"in which jimin prefers the back-up singer, than the lead singer."


1. one


"cut! cut! cut..."

taehyung sighed, he turned around to face the rest of the members. the director of the music video sighed, he closed his eyes in frustration. it has been three days of video recording and they haven't made it passed one minute of the music video.

"what's wrong this time taehyung?"

taehyung scoffed, he placed his microphone on the microphone stand and pointed at the line.

"there is a line for a reason. jungkook here keeps stepping over it. i'm the main person here! i'm the main vocalist!"

jungkook bowed down, apologizing for something that he clearly didn't do. taehyung has also been the snobby one in the group, thinking he was the best in the band because he was the most popular.

"take five!"

someone yelled out randomly, jungkook placed down his electric guitar and grabbed the bottle of water offered to him. thanking the lady, he walked over to namjoon and hoseok.

namjoon was the drummer while hoseok was in charge of bass, jungkook was in charge of guitar and harmonizing after taehyung was done singing as for taehyung, he was the main singer.

"this has been going on for three days, why is he holding a grudge on you maknae?"

hoseok whispered, they all looked over at taehyung who was getting handed a bottle of water, he suddenly complained about the water not being cold enough. jungkook shrugged and handed his bottle of water to namjoon, he walked over to taehyung.

"hey, what's going on? we have been recording for the longest."

taehyung scoffed, he shooed away the coordi-noonas and faced jungkook.

"it's you, you are the reason why we are so behind schedule."

jungkook raised an eyebrow.

"you were the one who has been nagging about the slightest things."

"well maybe if you stayed behind your fucking line then i wouldn't be nagging."

taehyung pushed jungkook, jungkook stumbled back which lead to the two other members to handle them both.

"what's going on?!"

the band turned around to see their manager, taehyung shrugged off namjoon's hold as they all bowed down to their manager.

"nothing, just playing around."

taehyung gave their manager one of those smiles that reassured everything. jungkook was beyond pissed off, reason why namjoon, hoseok, nor him would complain about taehyung's attitude towards them was because taehyung's father owned the company.

"stop horse playing around then, we have a fan meeting in thirty minutes."


"we are finally meeting them hyung!"

jimin jumped in excitement as he clung onto the bored-faced-yoongi that was (unfortunately) forced to attend the fan meet of bangtanboys, along with seokjin who was smiling at jimin's cuteness.

"can we turn around and leave."

yoongi stated when his eyes widened at the number of fans waiting in line as if this fan meet n' greet depended on their life.

the line seemed so fucking long, it ended at the end of the street.

"hyung! we can't leave now, we just got here. now, we have to wait three hours."

"how the fuck do you say 'we have to wait three hours' so excited?! fuck this, i'm leaving!"

seokjin held yoongi by the collar of his jacket pulling him in the middle of himself and jimin.

"no ones leaving yoongi. we are staying here, it's what my baby jiminie wants right?"

jimin nodded, he smiled again and clung onto yoongi again. yoongi sighed, he did promise jimin that they would make time to attend this.

yoongi was startled when the fans started screaming around him, pushing him and the boys as they rushed towards a black van parking on the crib of the road.

before they knew it, they ended at the end of the line.

"fuck you-"

seokjin placed his hands ontop of yoongi's mouth as he kept dissing the fans that pushed themselves infront of them. some fans turned around and jimin smiled at them, they turned around after smiling back at the boy and slightly blushing.

'did you see how cute that boy was, aw~' 'he's so cute for a bts fanboy' 'wonder who he likes in bts'

jimin heard the comments and blushed, seokjin calmed yoongi down by telling him that he could sleep all he wanted and he would restrain jimin from waking him up. yoongi breathed out and nodded his head, just three more hours.


"fucking finally!"

yoongi yelled earning looks from the remaining fans. jimin held the photo book in his hands so tightly, he was nervous.

he was finally meeting them.

he was finally meeting him.


the line kept decreasing and jimin kept getting nervous. he hid behind seokjin's back as yoongi rolled his eyes.

"jimin, i swear, if you keep hiding i'm going to drag your ass out of here and you won't be able to meet-"

"geez yoongi hyung."

jimin nervously gulped down and walked out to walk in front of yoongi, he saw the one fan left in front of him.


of fuck no, i can't do this

"a-ah hyung? is that offer still on?"

yoongi nodded and walked towards jimin but seokjin stepped between them.

"nope, jimin, you have to meet them, it has been your dream."

jimin sighed, he has never sweated like this in his life. except for when he dances, but otherwise never.


jimin bit his bottom lip and smiled nervously but kept his eyes concentrated on the photo book in his hands. hoseok looked up and smiled at him.

"hello~ what's your name?"

jimin blinked and suddenly forgot everything that he has been taught his entire life.


"oh my god, his name is park jimin."

yoongi stated as he looked over at hoseok, who suddenly stopped signing his name and looked at yoongi.

"and-and what's your name?"

"why would you want my name, i don't even know yours. goodbye."

yoongi took the book and pulled jimin towards the next member. hoseok still having his eyes fixed on the small petite pale boy.

"aw, you are so cute~"

namjoon smiled cheekily at the boy and grabbed the book from yoongi's hands. namjoon looked over at hoseok's signature and saw the boys name, signing it as well he looked up to give the boy his book until he met eyes with a tall male.

"oh my god..."

he whispered underneath his breath as he saw the male smile and he felt his heart stop.

"thanks for signing it namjoon-ssi."

seokjin pulled jimin with him as yoongi kept having a staring battle with the first guy. jimin started madly blushing when he saw the last band member, he had to wait to meet him though.


taehyung looked up to see a blushing boy, taehyung felt his eyes admire the boy as his jaw dropped. he froze, he was beautiful, how can a fanboy of his look prettier than most fans he had met today.


jimin stuttered as he shyly handed his book to taehyung, who took it while brushing fingers with jimin's.

you are breathtaking jimin, wah~

never thought we had such pretty fanboy's

hope to see you soon (;

-tae ❤️

taehyung finished writing his message as he handed the book back to the nervous jimin. he smiled at jimin, which received a shy look as he walked away.

jimin gulped and did a small fist and murmuring a "fighting" as he walked to the last member. he suddenly forgot that his two hyung's were following him but he blocked them out, when he laid his eyes on him.

jeon jungkook.


jungkook replied which made jimin freeze suddenly, jimin pushed his book towards jungkook and shuffled on his feet. jungkook smiled at his cuteness.

what a pretty name, jimin.

so many nicknames like jiminie,

can i call you that? haha

you are gorgeous (:

hope you keep supporting bts

it's pretty rare for us to have fanboy's

-jungkook :3

jungkook handed back jimin's book until he saw jimin blushing a deeply red color.

"are you okay?"

jungkook stood up and touched jimin's face, causing jimin to turn a deeper color of red.

"um...i like you jungkook!"

jimin covered his mouth and looked up to see jungkook gently smiling at him. jimin felt his death nearing when he felt jungkook patting his head.

"you are really cute, thanks."


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