The explorer

This is a bit of writing I have been working on. I hope you like it and please leave a like. Thank you.


1. Africa


I came across a rather peculiar entrance to a cavern, a few  ragged shrubs grew over it .As I ventured down into it I felt a cool breeze and saw a light at what looked like the end of the tunnel. When I reached the light there was a metallic grey door it wasn’t locked so I opened it. I Peered through and saw an amazing sight of bubbling test tubes, gooey liquids and a rather strange looking box.As I was in fact an explorer I was very curious to see what was in it, when I opened the box I felt my blood curdle as i saw the old golden death mask of  Tutankhamen.


All these year I had been waiting to hopefully see this heart beater and it had finally come. A vile smell flew through the air.I heard a crash and at the other side of the room, I drew the light of my candle and saw a horrific sight that made my stomach churn. A creature of some sought stood in front of me with blood splattered hands.I slowly backed away but couldn’t find the door , I felt as if someone apart from me and the creature was  here.  A shrill shout pierced my ears.


A tall pale man in a lab coat stood behind me. He grab my arms and pulled me into another room.

“I am Tiberius,” said the man” you are far from safe here as you have seen the secret.”

The other room was full of jar with types of rotten or dead things in them. Tiberius locked the door and started to explain.

“My lab assistance daughter never listens,” he said,

“One night her father took her down into the lab to show her some of our experiments, and that's when she discovered it.”

I had no clue what he meant by ‘it’ and i was curious to ask him but his unwelcoming face made me shiver.


Finally,deciding it would be OK for me to ask I started to take deep breaths. I stumbled as I  caught a glimpse of  dead snake preserved in some sought of serum, its green scales peeling of its body filled with organs and oozing out purple venom.Next to the snake was an sort of rodent (possibly a rat) its eyes appeared to follow my every move.

“Well,”said Tiberius “You have already seen it.”

Tutankhamen's death mask” I asked.

“Yes,never take it out of its box!” he said.

And with that he was gone…


I heard a loud scream as if someone was being murdered...Was it murder?Where had Tiberius gone? What was this place?

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