The Arranged Marriage

Elyse wasn't expecting to get married so soon. I mean she had all she ever wanted going on, a boyfriend of two years, she was going to medical school next year, she has an amazing best friend. But when she finds out she has to marry the presidents son. What happens? All hell breaks loose. The guy is a total jerk, his name is Dane. Dane Ashton. The only person left in the presidents family that can stop the war and everything between Elyse's family and Dane's that's been going on for years. The only way they can fix that is by marrying the youngest people of the families. Dane and Elyse. 16 years old. Let's see what happens between the two ;) Read the story hope you enjoy


1. The Princess

"Who do you think it is?" My best friend Amelia asks me. I roll my eyes and giggle. "Jeez Amelia, i don't know anyone one in this whole town!?" I say sarcastically.  Amelia sighs, She keeps talking but i keep looking around at everyone in this cafe. It's crowded. Right now is the moment. We find out who the princess is. Several years ago the Branigan family and the Carlyle family have been in an argument forever. They have gotten into intense fights but now all of a sudden, the families have agreed to marry their youngest children. Everyone is everywhere waiting for the news, who is the princess? The Branigan family is the presidents family. The president is marrying his 16 year old son, Dane.  Nobody has heard much of him but he is seen in this town often for some reason. "The princess has been found!." The news lady on the tv exclaims. Everyone including me stops what they're doing. It stays quiet for a couple of seconds, then the lady says "Except, the parents of the princess would like their daughter to find out through them, so that's settled, good night New York City and rest well." Everyone in the cafe groans upset, some people leaving. Amelia starts to laugh "You know it would be hilarious if it were me because we all know i'm a princess." Amelia says with a wink. I smile as we walk out, and standing outside of the cafe is my boyfriend, James. "Hi." He says to we with that adorable smile of his. I smile back and before i can say hi back his lips are already on mine, his hand on my back, mine on the nape of his neck. He pulls his mouth away from mine and puts his lips right next to my ear and whispers "I missed you." A chill goes down my back, every time he does this I feel like a dizzy girl in love. "Ugh get a room fuckers." Amelia sighs rolling her eyes to the back of her head. I look at her and cross my arms. The three of us walk back to my place, and my parents are home, when we walk in i noticed they are sitting on the couch whispering violently. They hear us walk in and they quickly look up at the three of us. My mother looks really stressed, my father as well. "H-honey!" My mom says a bit too excitedly. "Mom?" I slowly walk towards her. James and Amelia can tell something is wrong. "W-we need to tell you something." My mom says standing up. My father stands up and walks James and Amelia out of the door, i look around confused. "Mom whats going on?" I ask biting my lip, nervous. My mom looks so nervous. "Just tell me what the hell is going on!" I scream. She looks me in the face and sighs. "Elyse, You are the princess of the Carlyle family." My mother says. 

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