What happens after the world ends with only a small group of survivors? what if I told you some had super powers? or if the only one who can really save the world (or whats left of it) just wants to kill herself because her whole life is a lie? find out in the new book "Reset"


5. Chapter 5


                         Chapter 5

Sky sat and watched as her friends swam around in the boat dock area. She really wanted to join them but decided not to because of how self-conscious she was about her body. She always thought she was heavy set even though everyone told her otherwise. When she was around the age of 13 some boys made fun of her in the canteen, they called her mean names and made her lose self-confidence. Sky starts to remember all the mean words those boys said and when they started to stick notes in her locker or write the names on her belongings. Things got so bad that she had to homeschool at the orphanage, this meant that she wasn't the smartest kid but she was still intelligent. Sky realized that she was crying and dried the cheeks with her wrist. She turned her wrist over and looked at her tattoo that she had gotten three weeks ago. It was and achor, they all got one symbolizing that they will never drift apart and that there all anchored together. Sky gets up from her spot and starts to take of her shirt and pants so she is in her swimsuit. She turns and starts to run to the end of the dock and dives in.

“Look who decided to join us, glad to see that you got over that voice inside your head telling you that your fat!" Eliza said swimming over to Sky.

"I am fat" Sky mumbled under her breath.

"what did you say?" Leo asked.

"N-nothing Leo, so what do you guys want to do?" Sky asked trying to change the subject.

"Hold on a second missy, What did Eliza say about you thinking you were fat?" Max said getting protective.

"Nothing Max mind your own business!" Sky said turning around.

"It is my business!" Max said getting angry.

"No, it's not!"

"Yes, it is!"

"Says who?"



"Because I'm your older brother!" Max realized what he said and covered his mouth.

"w-what?" Sky said in shock.


“There is no way you are my brother, I was an only child. Are you playing a prank on me because trust me it’s not funny!”

“It’s not a joke I am your brother,” Max said swimming over to Sky.

“I-I need to go.” Sky said before the started to swim to the shore.

“We should go and get the blueprints, Leo. Max go talk to her, she needs you right now.” Eliza said before swimming away.

“I-I can’t, I don’t know what to say,” Max said looking into the water.

“Then don’t talk just listen, that’s all she need right now is for you to listen,” Leo said before swimming after Eliza. Max then sighed before following his friends back to the orphanage. Eliza and Leo went inside and went to their rooms to change into dry clothes. Max walked down the long hallway to the last room on the right. The door had an S on it that was painted blue with a sun and clouds representing the sky.

“You can do this, it’s not that hard. We are about to leave will be back in a little bit.” Leo said setting his hand on Max’s shoulder and then letting it fall off as he walked away and back down the hall. Max sucked in a breath of air before lifting his hand knocking on the door three times and waiting for a response.

“G-go away!” Sky said trying not to cry so loud.

“S-sky let me come in please” Max pleaded as his voice cracked. He attempted to open the door but something was blocking it.

“Sky get up away from the door and let me in… Please.” Max said pushing on the door but Sky wouldn’t budge.

“Fine don’t move but I want you to know that I'm sitting right outside so if you want to talk then just talk I'm only going to listen,” Max said turning around and sliding down the door till his butt landed on the wood.

“I-I feel like my whole life is a lie. First, i lied about being Australian all my life. Second, no one ever told me that I had a sibling and that he was my best friend. Third, you never told me and I thought I could trust you!” Sky said before sobbing and scooting away from the door. Max got up from his spot and Opened the door walking over to Sky who was leaning against the wall head on her knees and arms blocking her face. Max sat next to her and put his arm around her. Sky brought her head out of her knees and placed it on Max’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry I never told you. Everyone said to keep it a secret from you because it was the right thing to do and that if I told you would go away and I would never get to see you again.” Max said as he played with Sky’s golden hair.

“W-who told you that you couldn’t tell me?” Sky said as she wiped her tears and stopped crying. She kept her head in the same position to scared to look at Max in the eye.

“A lot of people, our parents, your aunt and uncle in England, And the list goes on and on.” max sighed before resting his tear stained cheek on the top of Sky’s head.

