The Arranged Marriage

Elyse wasn't expecting to get married so soon. I mean she had all she ever wanted going on, a boyfriend of two years, she was going to medical school next year, she has an amazing best friend. But when she finds out she has to marry the presidents son. What happens? All hell breaks loose. The guy is a total jerk, his name is Dane. Dane Ashton. The only person left in the presidents family that can stop the war and everything between Elyse's family and Dane's that's been going on for years. The only way they can fix that is by marrying the youngest people of the families. Dane and Elyse. 16 years old. Let's see what happens between the two ;) Read the story hope you enjoy


2. The Dinner

"And i'm sorry it's so sudden..but the wedding is tomorrow." My mom adds. My mouth opens, wide in shock. "MOM WHAT THE HELL?!" I scream. Tomorrow. I-No..No it, this is a dream. "Mom please tell me your joking." I Say more calm. She looks down and bites her lip. Which means no. She's as serious as she has ever been. I look down as well as a tear goes down my face. "B-but what about me-medical school?" I Stutter lightly. She sighs "Honey,'s gonna change..i-wish this wasn't real." She says, about to cry as well. I hear my dad walk in from behind me and quickly turn around "Where are they?" I ask. He took out my boyfriend and my best friend. "They went home." He says as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. I need to sleep, this is way too much. "I'm going to bed." Then i walk towards the stairs to my room, but right before i reach the stairs someone grabs my arm, stopping me and turns me around. My dad. "We are having dinner with the family, the president his wife and his son." He says. My mother is just standing in the same spot, looking the same as she did when she had to announce to me i was the princess. I sure as hell don't feel like one. "Go upstairs and get changed." My father says calmly. I stomp my foot and run up the stairs, with a lour groan to signal to them that i don't want to be bothered while i'm getting ready. I slam my door and lock it. My life is literally over. Everything i have is just..gone. Why. Why me. I don't want to get married to some random stranger. I'm 16! I walk into my bathroom, i have one in my room. I look at myself in the mirror. I look a mess. The least i could do is at least look nice for the dinner..i guess. I jump in the shower and get out. After i dry myself off, i tightly wrap the towel around myself and stare into the mirror. My long black hair in its long curly natural form. I blow dry it so it's less poofy and leave it out like that. As i walk back into my room i hear someone knock on the door. I poke my head out. Mom. "What is it?" i ask. She looks at me "Oh i didn't realize you just got out of the shower, but here you go." She say, handing me two hangers, one with a heavy dress on it and another with a light dress. I thank her and put them both on my bed. I'm assuming the heavy one is my wedding dress so i don't even look at it and put in my closet, leaving the less heavier one on my bed. I take it out of its covering and my eyes widen. It's beautiful. There's a little note on it. "Hi there Elyse, I didn't think you would have anything exciting for this dinner tonight, so i brought you this, looking really forward to seeing you."-Your future mother in law, Edalyn. I roll my eyes. Nice. This rich lady doesn't believe I have a nice enough dress. But this dress is pretty. None like i have seen. It's a blue gown. It ends right above my knees and has a sweetheart neckline. I look it up and down. A tutu-skirt. Pretty. I ignore the fact that it's from one of the people i despise at the moment and put it on. I look into the full length mirror on my door. Wow. It really brings out my olive colored skin and light brown eyes. Its..perfect. My long curly hair is out, going down my back. "Time to go!" My mother shouts from downstairs. I run to the bathroom real quick and put on a layer of mascara and run downstairs, in black ballet flats. At the bottom of the stairs are my mom an dad dressed up like a king and queen. Except without the crowns and the robes and stuff. My father in a really posh suit and my mom in a beautiful grey gown. They both gasp at my appearance. I look down at blush. "Honey-." My mom gasps. I smile. "The only reason I wanna go is cause of this dress." They both roll their eyes. The ride to the presidents house is quiet, and the air was thick. We all had things to say, but we knew now wasn't the time to say those things. We finally arrive, and I look up at the place in awe. Three stories high and it looks very much like it's from the 20's era.  It's beautiful. My parents don't look that surprised because i'm assuming they have been here many times. We ring the doorbell which plays a very long, dramatic song. I roll my eyes as it keeps going. "Elyse, uncross your arms!" My mom scolds. I slowly do so. I guess she really wants to put a good impression of me on these people. Finally a lady with a blonde ponytail in a tight bun, and an awfully tight red dress opens the door with a smile brighter than the sun. I shield my eyes. "I see you wore the dress i have you darling!" She says a bit too excitedly. I look down. "Yup." My mom shields me a warning look. "Well come on in you wonderful family!" She says moving her arm, signaling for us to come in. We slowly walk in, me looking around frantically at the size of this damn place. "This way to the dining room." She says walking through the long hallway, We follow along. The table with enough seats for all of us, nobody there yet. She walks us to the table and we grab a seat, my mom and dad on either side of me. Edalyn runs upstairs to get the boys and I look over at my mom with an angry look. She gives one back, signaling for me to behave. Edalyn finally comes back with two men behind her. One being the president and the other, my future husband (In the bad way), Dane. He-He isn't as bad as i thought. I thought he was gonna be like..nerdy-ish. But no. He has black hair in a crew cut, the front of his hair held up with I can see, gel. He's tan and tall and the only thing that stopped him from being perfect was his crooked nose. He adjusts his cuffs and looks at me, his eyes widening. I look away, to make it as if I wasn't looking. Is he checking me out? I blush and look down, I have a boyfriend..Wait nope, that doesn't matter. I sigh and my mom swiftly kicks me under the table. I bite my lip and cock my head to the side. The president Mr.Branigan sits across from my father, as Edalyn sits across from my mother, and Dane across from me. They all start talking, what do they expect for Dane and I to have a full on conversation? I excuse myself, his eyes piercing me "I-i have to us the bathroom." I say. The rooms goes silent. Edalyn smiles. "Dane will you show her where the bathroom is?" She says all sugary and sweet. Dane rolls his eyes. "I'm eating." He says. His father looks at him , and Dane jumps out of his seat "This way." He says walking towards the bathroom. I slowly stand up and brush off my dress, Dane looking me up and down. I blush as i walk towards him. Once we are out of hearing range of them he says "I really don't want to do this." He says, but right before we reach the front of the bathroom he stops walking and gets down on one knee. "Random poor girl who i just met, Will you make me the most unhappiest person on earth and marry me?" I cross my arms."What the hell do you mean poor?" He rolls his eyes, pulling out the ring box. "Just take the ring." "Excuse me no, your not gonna say something about me and get away with it." I say, backing away. He stands up with the ring. "Take the ring." He says. "No." "Take the ring." "No." His face gets light red and he walks toward me. "Listen i don't wanna do this." He says walking closer, he puts the ring down and puts his arms on either side of me. "Take the ring, put it on, and get married to me, we have to do this, not just for us but for our families and the city, the town, everyone. Put it on, come back out to the table with a smile and eat." He says, looking into my eyes. His eyes are a nice shade of light blue. Then he walks away.

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