Gloria and Avah have come together to use their special abilities to catch the killer that has taken so much from them both. But they soon discover that the more they peruse this diabolical monster the more they learn that this black soul has more on his side than they could bargain for. In the push and pull of this deadly game Gloria and Avah come to a chilling realization that they may not be able to find someone who ironically and horribly may be able to find them anytime he wants.


7. SIX

      Gift Box smacked the nine iron club with deliberate force against the golf ball sending it sailing into the air. He perched both hands on the club handle and leaned on it as he watched the ball sink into the pond he had been playing in front of. He took a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped the sweat from across his forehead. He lovingly welcomed the sun that beamed down on his smooth alabaster skin. The heat was most intense around this time of the day on this side of the park. He glanced at his platinum Rolex watch. It was almost time. They would arrive soon. He had seen her already in his dreams, in his mind, long before this day had arrived. She was twenty three, the youngest of them yet. Then suddenly he wondered to himself why on earth he hadn’t considered this in the beginning; to search for that which is young and not older.
It made perfect sense. It after all had been in his younger years when he was the most happiest; when they were the most happiest. The twenty three year old had reminded him so much of her too. The resemblance was uncanny. It occurred to him in a boastful abundance that he may feel love again with the twenty three year old just as he had felt with...her. The twenty three year old's name was Amy MacArthur. She was five-six, blue eyes, and had red curly long hair. Her hair was in the style of Shirley Temple. In his vision of her, he had seen how the wind lifted her beautiful head of hair as she gracefully walked to this very area that he would see her at today. The sun dress that she would have on, a scarlet red, while not the same color that his true love had once wore, was still however a fitting choice for Amy's hour glass figure. Amy had excelled in high school. She was captain of her debate team, squad leader of her cheerleading team, she held a 4.0 GPA, she graduated valedictorian of her class, and she owned a myriad of other accolades throughout her high school career.
Her 4.0 GPA was well maintained in college as well, where she studied software engineering. She would be graduating from college in two weeks. Gift Box had a brief look into her bright future. She would become chief engineer in just two years of being at the software firm that will employ her. The CEO of the firm has been poor in health as of late. In five more years his lung cancer will fatally retire him, and Amy, much to the chagrin of a few jealous co-workers, would then become the owner. But Gift Box had plans for her that were more purifying. Of all the wonderful things she would have become, Gift Box knew that he can make her something better than she could ever imagine. He could make her clean again. Clean from the flatulent filth that this world has tainted her with.
He would save her from her self. It was his duty to save her. It was his will to do it. And then he acquiesced to the undeniable fact that it was not only his will, but it was also his unyielding compulsion. He plunged another tee stick into the grass, mounted another golf ball, took another hard swing and watched the ball arch through the air and plummet to the water. He chuckled to a private thought that had just entered his mind. He had recently discovered that there was someone looking for him. Not the police and angry families who didn't understand the gift that he was providing, no he was referring to the two women that had entered his mind a couple days ago. They tried to get answers from one of his children, Ali Hudson, the husband of the beautiful large one. He may have been her husband in life, but he belonged to him now.
Ali did speak to them briefly, but that was a mistake that would never happen again. The other woman Gift Box had found to be the most interesting of the two. He had also known her in the past. He had cleansed her mom of this world and had given the gift back to she and her family years ago. She did not quite understand her abilities then, but with the help of the large one, oh how far had she come to know and understand them now. The other night the more interesting one had impressed Gift Box. Even though she did not understand what was happening to her, he had known. She had allowed her spiritual self to leave her physical body and journey into that which is beyond the living.
