Power Rangers: Egypt

In a time when heroes have long since died out, an ancient evil lurks along the edges of our realm. Apophis, the Egyptian god of destruction and devastation, threatens to plunge our world into chaos. Standing in his way are six champions bestowed with the powers of the gods.


1. Prologue

Millions of years ago in Ancient Egypt, the Gods once walked among men. They guided them, helped them, and protected them from the evils which lay beyond our walls. However, none of the Gods could ever imagine betrayal from one of their own. Apophis, the God of Destruction and Devastation, turned against Ra, king of the Gods, and attempted to swallow the world.
Standing against Apophis were six warriors; Champions of the Gods wielding incredible power. Leading them was Queen Cleopatra, who fought with the power of Ra himself. After a long and intense battle, the six were able to beat the God into submission. Ra was so distraught at his old friend's betrayal the he banished Apophis to the Void, a dimension with no worlds to conquer and no living thing to keep him company.
As a special thanks to the warriors who helped defeat Apophis, Ra appointed his own grandson, Horus, to watch over their descendants. The world remained peaceful for the millions of years that followed. Even after the Gods ascended into the heavens, the chaos and sadness brought on by Apophis' attack faded away into the words of legends and bedtime stories.


"My lord Ra," the robed man did not move as the younger being approached him from behind, "did you hear me?"

Ra merely sighed. He was an old god, yet he only appeared as a middle aged man. His long black hair had been braided down his back, ending just above his robed waist. His topless torso showed off his golden skin magnificently, the dark reds and pale greens of his bird shaped head-dress contrasting very well. Small wrinkles could be seen around the edges of his glistening hazel eyes, and a faint light seemed to emit from his very being.

Ra leaned against the balcony, his sullen gaze drifting over every inch of his marvelous home of Aaru. Long had he stood guard over the realm of man, keeping an ever watchful eye over the gate which held Apophis prisoner. But the gate was weakening, and the god of destruction was eager to return and try once more to claim the mortal realm as his own. He could try fighting him again, but their last battle had come too close for comfort. If it hadn't been for the champions, the mortal realm would have been lost. But Ra knew Apophis' greed would not stop there. Aaru would surely be his next goal, should Earth fall. He could not let that happen.

He would not.

"Mafdet," the younger god tilted his head in acknowledgment, "summon the Council at once!"

"My Lord," the god of justice blinked in surprise, "are you suggesting-"

"Just do it!"

"At once!"

As Mafdet scurried out of Ra's bedchambers, the king of Gods took one last look from his balcony before retreating inside to prepare to meet his fellow Gods and Goddesses.


"We cannot allow the gate to fall!"

"The mortals will be defenseless!"

"But we cannot hope to stand against Apophis."

"Well we cannot stand by and watch the mortal realm fall either."

"Easy for you to say, Anubis. You and Osiris get to hide away in the Underworld!"

Ra sighed as he entered the chambers of the Council, though the discussion was clearly underway already. The room was made from solid gold, the high ceiling made completely out of clouds. In the center of the room was a large round table which housed seven chairs, five of which were taken by Gods and Goddesses. Two Gods seemed ready to tear one another's throats out; Wadjet and Anubis stood nose-to-nose, the God of the dead's crimson colored eyes flashing with anger while his large jackal ears lay flat against his skull. The tall Goddess seemed just as angry, her forked tongue flicking mere inches from the jackal-man's snout. The other members of the Council remained silent as Ra entered.

"My Lord Ra," Thoth, the God of Wisdom, stood in greeting (though he did not glance up from his scrolls, "according to my calculations, we have a minimum of five months before the gate is all but depleted."

"We cannot hope to raise an army in that time," Isis sighed as she fiddled with her long golden hair, "whatever shall we do?"

"We must call upon our champions," Ra's voice echoed throughout the room, causing even the quarreling Anubis and Wadjet to glance towards him in shock, "they are our only hope."

Across the table, a strikingly thin man stroked his wisp of a beard. His pale skin bordered the color white, he was bald and had ratty (yet equally dazzling) gray robes adorning his body.

"Osiris," Ra motioned towards the thin god, "you have a question?"

"Do you know where these supposed champions are?"

Before the king could answer, an elegant voice sounded from the doorway, "I do."

The members of the Council turned as the newcomer entered. He was young, but not terribly so, with sapphire blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. Like Ra, he wore an elegant head-dress in the shape of a bird; long blue and yellow feathers traveling down the length of his back all the way down to his knees.

"Horus," Osiris smiled, "welcome home, my son. I wish it was for a happier reason."

The young god merely nodded and pulled a newer looking scroll from within his robes, "I have been watching over the champions, like I had their ancestors before them."

"Tell us then, cousin," Anubis finally took his seat with a scoff, "who are these mighty warriors? Are they prepared for the task ahead of them?"

Horus shifted his weight uneasily, his grip on the scroll tightening slightly. Ra held out his hand expectantly, giving his grandson a reassuring smile. With a defeated sigh, the hawk god of war handed the scroll over and took his seat at the table. Ra set the scroll on the tabletop, rolling it open for all to see.

