l was taught to be a good man; a gentleman. Hold doors open for others, not just women. Say "please" and "thank you". My mom would scream at me if I wasn't polite and respectful, especially out in public. She must be rolling around in her grave these days. 
You must think my story is a bad one, like a romantic love story about a girl that falls in love too quickly. However, mine's way different. You know, you read those books all the time about the love and the romance, but you don't often read about their lives and about how they got to where they are in life. 
This is our story.


4. Chapter Four

Song: Falling In by Lifehouse 

"I hate myself,"

"Why now?"

"I like her, Jack. We had a moment last night and she told me a story and about how she's gonna live with Amber. Jack. I. Like. Her."

"Yeah, got that part. Why don't you be nice to her?" 

"I am nice to her. I broke things off with Sophia for her,"

"Okay, that's not being nice, that's having common sense,"

"I'm serious, Jackson. I think I'm gonna tell her about my mom," hearing those few words opened my eyes. The only people who know about Jason's mom is Nick and I. The day I found out about Mrs. Summers' illness was the day of my dad's second wedding. Jason and his mom never showed up to the wedding and when I went over there after it, Jason was crying and his mom was sound asleep on the couch with an oxygen tank. That night, nothing else mattered besides being there for my best friend. After that night, I slept over Jason's house for weeks. 

"Jase, I would love to hear about your feelings, really. But I'm a little busy right now so I'll call you later. Or I'll come over later."

"Is it a girl?"

"By Jason," Amber finally stopped her hand motions and sighed as she sunk into her bed. "Sorry," 

"Don't be, you just have a half naked girl in a bed who's on a time schedule and you answer the phone. No problem." Unfortunately, Jason wants his mom to be a secret to everyone. The only reason I answer the phone every time he calls is because I'm worried I'm gonna get a call saying she passed away. She doesn't have that much time left and letting a call go to voicemail could be the call about her. 

"There's always tomorrow," 

"Tomorrow's Thursday, Jackson. Remember, after school, after practice, but nothing on Thursdays." Amber reexplained.

"Right, why not Thursday's again?"

"Okay, seriously, shut up. I have an hour until my brother gets home from school and trust me, you don't wanna be here for that."

"I'd like to meet your family." She froze and looked to me. "What? Did I say something wrong?"

"Jackson, this whole thing with us was your idea. No strings attached. We both can see other people. The fact that you want to meet my family means you want something with me."

"Just because I say I wanna meet your family doesn't mean I want to be with you. It means we're friends and friends should be able to meet families,"

"Friends with benefits! Jackson, my dad is a doctor and picks up on things real easily. You wanna meet him, be my guest, just know he has a shot gun locked in a safe and he isn't afraid to use it. It's kind of like beaches with lifeguards. No lifeguards, swim at your own risk. You meet my family, you risk yourself. You don't meet them, you're safe."

"Alright, damn,"

"My brother should be home soon. You should go,"

I sighed, "can I take you somewhere tonight?"


"No strings attached. I know. Just let me take you somewhere,"

She sighed, "meet me outside at nine, got it? No later, no earlier. Nine on the dot."

"Got it."

I watched as Amber walked out of her house with sweatpants, boots, and a heavy jacket on. She crossed the road to where I stood and just waited for my next move. Not caring, I jumped into my truck where the heat blasted, instantly warming me up. Amber followed seconds after, sighing as she clicked her seat belt. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere that nobody has been besides Jason,"

"Great, so it's like I'm one of the guys,"


"A guy you're screwing. Look, if you're into guys and all, that's cool, I-"

"Amber, shut up," she nodded and looked out the window. This place is the most important place to Jason and I since we were kids. We found it while we were riding our bikes one day. It's halfway to his house and halfway to mine, located perfectly. Every year on my mom's anniversary, this is the place I go.

"You can see all of Brooklyn from here," she smiled as she looked out at the view.

"The last person I brought up here was my mom before she died,"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"How could you? I didn't say anything about it."

"How'd she die?" She asked.

"9/11. It was my fifth birthday and she didn't make it home to have cake with us,"

"I'm so sorry, Jackson. If it makes you feel any better, my dad is in jail for twenty years."

"Why?" I asked, shocked.

"Drugs. Selling and buying. He got pulled over one day for speeding and he had heroin and cocaine in the car and got arrested on the spot. Before they could cuff him, he ran and of course the dumbass had a pistol on him incase a deal went wrong and started shooting. He got shot in the arm and was put in jail for shooting at an officer and drug possession. This was before I was born, so my half sister was in the car and he got child endangerment and her mom got full custody of her,"

"Wow," I whispered.

She nodded, "my life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I know I live in a big house with a dad who's a doctor, but that's not how it's always been. I've lived on the streets, halfway houses, homeless shelters,"

"I didn't know,"

"Of course you didn't. Talia is the only one who knows about that. And I haven't exactly opened up to you." I looked over to her with my mouth wide open. "Emotionally! God, Jackson. Is everything about sex to you?"

I laughed, "I'll take you home." She nodded and made her way to my truck with her hands in her pockets and her hood up covering her naturally curly hair.

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