『 A dream's reality 』


3. ♡ The tale of two lovers ♡

"This might seem a little.... childish but Merlin, this can be the reason you have many nightmares." She flipped the book to the first page and started reading. "Once a long time ago, our minds were filled with nothing but void. Our minds were plain and simple. This wasn't our doing, it was kept this way by the one called, Montorn. He lived inside our minds. He loved perfection and simple so, he made everyone with the same intelligence, interests and even dislikes. He loved the way he ran things and kept it that way. One day, while doing his daily routine keeping each mind in check, he encountered a very odd mind. It belong to a beautiful woman whose mind was one like no other. Her mind was wild and free. She stood out from the rest and with her ability to stand out, she showed everyone else how to do it. Montorn did not get mad but rather, fell in love. For her mind was the most beautiful he'd ever seen. Sadly, he knew he couldn't be loved by her. For he could see her but she couldn't see him. He was devastated and when all seemed lost, he thought of something. He couldn't use his power to transport her into her own mind or others but, he could use his powers to make dimension to transport her there. So, with his power he chose inside his mind to start and create. He created an open field with a lavender color grass. The sky was a dark blue and had a tint of pink. There was a enormous tree the with the trunk was form like vines wrapped together to the top and the leaves were shaped like circle." That's exactly what the tree in my dream looked like I thought. "He made the leaves of the tree all the colors in the world to represent the beauty of his love. Soon he was done and everything looked right. With the last power of his power he used it to transport the love of his life to his dimension. When he-" She got interrupted by the bell that sounded like a siren.

"Time for homeroom." Jason said

"Okay here Merlin take this" Sasha handed me the book and ran off.

"Wait! I can't take a book from the library!" I said calling out to her.

"Don't worry" she yelled "I borrowed it, just gave it back to me!" She was already outside the door when she finished.

I slumped on my seat and looked up to Jason who looked really red and was looking down. "Um Jason are you okay?" I asked. He took a quick glance my direction and quickly stood up and bumped his head in the ceiling.

"Jason! Are you okay? Here let m-" I reached for his head but he took a quick step back.

"I-I'm okay! Just a little bum-" he tripped on the curtain and slipped on his back.

"Jason!" I said worriedly and kneeled down beside him "Here let me help you up"

"Thanks" he said quietly. He stood up and avoided eye contact. He walked past me and looking down. Why was he so jumpy? Was it because of the story? I looked at him as he walked to the door of the library. I think I should try to cheer him up. I rushed beside him and we both walked to class.

-----------------˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚-----------------


I walked away embarrassed. Not only did I make a fool out of myself, I looked stupid in front of Merlin. I blushed, Merlin, I looked at her and blushed even more. Her loving blue eyes looking straight ahead. I've never seen her angry but if she did get angry, her gaze will make the whole world freeze in a second. Her skin was darker than tan and her lips were a peach color. Her black hair seemed more lighter in the daylight. She looked at me and my heart skipped a beat. I looked the other way.

"So!" She said "What do you think about his book?" She held up the book and in the cover, it said "A tale Montorn". It wasn't a very long book but it'll take about 30 minutes to finish.

"Well, I don't know. So far I don't get what did has to do with you." I said.

"Yeah, I am starting to think Sasha likes fantasy a little too much." She said looking down at the book.

We opened the door of the classroom and we went to our seats. I put my backpack behind my chair and waited for our teacher to come in. I began to think of the book, Montorn wanted to bring the love of his live to meet him but, couldn't. I felt bad for him because I felt like that with Merlin once. While in deep thought, I was taken back to the first time I've ever met Merlin. I was six and was heading to first grade. I was walking around school, learning my surroundings. I went from the start of school, to the library , the halls, classes, made a quick trip to the bathroom and then the cafeteria. I stumbled upon a door that didn't say anything so, my curiosity made me open it. I took a peak outside and looked around. It seemed it was the door to the roof, I wondered why someone would leave the door open to such a dangerous place. I took a step outside and I looked more carefully. I looked at my surroundings and stopped when I saw this three kids, a little older than me, throwing rocks at a bird that was on top of a pole. I didn't want to get in trouble with anyone so I began to walk to the door. Until, one of the kids yelled, "Hey!" I turned around saw all three of started walking towards me.

"Um, me?" I said.

"Yeah!" The same guy said, he was fat and had brown hair. "Who else?"

"Uh, sorry, do you guys need something." I said politely. I may have seemed calm back then but I was peeing my pants.

"What are you doing here?" The tallest one asked. He had a mischievous smile spread across his face, ready for trouble.

"Just exploring." I said. I started backing away to the door but the tall kid seemed to have read my mind and walked faster toward me.

"Hmph. Nice backpack." The fat one said.

"Hey, that reminds me." Said the third one. "Doesn't that seem like my backpack?"

"What?" I said worriedly.

"OH! YEAH!" The other two said. I turned around and tried to make a run for it but I got yanked back by the fat one holding my bag.

"And where do you think your going?." He said yanking the bag from my back. I fell on my butt and the kids started laughing uncontrollably.

