ended and I walked outside. I slowly walked to the schoolyard. The schoolyard was decorated with trees flowers and a big area with a fountain. This was like a small town isolated in the mountains. I walked up to the fountain and looked into the water. This fountain meant so much to me. It was like a gateway to another world. I felt like I could see my mom and dad still happy when I looked into the water. I stood there for a few seconds:
"Mom...Dad...I will try to make friends...I promise." I said under my breath. The water would take this message and send it into the cycle inside the fountain. It was like a mailbox to heaven. I looked up and saw the students around me. There was a new light to them. Like they were there. It's the first time I saw them like this. Like they were there and living. They were talking, joking, having fun. I saw one teasing a girl and the girl giggled. I saw one high-fiving his friend as they walked towards their club. This was a new thing I had never seen before. I only felt this once before:
"Your art is so sad that it shines." Those words were the once the girl i walked with last lantern walk event. she told me that and somehow the lantern seemed to shine brighter for a few moments and from there the chat just went nicely:
"Tylin?" A girl voice suddenly asked. My eyes snapped open. I was leaned on the rocks of the fountain as I had dozed off into my own reality:
"Oh hey, Vovon." I said as I looked at the small girl in front of me. She wasn't taller than me. Around ten centimeters smaller. I smiled and slowly stood up:
"Oh, I see you changed to casual cloth." I said. She was standing in front of me in her casual cloth. She had a purple t-shirt on with a yellow cardigan over it. A knee length skirt which was blue with brown boots going to just below her knees. She would smile and do a small embarrassed spin:
"Well. I just feel like it would be nicer if we didn't walk around in the uniform." She said:
"Well then allow me to change when we get back. I do it in the bathroom." I said. She nodded as we slowly walked towards the boy dormitory. People looked at us confused. The artist and the shy green haired girl walking together and talking together. We made it to my room:
"Feel free to look but try not to touch them." I said as I walked into the bathroom.

Fuki looked around amazed. She hadn't ever seen such paintings. There were so many of nature and the school grounds:
"Wow, his amazing." She said to herself as she caught her eyes on something. In the corner was a painting which was half finished. It wasn't on the stance and she didn't really understand why. She looked at it. It was a painting with a lantern on it and smiles around the lantern lighted up by the lantern itself. She looked at it but then she heard the door open behind her and turned to look towards Cyrus.

I had now changed into new clothing. I had a white t-shirt on with a green long sleeved button up shirt over it. A white pair of pants with a pair of black shoes with a white bottom. My shirt was a quite fancy one and my pants had quite loose hems at the end of them. My hat still softly resting on my head:
"Oh that...One." I said as I looked at the painting she was looking at. That painting was the work I had done after the last lantern walk. I never finished it:
"It's a nice painting." She said:
"Well, thanks. I like art. It's dear to me." I said. She looked around the room and saw the paintings resting on the walls:
"The art style. Is it true that you provide the art to the corridors of the school?" She asked:
"Yep. They asked if I could paint some painting for the school and I couldn't decline." I explained. She giggled:
"So you just enjoy painting?" She asked:
"Yeah. I must say you seem a lot less nervous around me now." I said:
"nervous.Oh, no..I'm yeah.I uh...Um..." She said and began to fumble on the words.
"Easy now tiger. It was a compliment." I said:
"Yeah...Sorry. I'm just nervous." She said:
"Well. We take it in baby steps. If you have any request I will hear it out." I said:
"Then...As training can I call you by your first name?!" She nearly shouted out:
"Sure.." I said:
"Really...Then thank you Ty- I mean Cyrus." She said:
"No problem Fuki," I said with a smile:
"Wanna go to the mounatin side now?" She asked:
"Sure..." I said as we stood up and walked out of my room. This seemed nice. Fuki was nervous and awkward but she is really nice. Maybe this will bring me closer to being a normal student.

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