“Y-you knows about the whole “England thing” then don’t you?”

“Yes I do, But you really aren’t from England either,” Max said with a sigh.

“W-what? great, just another thing to add to my list, now I really am living a lie. Am I from the Island of Misfit Toys? Because it seems like the perfect place for me”

“I reckon you want to know where you’re from?” Max said shifting his body so he can look at Sky.

“Yes please.”

“You’re a little Irish shale, were from Mullingar Ireland we lived in a house on Ballinderry Rd on the outskirts of the town,” Max told Sky.

“WOW really?!”

“Yep,” Sky had the biggest smile on her face, one of her favorite band members is from Mullingar Ireland. Before Sky could say anything ales there were three knocks on the door and then it swung open.

“Sky!!! We found the plans!” Eliza said as she burst into the room Leo following her.

“YOU DID?!” Sky said standing up.

“Yes and we picked up a few things on our way back. We only need one more thing to complete the list and then we can start building it.”

“And what is this thing we need to get?” Sky asked.

“It’s a formula that was created in a lab a long time ago. It was supposed to help with the global warming ordeal.” Sky sat there shocked. She knew this formula all too well. It’s the one that gave her the powers.

“I found the stuff we need for that but you're going to have to get them Sky.”

“Why me?”

“Because of your powers. You can make the stuff grow quickly. Max you will also need to help her”

“Ok, what do we need to get?” Max asked.

“We need fresh water, an earth made container, Boiling water/ fire, pit and a flower called the king. It's big and yellow.”

“Will get started on that. Are you guys going to work on the time machine?” Sky and Max then went over to the Royal Botanic Gardens a few blocks away. Sky started out by moving away from the earth and creating a hole. She then made some tree grow and die causing it to fall into the pit making it perfect to burn. Max then made fire out of thin air and started to burn the wood. Black smoke filled the air as the wood got up to the correct temperature. In the meantime, Max teleported to the Alexandria canal and gathered some clay for Sky. He then went back and gave it to her, she took it and made a large kettle out of it and placed it over the fire. Sky made some fresh water and put it in the kettle. She then added the petals of the flower and let it boil until they dissolved. Max then made the wind blow the fire out and they extracted the formula. Max teleported them back to the orphanage just as Leo and Eliza were putting the finishing touches on the machine. It was right around sunset so they put the stuff together and walked down to the docks and sitting down on the end putting their feet in the water. The beautiful sunset colors danced in the sky as the last bit of sunlight sank into the water.

“Why are we such dills?” Leo asked out of the blue.

“What do you mean Leo?” Eliza asked.

“We went swimming in the bloody harbor! Do you know what kind of things live in there?!”

“Ya, but I don’t think there going to bother us right now.”

“There were bloody sharks in there and we didn’t even care.”

“I guess we can tell people we swam with sharks,” Max said trying to lighten the mood.

“NO! Your such a dill sometimes Max”

“We should start heading back we have a big day tomorrow. You know with saving the world and all”Eliza said getting up.

“She’s right to let’s head back,” Leo said following Eliza’s actions. Sky stayed sitting on the dock looking down at the water. Leo and Eliza were already gone.

“Are you coming?” Max said at the end of the dock.

“Not now, I think I'm gonna go to the Opera house for a little while. Don’t stay up for me.” Sky said getting up and walked over to Max who was still at the end of the dock.

“Ok but, don’t stay out too late.”

“Ok, I won't”

“See you later”

“Goodbye” Sky walked toward the Opera house. The smell of smoke was gone but it was replaced with the smell of death. As Sky reached the house she realized this would be the last time seeing the house like this. She was happy to know that she had a chance of fixing things. She walked over to the stage and sat down once more. There was a light sound of feet shuffling behind Sky causing her to turn around. From behind a large piece of concrete stepped Mal. The moon light hit her face and long black hair. She was smiling the evilest smile. That’s when the light from the moon showed what Mal had in her hand. The brilliant silver blade reflected the light as it bounced off the blade. Sky didn’t scream, she merely said “I'm sorry” and “I tried” before she was stabbed in the heart. Mal walked away satisfied with herself but the night wasn’t over yet.

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