"H-hey! That's my bag!" My voice cracked and I began to tear up. I didn't know why I was crying, I guess it was because I couldn't do anything. I was just useless and felt weak. I began to tear up and tried wiping my tears away.

"Aww, look he is crying!" They all said in union. They all started chanting, "Cry baby" to me. I hugged my legs and buried my face between me. I, back then, didn't believe in anything or anyone. It was always me, myself and I. I had no one to love or someone to be loved by. Everything I did, I didn't do my hardest because I always thought what's the point? But then, someone made me see the light.

"HEY! Leave that boy alone!" I looked up and for the first time I met Merlin, her short hair tied in a ponytail and her aqua colored dress reached up to her knees. She stood tall beside the door.

"Aw! Is this your girlfriend?" The fat guy teased. I began to sob. I didn't have any faith that someone would help me. She'll probably run away as soon as they charge toward her.

"No," she said calmly. "It's not nice bullying someone for there backpack." The tallest kid began to walk toward her slowly.

"Oh really? And what are you gonna do about?" He slowly closed in on her and she stood there like if nothing bad was happening.

"I'm going to count to three. If you dont leave that kid alone. I'll have to......" she thought for a minute and began murmuring to herself. "Beat you up? Or was it tame you? No! I forgot what Batman said...... was it Batman?" All three boys bursted into laughs.

"Hey! Stop laughing! It isn't supposed to be funny!" She said.

"She wants to be a hero!" Said the fat one ignoring her comment. The fat one grabbed my backpack and made a throwing motion toward the edge of the roof. "Here if you really want to be a hero, save this!" She watched as the bag went over the roof.

"No!" She stood there in awe. "You guys are real jerks!"

"We are aren't we? But what is a girl going to do about it?" They started nodding.

"Oh girls have there ways." She murmured under her breath. "But oh! You're right! What can a girl such as myself do? Girls are just useless and drama makers!" She added a little bit of drama. All the kids started laughing again.

"Yeah, we are boys, tough and jerks!" They all began to pose. I just stared, I stopped crying and looked straight at Merlin, who was already looking straight at me. She stared for a while and then smiled.

"Wait...... you guys are boys!?" She bursted into laughs. "Well, that I wouldn't have guessed in a million years! You guys are so dumb!" This time, the boys weren't fooling around and ran towards Merlin. She quickly grabbed onto the door and opened it. She revealed a teacher who had their arms cross and they seemed to have heard everything. The boys immediately stopped.

"Jake, Mon, Krat. You kids are all going to the principal's office. Now!" He pointed to the door and all the kids began to murmur to each other. They all gave a stink eye to Merlin but, all she did was smile and say, "We had a good time friends!". When the walked out the door the teacher gave a thumbs up and said something to her. Then he was on his way. Merlin and I were the only ones on the roof now. She walked slowly toward me and sat down. All I did was stare at the floor, dumbfounded.

"Are you okay?" She said quietly. I wasn't okay, I knew some kids has it more worse than I, but at that point I was broken. I didn't think anyone would ever love means it would always be like this. So, I began to cry. "Hey hey, don't cry" she said trying to calm me down. She the took her hand and gently placed it on my face. I looked up and she placed her forehead onto mine. I was surprised. What she did that day gave me hope. Somehow I felt loved and that's all I ever wanted. She backed up. "S-sorry, my mom does that to calm me down so, I just thought it'll work on you, it works on me!" She smiled and I just sat there. She stretched out her hand and grabbed my hand. "Come on, we need to go wash your face!" She pulled me up and we both stood on our feet. She looked down on my hand and gasped. "You're hand is bleeding! Uh, wait right here!" She ran inside and came back with scissors. I backed away alarmed. "Oh no no no no! Look!" She knelt down and started cutting her dress. She cut a wavy line all around the bottom of her dress. She stood up and held up the long piece of cloth. "Here." I held out my hand and she began wrapping the cloth around my palm where it was bleeding. When she was done, she looked at me and smiled. "There ya go!" I stared and at my hand. "Hmm, your not much of a talker huh? What's your name?" I looked at her and then she said, " I'm Merlin! And you're.....?".

"Jason" I said almost whispering. She had a big smile on her face and grabbed my hand that didn't have the cloth on.

"Lets go clean you up." We walked to the door and all I did was wonder. Hero's do exist. My thoughts slowly faded away as in the distance I started to hear someone calling my name. I woke up with Merlin shaking me and the class was talking to each other. I sat up straight and yawned.

"Sleeping in class!" She made a dramatic gasp. "Very very bad of you, Jason."

"He, sorry teach." I said. "Mind if I sleep more?"

"Hm? Sleep? More like study!" She began to snap her fingers and we both laughed. "Come on, teacher's absent so I asked the substitute that we have to study and we need to go to the library to concentrate."

"She said yes?" I said.

"Of course! All you need to say is study and you can go anywhere!" She gave me a smiled and stood up. She picked up the book on her table and we both walked to the library. We ended up going to the same spot we were in. We sat down and Merlin closed the curtains. "Are you ready?" She said.

"Yeah." I said. She opened the book and took a deep breath. "With the last of his power he used it to transport the love of his life to his dimension....."

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