Gloria and Avah have come together to use their special abilities to catch the killer that has taken so much from them both. But they soon discover that the more they peruse this diabolical monster the more they learn that this black soul has more on his side than they could bargain for. In the push and pull of this deadly game Gloria and Avah come to a chilling realization that they may not be able to find someone who ironically and horribly may be able to find them anytime he wants.



  For the past two days the town had been bombarded with a down cast of rain, thunder and lightning. And Gloria was proud to admit that tonight was no different. Because tonight was the night they would try to make contact with the other side of life; the afterlife to be more exact. Gloria, who was housed only in a bra and panties set, sat on the edge of the bed of the room she had chosen in Avah’s house. She was spreading lotion up and down her bonze colored legs. The bedroom was one of six in the huge house, excluding the master bedroom. Gloria could not explain it, but she felt so comfortable in the room. It was almost as if it had been hers the entire time. But it wasn’t just that however. Gloria could no longer deny the unusual and rather unorthodox attraction there was between her and Avah. The magnetic pull Avah possessed over Gloria was like nothing she had ever experienced. As it turns out, Avah is a well-known socialite among the town. Everyone from the mayor to the county judge had known her, and greeted her presence with obvious prestige. Gloria had witnessed it herself. She had gone out to lunch with Avah with one of Avah’s very best friends; who just happened to be the district attorney! Gloria was astounded at how charismatic and charming Avah had been. It quickly occurred to Gloria that Avah had been a woman who was used to getting what she wanted. Gloria liked that. Just then as if on que, a soft rap on the door suddenly flustered Gloria’s thoughts. Avah stuck her head through the door.
“Hey you,” Avah said softly.
“What’s up?” Gloria said in a lively tone.
“Just checking on you to make sure you were ok. Also there is a pair of heels in this closet that I want to wear tonight. Mind if I come in?”
“You kidding, sure, come in,” Gloria told her.
The rest of Avah’s body slid through the door. When that happened Gloria did a double take. Avah scrolled past Gloria, giving her a close up view of the black silk backless chemise nightie that adhered gracefully to the contours of her luscious body. Avah had walked pass Gloria so closely that the sweet smell of her perfume almost lift her from the bed. Avah was incredibly chiseled. She didn’t even have back fat. In fact for a big girl her waist was unusually trimmed. Whether it was plastic surgery or natural, her midsection looked damn good.
“Now you know you didn’t have to come in here looking like that,” attested Gloria smiling sheepishly.
Avah compressed her lips throwing a hand up in a dismissive manner.
“Girl please, I did not put this on for you,” She said looking back at Gloria over her shoulder with a devilish smile of her own, and shrugging her eyebrows.
Avah made her way to the closet and parted the sliding doors.
“Now they are here somewhere, I just…don’t remember. Ah, here they are way over in the corner here,” Avah said mockingly.
Avah spread her legs and bent over in the closet so extensively that her chemise rose up above her robust ass exposing her well shaven and meaty snatch. A sensation instantly shot through Gloria at the sight of this, flushing her with a certain heat that encompassed her body. Gloria felt an intrusion of saliva began to fill her mouth. She had to lick her lips to prevent it from spilling out.
“Oh you dirty heffa, if you don’t get your ass from outta that closet like that,” Gloria warned in a panting breath.
This woman was out of this world, Gloria thought.
Avah let out a light chuckle as she rose back up making her body vertical again.
“What! I’m just looking for my shoes,” She pleaded.
Then she looked down in front of her.
“Oh! Here they are!” Avah shrieked in a phony surprise.
The shoes were directly before her at the front of the closet, and not the lengthy distance she had claimed they were. Gloria shook her head still smiling as Avah walked over to her. She grabbed the bottle of lotion from Gloria and sat beside her.
“Want me to get your back?” Avah offered.
With a suspicious smile Gloria turned with her back facing Avah. Avah squirted two quarter size amounts of lotion in to her hands, rubbed her hands together and placed them on both of Gloria’s shoulders. Avah immediately attacked the tension knots in Gloria’s shoulder.
“That’s a lot of stress in your shoulders. What’s wrong?” Avah asked.
Without realizing it, Gloria had allowed her head to rest on Avah’s shoulder.
“It’s just me worrying about midterms. I feel like I really got my ass kicked on that last test,” Gloria admitted.
“Non-sense, you’re a smart woman. I have no doubt that you’ll do fine,” assured Avah.
