My art is a love story.

It's the year 2017. Cyrus is just a normal student at Menaoty high. He lives in the town Koonika. He uses his days drawing. He's an amazing artist with a keen eye for the art of a pencil. One day he gets involved with four girls and they become friends. But what choice will you make? Let me ask you that as you read the story of Cyrus.


2. Cyrus Tylin

I love the way the paper is blank in the start. People say it's blank but I see it quite differently. I see a potential. A potential of colors and pictures. I can feel the excitement there goes through me when I hold that pencil between my finger. The sound of my class around me echoed in my head. It felt so distant. Like I was the only person here. The blank paper in front of me lying on my desk. Like it asked me to change it. To make it something beautiful. That request I get every time. Lying there begging to become beautiful. I tilted my hat a bit and smiled as I placed the end of the pencil on the paper and slowly began to draw lines. The lines connected and began to form a picture. The picture of grass. The pencil continued to move its sharp graphite over the paper. Like music, it played to the tune of my hand. A sun was drawn and then I added shadows. I was so focused and mid way I looked up. My class was empty once again. I was alone like always. I never really had friends. People are quite scared of approaching me. I have one friend. The pencil itself. My pencil was my friend and the paper was my future. I used all my time drawing and I just enjoyed it. I looked down at my pencil and smiled. I looked down at my paper and looked up again. Suddenly the room was filled with people. I scanned the room. It was the usual people. I wasn't the only person sitting alone. In the front row sat a girl all alone. I never learned her name but she never talked to anyone and even tried to avoid them. I slowly lied down my pencil and turned my attention to the desk in front of the class. The teacher wasn't there. I had time before the lesson started. I looked down at the paper. It wasn't blank anymore. It was now a grass field with flowers and shadows are drawn on it. A shining sun in the middle. I looked at it and smiled. I tighten the tie on my school uniform. I was a student at Menoaty high in the town of Koonika. I was a second-year student in my final term. Means this was my second to last year at the school. The school uniforms was a thing you had to wear. I was wearing one now. The boys uniform was a brown jacket nicely closed with a white shirt under and red necktie. You would wear a long beige colored pair of pants with a black belt in it. Brown shoes at the bottom. You are allowed to wear headwear and I chose to do that. Most people try to avoid it to not stick out but I chose to have this. My hat is a brown Homburg hat with a bisque colored line around the middle. My forehead hair can still be seen. The brown short spiky hair resting a bit in front of my light blue eyes. I'm Cyrus Tylin an eighteen years old boy who just draws his day away. I don't talk to people. It's not because I don't like people. I'm just a bit shy and I don't see a reason to it since all I want is in my pencil. I looked up and my eyes moved over the other students. There was Fuki the green haired girl who didn't talk to anyone else. Then also the popular girl named Anzu. Those two were the most interesting to me. Not because they were girls more because one of them didn't talk to anyone and the other talk to everyone. Such a difference is a form of art. An art I quite like. The school was done and I stood up to leave to the dormitory. I lived in the dormitory since my mom and dad were dead and I used to live with my aunt and uncle. But I went to the dormitory when I could because I didn't wanna be a burden to them. My mom was an alcoholic and drank herself to death. My dad committed suicide a few month later because of stress. So I was alone in this small world. I didn't really care. My life started the moment I came here. I walked through the schoolyard. The school was on a mountain side and there was beautiful environment around us. There was the Tsuki forest. A long forest with a road narrowed down by trees. It was around five kilometers long and you could start at the school and end up in the town. Then there the mountain range behind the school. It was a small mountain but still beautiful. Its name is Mount Menaoty. The school named after it as it's placed on it. Then there the beach just down the mountain. There was so much to draw and I just love to get around to do it. This is a boarding school. So we all lived up here. My aunt helped me pay the money to get up here but I haven't even talked with anyone this year. I have been here for two years now. I started in my first year in the last term. I haven't gotten a single friend. There a few events in the school. The school dance. The summer festival and the athletic festival and the one everyone loves. The lantern walk. It's a walk where you go at midnight with a lantern through the Tamboon forest with another person. Two and two. You would talk and get closer as you walked down the narrow path with only a lantern to light. There is of course many more. I did that last year with a random student. We talked but I didn't feel like I came closer to her. She told me she liked to talk to me more but then she left the school because of money problems so I was once again alone. But I didn't really care. I sat down on one of the benches and leaned back. The students walked around me. They just kept walking and some of them looked at me. My light blue eyes scanning them:
"Excuse me...Sorry...Can I get through...Thanks...Oh sorry....Sorry!" I heard a girl voice between the students and my eyes focused on her. It was Fuki. The green haired girl slowly walked in the crowd scared like a kid lost in a mall. That is Fuki Vovon. She had natural green hair with a blue ribbon in it and blue eyes. She walked around in the girls uniform. A brown jacket with a white shirt under. The jacket is closed nicely. A knee length beige skirt. and a red ribbon instead of a tie with same brown shoes. They also allowed to wear headwear but mostly try to avoid it. The girl was fumbling in the people and finally broke free falling forward. I quickly stood up and caught her as she was falling in my direction:
"You okay there?" I asked. The girl looked up and blinked a few times. Her green hair only going to her neck and it was short:
"Oh sorry! Sorry! Thank you...I mean sorry...Should I thank you or apologize. I don't know!" She would argue with herself before letting out a pathetic cry:
"It's fine. I didn't want you to fall." I said:
"Wait, you're Cyrus right?" The girl asked:
"Oh yeah. I'm Cyrus Tylin." I said. I understand her confusion. I'm always alone:
"Oh...Umm...Nice to meet you. I'm Fuki Vovon!" She said bowing down in front of me. She accidentally hit her head into my chest because we were so close. She rubbed her forehead and took a step back:"
Sor-Sorry!" She shouted before she ran away:
"That girl avoid people because she is shy and nervous." I just said to myself. I sat down again and looked in the direction the green haired girl had run off to. I laughed a bit under my breath:
"She has an innocent beauty. Truly a warm but still simple art piece." I said to myself. I like to see everything as a form of art. People looked at me and when I returned the gaze they just looked away. That was how my school life was. People were scared of me. I was known as a delinquent. I had a hat on. People usually tried to avoid to stand out but I never talk to anyone and never really care about the lessons. I'm quite smart so I get good grades and I listen when I'm not to focus on drawing. I slowly stood up and walked towards my room. I walked into the building and climbed the stairs to the third floor. I walked down to room number 42 and opened my door. You were allowed to decorate your walls so I had my paintings and papers everywhere. My bed was nicely fixed and my television gathers dust. I didn't really watch television. I had my drawer at the side of my bed with a small lamp. I had a glass table in the middle where I had a few cups standing on. There were a small kitchen and bathroom to all rooms. I had an Easel in the corner with a blank painting on it. I was known as the artist. I had a sense for art no one had seen before at the school. People avoid me for that reason. They scared that I will judge them. I won't of course. I grabbed my paint brush and my palette and looked at the blank painting in front of me. I smiled and began to move my paint brush over it with a green color. This is my life. This is the life I live. It's a constant cycle. My life is a lovely thing. I couldn't be happier. I love my life as it is. Alone cover in my art. That I painted myself. That I created myself. The art there was born from my hand through my tool the pencil or paint brush. The emotions I lie into every sweep of the pencil:
"But sometimes." I said as I looked towards the empty chairs in my room:
"Sometimes I wish there was someone to share this happiness with." I said to myself with a smile. I would simply just sit down in my bed and rest a bit. Then lie down looking at the roof. Then close my eyes slowly as i placed the hat on top of my head. The thoughts rushing through my head as i slowly dozed off. 

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