My art is a love story.

It's the year 2017. Cyrus is just a normal student at Menaoty high. He lives in the town Koonika. He uses his days drawing. He's an amazing artist with a keen eye for the art of a pencil. One day he gets involved with four girls and they become friends. But what choice will you make? Let me ask you that as you read the story of Cyrus.


4. An unseen world.

"Come...on. You're so slow." Fuki said as she jumped over the rocky cliff side. I walked after her slowly as the rock stretched out. It was a bit dangerous running on these rocks but she didn't mind. She was jumping around on them like nothing would happen. I slowly followed her and we ended up at an outstretched rock formation. It was like a natural platform. she sat down and pointed out towards the town below us:
"Isn't it beautiful?" Fuki asked me. I looked out and saw the setting sun down over the water side of the town. The town lighting up in an orange glow. The water stretching out like an orange and red river:
"River of Fire," I said under my breath. That was the first thing coming to mind at the sight:
"Yeah, I know. It's like the water on fire. It's quite beautiful." Fuki said:
"So you come here often?" I asked:
"Yes. It's my favorite place on the mountain. I found this last year." Fuki said:
"How many years have you been going here?" I asked:
"I started as a last year medium term. Now I'm the same as you." Fuki said:
"I see. So this is your third year of the school?" I asked as I slowly made my way over the rocks. She looked at me as giggled:
"You look so clumsy. I would guess you not the agile type?" Fuki said:
"Hey. I'm an artist, not a sports nerd." I said as I softly leaped forward and got to her side. I stood on the platform of rock and watched the horizon:
"That is true. Why did you come up to me? I wonder over that. We never talk but you suddenly just came up and asked." Fuki asked me:
"Well. I just felt like it." I said as I sat down and looked over the orange water:
"I see. I have been curious for a while. You always so alone." Fuki said:
"Oh. It's my own choice." I said as I took my hat off. The black hair hanging down from my face. She looked at the hat:
"Oh yeah. Then there is that. Your hat. The students usually avoid to stand out. But you walk around with that hat pridefully." Fuki said:
"Oh yeah. Hehe. I never really thought about it. I wear it because I like it." I said. Fuki would smile and then look over the horizon again:
"I always saw you as scary. You look so cold when you draw. Your eyes nearly empty." Fuki said:
"Oh really?" I said. I was surprised. My mind drifts off into the paper every time I draw. My mind drifts off and I just become one with the picture. So I never really realized how I look in the real world:
"Well. I maybe should think about it a bit more. I always drift away." I said:
"Drift away?" Fuki asked confused. Of course, she's confused. Better explain:
"Have you ever thought about an unseen world?" I asked:
"An unseen world?" Fuki repeated:
"It's a kinda funny thing. Every time I begin to draw it's like the picture comes to life and my mind drift away into the picture itself." I said. Fuki would look confused at the start but then nod:
"I never experience it myself. But I do believe you." Fuki said:
"What about the assignment? What should we do?" I asked:
"We need something that shows off both of our personality?" Fuki said:
"I need to think about that then." I said as I leaned back and placed my hat on top of my face:
"Ideas...Ideas." Fuki said softly:
"I know I could paint something for both of us?" I said:
"If we submit a painting. That would be nice." Fuki said:
"I see. I better think then." I said as I stood up and flipped that hat on top of my head:
"You going?" Fuki asked as she stood up:
"Yes. I need to think in my room." I said as I adjusted my hat:
"Well...Wanna exchange contact?!" Fuki shouted a bit louder than expected and went completely crimson red in her cheek as she realized it:
"Sure." I said. This school gave you a special phone. The phone would exchange contact with the touch of the plate at the top of it. You can only get a contact that way. So you need to socialize to get contacts. The name Fuki Vovon appeared in my contact list as we did. She stared at the screen:
"First boy in my contact." Fuki said not believing it. I just stared at her and then let out a healthy warm chuckle:
"Well then. I will get going." I said jumping my way over the rocks:
"Yeah see you!" Fuki shouted:
"Oh yeah by the way!" I said suddenly remembering something:
"What?" Fuki asked:
"Come with me now. I don't want you to come here alone again." I said:
"Why?!" Fuki shouted:
"You could trip and fall. That could leave you dead if not badly hurt. I don't want that to happen." I said that. I was serious. It was steep and you could get badly hurt if it came to it. So I didn't want her to run around here alone:
"But I can't fall. I have been here a lot." Fuki said:
"That more reason to make sure you don't fall now." I said. Fuki sighed:
"I'm worried not mean." I said as I hold out my hand. She reached for it and took it. We left the mountain side together and I returned to my room. I picked up my paint brush and lied down in my bed looking at my ceiling. I looked at my painting. There was a common thing about my nature painting. It was the Amaryllis plant in my picture. It's a beautiful flower there comes in red, white, pink and purple. I like the flower. It was the flower mom and dad usually grew in the garden and the first thing I ever drew. That flower was a common thing in my pictures and I liked that flower. It was a relic for me. A symbol of hope and how I still stood tall even when my parents died. This hat. This flower. My whole identity. Was built on the things in my past. Every single thing of me. The small paint brush in my hand is my smile to the world. I might not smile a lot but when I finally do.It'ss through my art. The shining plant was my smile. The Amaryllis plant was my smile to the world. I needed that on all my paintings. I need that in my life:
"I need something...Someone." I said out loud my voice trailed off as I looked at the roof. I slowly moved the paint brush into the air and slowly drew in the air. The flower was coming forward in my mind. The color appearing in the air but in reality, there was nothing:
"This dream world. This unseen world-" I said but stopped myself. I slowly stood up and looked at the blank painting on my easel:
"A painting describing us." I said to myself and then smiled as I walked up to it and slowly looked at it:
"Yeah. I might ask her tomorrow. This might work." I said. I came up with an idea. But this meant I had to bring this to the area at a specific time. I need to paint the river on fire. I had a good idea and needed to talk with Fuki tomorrow about it:
"Tomorrow...Wow, first time I had plans talking to someone." I said. I smiled and just lied down in my bed slowly drifiting off. 

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