What happens after the world ends with only a small group of survivors? what if I told you some had super powers? or if the only one who can really save the world (or whats left of it) just wants to kill herself because her whole life is a lie? find out in the new book "Reset"


3. Chapter 3


                                      Chapter 3 ~No One’s POV~

Max lifted sky up and started walking towards the building. She turned her head away from the building and into Max’s chest as tears formed in her eyes.

“Sky? Oh thank god it’s y...  what happened? You look awful!” Eliza said as Max walked through the door with Sky in his arms.

“I found her on the ground by the opera house being beat up by those girls that left us.” Max said, setting Sky on the ground by what looked to be a bed.

“If I see them I'm gonna have to kill them. Nobody can hurt my BFF and get away with it!” Eliza said, examining Sky.

“Is she ok?” Leo and Max said in unison, concern filling both of their voices.

“She is going to be ok but, she needs to rest and stay off her feet it looks like they bruised a few bones” She said standing up and brushing the dirt off her pants.

“In the meantime you guys should move some of the beds from what’s left of the up stairs and I'll go find more food and water.” She said turning towards the door.

“I-I want to h-help”Sky said trying to stand up. Max rushed over to her and pushed her gently down on the bed.

“Oh no you don't. You need to stay here and rest! You’re lucky you get to be a bludger for a few hours. Be happy”

         “B-but I want to help!” she said with a weak voice.

       “No and that´s final!” he said getting up and walking out the door. Sky laid on the bed staring at the cracked sealing waiting for something to happen. She started to think about her parents and that story her mother and father had written for her when she was little hoping it would give her some answers to the many questions she would have.

“When you were 3 months old your father had taken you to work with him because I went to a conference in california. He and his colleagues had found a chemical that wasn’t dangerous to humans, plants and animals. It was meant to be released into the atmosphere and destroy some of the CO2 hoping to decrease the greenhouse gases and bring the temperatures back down to normal. Your father was made a bet by his friend that if he mixed your formula with the chemical and give it to you to drink it to see what would happen. Your father said no and continued to work. On his lunch break. His friend decided to mix your formula with the chemical but your father didn’t know so he gave it to you. The next couple years went by and everything was normal until you started to make water move with your mind, making plants grow faster and make trees sprout up out of nowhere. At that point we knew that something was wrong. That’s when your father’s friend came forward and confessed what he did. We want you to know that you are very special and that you are meant to do great things for the earth. We hope this gives you some answers. We love you.”


Mother and Father

As sky came back to reality she noticed that her cheeks were wet so she sniffed and wiped them off with the sleeve of her yellow and green Australian Men’s Football jacket. It had a few holes in it because she has had it for many years. It was her Father's and he gave it to her the day he died.

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