Gloria and Avah have come together to use their special abilities to catch the killer that has taken so much from them both. But they soon discover that the more they peruse this diabolical monster the more they learn that this black soul has more on his side than they could bargain for. In the push and pull of this deadly game Gloria and Avah come to a chilling realization that they may not be able to find someone who ironically and horribly may be able to find them anytime he wants.


3. TWO

  Glenn Eugene Sampson blindly threw his rain coat on the wooden hanger in the dark corner of his studio apartment.  He plopped down in front of his multiscreen computer system to check his run of the mill boring blogs and various social media chatrooms.  It was all that he looked forward to now that his job at the surveillance company went belly up due to the cyber-attack a couple months ago. He had took a pizza delivery job just to keep the rent money coming until he could get back on his feet. He dug his hand into a jar of jelly beans and stuffed the gob of candy into his mouth. He fiddled around from screen to screen with his mouse with one hand and picked up a dart from the cup that was next to him, and flung it through the air at a picture on his wall. Sampson smiled sardonically at the spot on the picture of which the dart had landed. It landed on the left eye of a picture of Gloria Pinkette; Gloria Pinkette. The little bitch that had embarrassed him in front of the entire staff of the surveillance company just before it all had gone to shit. Oh God how he would like to teach her a lesson. A better lesson than that faggot boy toy of hers named Kevin Hawthorn. He knew those two were screwing each other from the beginning anyway. The rest of those idiots at the company turned a blind eye but he knew. He probably banged her out in the office on the day of the cyber-attack which also probably explained why they were so late to install the flash-drive to counter attack the hack. Kevin had given him a copy of the flash drive too but the dip shit had sent him out of the office and down stairs. Way to be a great manager, geniuses! He had seen the look on Gloria’s face when he had rushed back up to the office with the rest of the employees. Her face was flushed and wet. Her hair was flustered. And He could remember seeing her trying to put her shoe back on in a hurry. They were all telltale signs of a recent sexually pleased woman. The little whore; but all that didn’t matter now. His job had been done. And even though Kevin did give him a copy of the flash drive to counter attack the hack, he would not have used it anyway. Because it had been him, Glenn Eugene Sampson, that had been the one who initiated the attack in the first place. Sampson punched in a volley of key commands and suddenly every screen before him immediately changed to blue. He rubbed his hands together smiling, while the blue fluoresced light sparkled in his eyes as he looked at the one word in white font centered on each screen; that word, was Slazenger.  As he did this, the crunching sound of a gun hammer burst from the dark corner where the coat hanger stood. Sampson whipped around in fright.
“Don’t…move,” a voice came from the shadows.
Sampson rose up quickly from his chair as he saw the face of Kevin Hawthorn emerge from the corner, wielding a pistol.
“Hello Sampson. Or should I call you Glenn. Or do you prefer your name of infamy?” Kevin taunted.
Sampson remained still. Kevin started in towards him.
“ did you find me?” Sampson stumbled.
“That’s not important. What is important is that I have found you. And now you are going to do something for me,” proposed Kevin.
“Wh-what?” Sampson mumbled.
“There is a cop that may be looking for me. I need you to erase me from the grid. Anything about me that he can trace I want it gone. You do that and the world will never know who Slazenger really is. It’s that simple.”
Sampson stared at him. Kevin had a look of exactness on his face.
“Why?” Sampson asked.
Kevin grinned.
“Because just like you I enjoy what I do. I enjoy it very much, and I would like to continue,”
Sampson quickly nodded his head in agreeance.
“I, I uh, I’ll do it. Whatever you want I’ll do it,” he said.
Kevin lowered the gun, and holstered it on his person.
“Good. Rest assured I’ll be in touch. If you try to leave town I’ll know it, and that without a shadow of doubt will be the most unluckiest day of your life,” Kevin warned.
He turned around and left the apartment. It was only then that Sampson had finally deflated.


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