1. Evocation

Pale curtains and the white bed sheets,
screamed through the walls of the empty room.
Drugged needles lying on the floor that carried 
the thick blood cells on their tips.
With misty eyes,
I saw fresh packets of white gloves on the table.
She asked me to breathe,and pressed a bumpy machine on my chest.

I traveled and I wandered,I walked through the darkness.
I did not want to stop,I did not want to breathe.
For a thousand times,I had stopped before.
My body bounced on the bed that has white bed sheet on it,
I heard a call from someone I knew
She was the one who wore the gloves and drugged my body.
She asked me to feel and feel once more.

The gravity brought me back to the same room 
with pale curtains and white bed sheets.
For the heart that is left half with me,
I chose to take it all on it and stand again
for the evocation.

Nidhi J Agrawal


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