At first, nothing happened, then a faint light emitted from the lettering. A soft mist seemed to seep from the parchment, taking on the form of a girl in her late teens. She was thin, but well muscled in her arms and legs. Her tan skin seemed smooth, though not as smooth as her shoulder length brown hair. She seemed to carry herself with pride, almost to the point of arrogance.

"Heather Scorn," Horus sighed, "heiress to a large corporation called Scorn Enterprises."

"What kind of corporation?"

"Her father funds expeditions to retrieve artifacts from our era."

The mist began changing shape, turning into a tall lanky boy with pale skin and ruffled hair that resembled the color of wet mud. He was sitting down, an electric guitar clutched angrily in his thin fingers. He strummed the instrument, his movements stiff and rigid.

"Garret Brown. The mortals call him an emo kid."

Wadjet scoffed, "The heck is that supposed to mean?"

"It's what the mortal teens call an emotional person. Usually someone who seems complex and distant."

Anubis smirked, "I like him."

The mist contorted once more, this time into the shape of a shorter boy with gelled black hair and his nose deep in a book.

"Nathan McCallister," Horus shook his head disapprovingly, "very intelligent, but not the strongest mortal I've seen."

"Hmm," Isis smirked, sending a glance Thoth's way, "he reminds me of someone. But I cannot fathom who."

The god of knowledge did not look up from his scrolls, "Your attempt at humor is appalling, my dear."

A small wave of chuckles went through the Council as the mist changed into a boy of average height. His pale blonde hair had been cut into a high and tight military style, his jade green eyes glinting with happiness as he raced around on a skateboard.

"Montgomery Lewis. A black belt in tae kwon do, though there's not much else impressive about him."

"He seems like a charming boy," Osiris smiled, sending a glance Horus' way, "he reminds me of you."

The war god cleared his throat with a blush as the mist swirled to form yet another boy. This one had broad shoulders, a square jaw, fair skin, and multiple muscles adorning his shirtless abdomen. He lay across a weightlifting bench, his biceps bulging as he pushed against the bar across his chest. His black hair seemed to stick in every direction and a pair of dark chocolate colored eyes seemed to complete his handsome features.

"Oh my," Wadjet swooned, "it's a shame we don't mate with mortals anymore."

"Wadjet please," Horus sighed, "Allen Scott is not your type. He's arrogant, hard headed, and to be quite frank very unintelligent."

"Then he sounds exactly like her type," Anubis sneered, "they'd be two peas in a pod."

Ra's quick glare silenced any retort the snake goddess might have had. The council waited anxiously as the mist formed one last figure. The girl was tall with caramel skin and dark brown hair. Her brown eyes seemed almost black in color and she gazed at something before her with a wide smile. Ra's eyebrows raised in shock as he leaned towards the mist.

"The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it," Horus smiled, "Cleopatra Fenn, direct descendant of Queen Cleopatra herself. Honestly, if anyone is ready for what's to come, she is."

"She must be," Wadjet snapped, "they all must! With Apophis regaining his strength every day, time is not on our side."

The other members of the council nodded in agreement, not noticing the dark shadow looming in the doorway.

"This is your answer to the danger lurking outside our very realm," Ra turned in shock as a deep laugh rumbled from the shadow, "children?! At least the first champions had some battle experience."

The god who approached the table seemed more animal that man, yet none could rightly tell what he was supposed to be. A pair of long square ears sat on either side of his head, a pair of snake-like eyes glowing with malice. He wore an elegant red cloak over his white robes, a long rat tail waving behind him like a banner. The end of the tail split into two, much like the fork in a snake's tongue. His crimson hair seemed more like a mane, coming down to rest in the center of his back.

"Set," Osiris rose to his feet in rage, "how dare you enter the council's chambers! You know you are not permitted to enter here!"

"I go where I please, brother," Set smirked, his tail gently waving with amusement, "please don't tell me you agree with this foolhardy plan."

"It is the only plan we have, Set," Ra sighed, clearly annoyed at the chaos god's arrival, "we knew the gate would not be able to hold Apophis forever, and that we would have to call upon our champions to push him back into the Void."

"And you are certain these children are the answer," the tall god scoffed, "they may carry the blood of the ancient champions, but that does not make them such!"

"Agreed," Set blinked in surprise as his king rose from the table, "which is why I am sending Horus to the mortal realm," he turned towards his grandson, who gazed at him in surprise, "you are to train them. Make them ready for the battle to come."

"I will not fail you, grandfather."

"Beware, my son," Osiris scowled, "for Apophis will most surely have many creatures and mortals helping him."

"Don't worry, father, I'll be careful."

"Good luck Horus," Ra smiled, laying his hands on the war god's broad shoulders, "protect the champions. Secure the future of the mortal realm."

Nodding, Horus turned and bolted from the room. A pair of large falcon wings materialized on his back, lifting him into the air and carrying him along the wind towards the awaiting dimension portal.

Set frowned, crossing his arms over his chest, "I hope you know what you are doing, my king. We cannot afford to make any mistakes."

Ra frowned, gazing after his grandson with worry. He knew Set spoke the truth. He only hoped the champions were prepared for the dangers ahead of them.

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