Gloria and Avah have come together to use their special abilities to catch the killer that has taken so much from them both. But they soon discover that the more they peruse this diabolical monster the more they learn that this black soul has more on his side than they could bargain for. In the push and pull of this deadly game Gloria and Avah come to a chilling realization that they may not be able to find someone who ironically and horribly may be able to find them anytime he wants.



  “Shit, too hot,” Gloria said to herself, reaching down to add cold water to the shower nozzle. Kevin’s shower was so damn hard to get used to.  It was one of the fancier ones, with digital displays and an LED screen. It did everything except take your blood sample and blood type. Looking at how Kevin was living she wish she had taken him up on his offer as assistant manager after all. That is when she still had a chance anyways. The surveillance company was no more.  She had taken a job at a jewelry outlet in the mall to continue paying for tuition. No sympathy came from her dad of course. He wanted nothing but for Gloria to come home and take her rightful place at his firm. But that decision to Gloria was anything except rightful. The jewelry outlet didn’t pay nearly as much as the surveillance company did. The repercussion from that was losing her apartment. Of course Kevin offered her his place to move in, but Gloria would not hear of it.
“I don’ want to live with you without a ring. I’m old fashion that way.” she had told Kevin.
Kevin had just thought that it had been a method of stalling. But none the less even with her decision to except Avah Hudson’s invitation to move into her two story house, at least within that he knew Gloria was safe there. She had spent the night at Kevin’s house. After standing him up three times for a date, she figured she owed him this. He cooked her dinner and they enjoyed a movie afterwards. The movie was a cast of two; Gloria and Kevin. They fell asleep in each other’s arms watching their homemade X-rated cinema after it had been made. Another reason Gloria had chosen to take refuge at Avah’s house instead of Kevin’s is because she wasn’t ready for Kevin to know about her. Telling your boyfriend that you have a direct channel to the realm of the dead didn’t seem like a very endearing conversation one would have over dinner or under any other circumstance for that matter. Plus being that Avah was a medium as well just made things easier to deal with. She and Avah had spent weeks studying up on their newly discovered gifts, and that had been the bulk of the reason Gloria kept bailing out on Kevin. But there was nothing Gloria wanted more than to catch this killer. This Gift Box monster, to which she had been a victim of so many years ago, had to be brought to justice come hell or high water. Gloria then thought to herself in dismay. Because for some reason she knew that before this was all over, hell would come long before the high water would ever get a chance to show up.  Avah and Gloria agreed to make an attempt to communicate with the other side as soon as Gloria would get some time off from school. That time was tonight. Her midterm exams were today and after that she would be on a three day break. Detective Greyhart agreed to be a part of the séance. Being that he and Ali worked on the Gift Box killings in the past, Greyhart felt indebted to Avah. To him it was a chance for redemption. He felt somewhat responsible for Ali’s death. After all he was the one who came to Ali for help on catching the Gift Box killer in the first place. Ali was an investigative reporter. There were places his press pass could get him into that Greyhart’s badge could not. All in all he was just happy that he had been back on the case again. Gloria heard the bathroom door open. The shower curtain was pulled back and Kevin stepped in behind her. He grabbed her from behind and playfully pulled on her earlobe with his mouth, allowing his rock hard member to wedge in between her soap drenched backside. Gloria laughed.
“You better do something about that morning wood before someone gets hurt,” She teased.
“Someone did get hurt last night. It was you,” Kevin shot back.
“Um excuse me? As I recalled you were the one moaning like a pregnant walrus,” Gloria reminded him.
Kevin let out a burst of laughter
“No ma’am that was you.”
“Uh, negro, did you forget that we have footage? I can play it back for you.”
Then at this, Kevin grabbed her from behind again pulling her closer, positioning his manhood between the lips of her clit. But she quickly turned around to face him, putting her hands between her legs. Kevin continued to persist; he began to kiss and grope her more intensely.
“Baby I have midterms, you’re gonna make me late,” Gloria pleaded.
“This will clear your head,” he told her, as he swiped her hands from between her legs and gently began to enter her.
Gloria gasped.
“Baby I told you, you need… you need to just…aw shit you need to just give me a fucking orgasm! Get it baby, you better fucking get it!”
Kevin mashed is body against Gloria’s. In a whimsical of tongue play, Gloria grabbed the railing of the shower curtains, and wrapped her legs around Kevin, with the heels of her feet resting on his ass cheeks. Their faces separated for air and Gloria threw her head back as Kevin, with his muscular hands around her waist continued to grind her clit up and down his lower torso. Gloria’s mouth dropped open letting out a grumbling moan.
“Ooooh baby you hittin’ that spot shit, shit I’m cumin shit, ooooh baby fuck me!”
The release of her satisfied tones had been the very thing to ignite his own.
“Go ahead baby because daddy’s about to cum in that pussy oh ffffuck, oh shhhhit baby this pussy is so good, got…dammit I’m cumin!”
With the water cascading down on them, it began to blend with the juices that poured from Gloria’s pussy, spinning in a cyclone down the shower drain. Gloria released her legs from around him, laughing as she placed her feet back on solid ground. She shoved him playfully.
“Oh you make me sick!” She said.
Kevin smacked her chocolate brown bottom.
“I love you too,” said Kevin.
Gloria looked up at him after hearing the words that came out of his mouth. They stood there briefly, saying nothing to each other. Gloria smiled.
What are you waiting for dummy? Say it back! Gloria told herself. But even though the moment had been right for her to say it, she simply could not. Not right now. Even though deep inside, she felt the exact same way. She sensed that Kevin knew this too.
“You better love me,” she finally said.
She hinged on her toes to reach his face and kissed him.
“Now that you’ve gotten your cookie am I free to go sir?”
Kevin smiled, opening the shower curtain with a gestured hand implying that she was indeed able to go. He smacked her on the ass again as she stepped out of the shower.



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