Sam Winchester Imagine


2. Nerd

You were hunting a vetala along with infamous Winchesters. The recent mysterious deaths in Ida Grove, Iowa were pointing to either a djinn, vampire or vetala as the bodies turned up with no blood. So being the flirt of the group Dean decided to flirt up the information from the female coroner in the local hospital and taking Sam along with him. You were curled up in the motel bed along with the laptop for research, sometime in the middle of the research you were lulled to sleep and being the sound sleeper you were despite being a hunter you didn't hear Winchesters come in.

"Look the pretty princess is sleeping funny on her laptop" commented Dean on looking at the uncomfortable way you slept.

You felt someone taking away your laptop and pulling over the blanket over you and you took the advantage of whoever the Winchester was and pulled him and tugged him by yourself as your body welcomed the warmth of that person.


Sam was startled as you nuzzled your face into his chest and held on to him and he didn't had the heart to push you away from himself, Dean was watching his brother's expressions changing from startled to a loving gaze. He put his hands on your waist and pulled you towards him and you didn't seem to mind, you smelt like home to him when he put his chin above your head and then breathed in your hair. Dean excused himself to go get some food for all of them. When he returned he found Sam smiling and not asleep as if he was trying to drink you in, it was adorable and creepy at the same time to Dean. 

"Why don't you tell her how you feel?" Dean stated irritably after seeing him all lovey dovey with you.

"What if she doesn't feel the same way, what if she likes you or someone else, what if I ruin our pristine friendship?" asked Sam.

"Of course she feels the same way Sammy, why do you think she turns me down every time I flirt with her and tells me to take my business else where"

Dean continued "Obviously she is into nerds"

"Oh yeah and she told me she likes you and not me." he scoffed playfully.


You had waken up as soon as you smelled food in the room but played along just to listen what the brothers were discussing about you. You smiled inwardly not wanting to give up your charade and continued to play sleepy. You felt Sam kissing your head and that was your cue, you whimpered slightly and pretended to wake up from the slumber. Sam pushed himself off of you and smiled at you and you smiled back at him.

Then you moved towards him and whispered in his ear "I like a nerd name Sam Winchester" then he grabbed you and kissed you passionately while you tugged his hair pulling him all over you and not caring about Dean getting the whole show.

"C'mon man don't ruin dinner for me" Dean shouted at both of you.

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