This Gift Box knew was going to be a problem for him. If she could travel into the beyond, then she could talk to any of them of the beyond that she desired. That included her mother. But he had already taken care of that. He had made exact arrangements so that none of his children would be saying anything to the interesting one. The one who's name is Gloria Pinkette. What a powerful being this one was. She was full of such fire and raw exuberance. He looked forward to administering the cleansing sacrament unto her. It was true that the two women were mediums like him. But he was just a bit more than that. Oh how wonderful it was he thought, to see that which has not yet occurred. Society classified it as being clairvoyant. Gift Box had called it simply knowing the things that others did not deserve or was not worthy of knowing.
He suddenly heard the bubbly and feminine laughter of Amy MacArthur. He quickly turned his Ray-Ban shaded eyes in the direction the laughter was coming from, and smiled uncontrollably. Her laughter was in response to her boyfriend Darnell, who had been playfully groping her as they journeyed uphill to have a private picnic under the large apple tree. On the other side of the hill’s downward slope, awaited Gift Box by the pond. The scenario had played out in Gift Box's mind for what seemed like a thousand times before today. He knew every move to make. They would lay out the red checkerboard blanket. Amy would then set down her wicker basket of food, and Darnell would set down his basket identical in appearance. They would then begin to kiss. This would be his moment to ascend the hill.
There were hundreds of distractions that would alert the couple that someone was approaching them from the bottom of the hill. All kinds of brittle twigs that snapped loudly if stepped on, the crunching of the granite rock that would sound off once you'd scrape your shoe across them, and most of all there were the dried up eggshells left by the squirrels who had stolen them from the nests of the birds in the apple trees. But Gift Box had patience and the privilege of knowing things that others did not. Darnell was a mixed martial artist fighter who was, in spite of Gift Box's great strength, far better versed in combat and speed. He would subdue Gift Box effortlessly if he'd try to openly approach them. But as they would kiss, a harvested apple would loosen from the tree and land on Amy's head creating a humorous moment for them both.
In the midst of their laughter, Gift Box would begin to scale the hill, because Amy would take a large bite of the apple. She would try to say something to Darnell with her mouth full and the piece of apple would become lodged in her throat.
"Oh my God Amy breath! Baby breathe!" Darnell would plead.
But she would not be able to breathe you idiot. Because she would be chocking. To further classify his idiocy, Darnell did not know CPR. In his panic he would jump up from the ground and begin yelling for help. For those few seconds he would be at the mercy of vulnerability. Those would indeed be the last seconds of his life. After he had taken care of Darnell he would relieve Amy of her chocking, and would then introduce her to the duffle bag he had stashed inconspicuously behind the bushes that was a few feet away from them.
Gift Box suddenly heard the explosion of laughter. The apple had fallen. He squeezed the nine iron tightly and slowly crept up the hill, being careful not to step on anything that would give him away. He heard Amy coughing. She had taken the bite. Gift Box quickened his cadence.
"Oh my God Amy breath! Baby breath!" He heard Darnell plead.
Gift Box dashed into a sprint up the hill, wielding the golf club like a sword, and not caring at all anymore of what he stepped on. He had reached the top of the hill with feline quickness, and had met Darnell with his back turned about to call for help. Before the words could escape his mouth the nine iron found a bloody home deep in the back of Darnell's skull. The projectile blood shot back in gift box's face. Darnell's Body fell to the ground. The angle in which he had fallen pointed his lifeless eyes at Amy.
Gift Box hurried over to Amy and got behind her to perform the Heimlich maneuver. Before long the piece of apple shot out from her mouth. As she gasped for air, now washed in fear and panic, in a fluid motion Gift Box covered her mouth with one gloved hand while sliding the other in his pocket. He pulled out a needle and pierced Amy's neck. With widening eyes, her body went stiff from shock, and then it was still. He retrieved the large roller duffle bag from the bushes. He placed Amy inside with care, along with the nine iron. Gift Box whipped his face clean of the blood. He zipped the bag closed, and carefully proceeded to walk down the hill in a pompous scroll whistling a tune from a song that he liked. He reached the parking lot of cars that covered the paved area like a sheet of snow. He popped his trunk and hefted the bag inside. Gift Box pulled out of the parks parking lot, without a soul in range, ever the wiser.

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