Dean Winchester Imagine


2. Protecting You - 2

Dean and Sam stayed with you for the week while you tied up loose ends around the city. You felt a little remorse on leaving your family, friends and colleagues. But it was for a greater good, you wanted some real purpose in the world, to help people and save them from those wretched and evil things that are out there. You told your parents that you needed time because of Shelly's death and it was not a complete lie, you were just dealing with her death not by crying or keeping to yourself but by helping people like those two brothers who called themselves hunter and you were prepared for it.


You just wanted to see your parents once before you left for good and it was not easy, you were leaving them. It was hurting you but hey at least you would be out there doing some actual good rather than sitting all day and staring at analytics of profit and loss.

"Sam..Dean...! I am back" you called as soon as you entered your apartment. You walked in to see Sam rummaging through your book collection.

"Hey! You are back. I didn't hear you come in" he said looking your way with a smile.

"Of course you didn't, you were pretty deep in gawking my books" 

"Umm...yeah you have a great collection and I couldn't resist" he said guiltily with a shy smile.

"Where is Dean?"

As if on the cue, the man entered with a plate containing a burger in his one hand and a bag of gummy bears in another and face full of something like a chipmunk. 

And seeing you he stopped and waved with the hand with gummy bears. The sight was straight out of a comedy movie. 

" you want those books?"

Sam's eyes sparkled like a child opening presents.

"Are you sure? I mean you have collected them so far, you wouldn't wanna just give it away" he replied.

"You did save my life and moreover I am coming with you guys, its not like I am never going to see them again, I will take them from you whenever I will feel like reading them."

By that time Dean had gulped his food.

"So let's load up my car, everything essential is already packed and rest of the stuff I have sold off just to get some extra cash"

Dean nodded and Sam started packing books while Dean finished eating.

As soon as Sam packed the books he started loading them up in the car. One last time you went in to Shelly's room to bid adieu looking at the photographs of her and you together, some of you while you were goofing around and some of her family, thinking how different things would have been if she was not killed. Dean found you in her room, you didn't hear him come, he stood right beside you.

"She looks happy" he commented.

Somehow you were not surprised by his presence.

"Yeah, she does, might have killed you for eating her gummy bears though!"

"You still can avoid all the pain Y/N, you don't have to choose this life, Sammy and I were raised into this but you, you still have a chance at normal life, a life that Sam always wanted, hell even I want it, but we are too deep in this to have a normal life. But when I look at you, I see a vibrant woman who has her whole life ahead of her to have a family with two point five kids, hell who has a family here. And its not because I don't want you to come with us but this life, it will take a toll on you and it will change you and not in a nice way. You know what I see everywhere? I see evil lurking around and I don't want that for you."

Somehow along all his words you felt his pain, pain of losing too much, pain of not having normalcy, pain of death of loved ones but most importantly pain of being left alone.

"Dean, I can't even begin to understand your pain, hell I don't even know much about your life except for the facts that you are flannel and plaid covered men with leather jackets and biker boots who hunt monsters, but Dean I want to be able to help people, save them from those things, I know you care Dean, you care a lot and I could see through that rough and gruff exterior of yours but I want to do this and no matter what you say dummy I am coming with you, I owe you both my life and I owe Shelly, I want to save people from having an unfortunate fate like hers"


"You don't owe us anything Y/N" said Sam who was standing by the door probably heard everything.

"But I do. And no arguments now, you can not get rid of me that easily" you said trying to lighten the mood.

Both of them gave a defeated chuckle.

"All packed and loaded rock star. Lets get the show on the road" said Sam.

"C'mon Dean lets go" you took his hand into your hand and pulled him towards you.

"Hey Y/N, can I ask you a favor?" said Sam.

"Sure giant" 

"Can I may be drive your car, Dean does not let me drive his car as much"

"You bitching about me ? Sam she is a lady, you need to be gentle with my baby, you drive like a maniac"

"Its a car Dean" said Sam

You disturbed them by throwing car keys in Sam's direction.

"With pleasure" you said.

"Jerk" Sam muttered.

"Bitch" Dean quipped.

You traveled halfway with Sam in your car and other half with Dean in his baby till you reached the place they called 'Men of Letters Bunker'.

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