Sam Winchester Imagine


3. Encountering

You were working solo as always, you were sitting in diner going through the murder spree that has been going on in the town, you were eyes deep in research when someone sat in the seat opposite to you, you looked up only to find Sam freaking Winchester. There was a old bald man standing beside him

"Hey Y/N" said Sam.

"Hi yourself and where is Dean?" you said and continued your research.

"Dean is not here.Why are you in town?" asked Sam.

"Working a case Winchester" you said keeping a straight face,

"Weird murders?" asked Sam

You didn't answer.

"We are here on that case, so you need not worry about it" said Sam reaching for the files you had of those cases.

You smacked off his hand. Sam smirked

The older man cleared his throat.

"Y/N this is my partner Samuel" 

You nodded at old man, he nodded back.

You asked Samuel to sit, he sat beside Sam, who seemed different, the Sam you used to know was shy and humble, this Sam was confident and arrogant.

"Sam, I am working this case, so how about you find yourself a new case and not try to snake mine." you said bluntly.

"You are in over your head, you can not do this all by yourself, your perky ass will get into trouble" retorted Sam.

Sam was staring into your eyes lustily and greedily. 

"Sam, don't speak like that to a lady, (Your Name) if you don't mind we tag along, there is always safety in numbers" said Samuel.

"Sure, if you want to, I don't mind" you said.

The older man nodded curtly.

"So tell us what you got?" asked Samuel.

You gave them the details, of each and every murder and the odd thing being that each hex bag found in the vic's house were different. 

All this while you saw Sam looking at you hungrily, you felt blood rushing in your throat, you tried not to pay attention to him.

The older man smiled and left you and Sam alone while he worked a lead. You asked the waitress who was eyeing Sam with lust to bring the check. She handed you the check but Sam snatched it away from your hands and paid the bill.

"I can pay my own bills Winchester" you barked.

He avoided you, but he suddenly grabbed your arm and exited the diner.

"What the hell? Have you gone mad?" you said

He grabs you by the waist and kisses you roughly, he starts biting your lips while his hands grab your ass and pull you towards him. You break the kiss and push him away.

"Just what do think you are doing Sam" you ask panting after passionate kiss.

"I have been thinking of doing more than that ever since I saw you putting that pen between your teeth" replied Sam with a straight face.

You kick him in the jewels and repeat his line again.

"Spunky, I like it, I will make you pay for that" he smirked

You worked the case with Sam and Samuel, the hunt was annoying because of Sam, he kept grabbing your ass while no one watched, bit your ear and pushed himself over you pretending to stumble on a stone, but the witches involved were killed.

After the hunt, you went out for drinks with Sam and Samuel, after a while Samuel left you both, you thought of the perfect revenge. You got Sammy all hot and heavy and then left him in the bar while you drove off to next town.

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