“You’re just saying that because you like me. And you better stop flirting with me, you know I have a boyfriend now.” confronted Gloria.
Avah laughed.
“Jesus that feels good,” Gloria said softly.
“Don’t worry, I can behave,” Avah promised.
“I’ve just seen your behavior Avah. Trust me I know what you’re capable of,” said Gloria.
Avah leaned closely into Gloria’s ear.
“It would be so much better to witness the extent of those capabilities first hand Gloria.”
Avah gently kissed Gloria’s ear. Then she took it into her mouth.
Gloria moaned in agreement from the pleasure.
“Avah, show some will power,” Gloria said in a tone that implied restraint, while ironically not putting up much of a fight.
“I have will power Gloria. But when it comes to you I’m just not sure how much,” Avah confessed.
She kissed Gloria softly on the cheek. And as their lips began to collide, the moment was halted by the resounding chime of the doorbell.

At the ringing of the doorbell, Avah and Gloria trotted downstairs to meet Detective Byron Greyhart, much to both of their reluctance. No longer in the chemise, Avah now wore a white linen suit. Walking behind Avah, Gloria had watched the bouncing of Avah’s behind as she took each step down stairs. She wondered how longer she would be able to resist Avah. Gloria too had no idea how much more will power she could muster up if they were ever alone like that again. She quickly dismissed the thought. The three of them were now seated in the living room floor swallowed by a circular formation of lit candles. Gloria and Avah sat across from each other face to face, while Greyhart sat on the side of them.
“Mr. Greyhart, I’m glad you could make it,” Avah told him.
Greyhart smiled.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s as I said before, anything that will help me catch this maniac I’m game” he said.
Avah looked at Gloria.
“Gloria you wanted to lead with tonight’s session as far as being the one to summon your mom. And I agreed to be the conduit from which she will be able to enter from her world into ours,” she reminded.
Gloria nodded. Avah turned to Greyhart.
“Mr. Greyhart do you believe in the great beyond? Do you believe that life beyond our physical death exists and can be tapped into?”
“Absolutely,” Greyhart said without hesitation.
“Good. Because in order for this to work there cannot be a shadow of doubt among any of us here about the existence of the dead. If we don’t believe in them, they will not believe in us.” Avah said.
Avah took Gloria’s hands into hers.
“Gloria you want to channel your mom to ask her more questions that can help us get closer to this killer. I know this is going to be difficult but I need you to focus on the day you opened the box and found your mother inside.”
Gloria shook her head.
“Avah you know how I feel about that.”
“That is exactly why I want you to do it. Your emotions will be the key to the connection. Just close your eyes, think of that moment, and say what you feel.”
They both closed their eyes. Greyhart watched them intensely.
Gloria allowed the painful memories she had so long fought to keep suppressed bleed back into her mind. The vision of her mother’s mangled body crammed into the decorative box started to flicker and flash before her eyes like the perception of one trying to obtain good reception from an old TV set. Gloria felt herself getting uncomfortably excited, as the horrible visions continued to overtake her. It was too much.
“No, no, no, no!” Gloria screamed, jerking her hands from Avah’s grasp.
Gloria sunk her head into her hands crying.
“I’m sorry,” she mumbled.
Avah reached over and took Gloria into her arms.
“It’s fine Gloria,”
Gloria raised her head.
“Maybe I can’t channel the dead. But perhaps I could be the conduit. Wanna switch roles?”
They both looked at Greyhart as if to ask for his approval. He threw up is hands.
“Hey whatever you guys want, makes me no difference. This is out of my league all together,” he said.
Gloria and Avah rejoined their hands.
“Gloria this time instead of trying to recapture memories, I want you to empty your mind of all thoughts.”
“Ok,” said Gloria.
“I’m going to try and channel Ali,” said Avah.
They both closed their eyes once again. Greyhart sat watching them undergo a heavy form of concentration.
“Ali, baby, it’s me, Avah. My love, we need your help. I know you were in an accident the night you died. But I believed your accident didn’t just happen. Someone caused it. We believe the person that killed you is also the one killing all these women. Sweetheart if you can hear me; if you have any information at all that can help us, please reveal yourself to me like you did on that night even after you were dead. Please baby we need you.”
For a moment the living room had become engulfed by a thickening stasis. The temperature of the room abruptly dropped to a frosty breeze. Then suddenly the candles that surrounded them was washed away of their flickering flames. In the dead of darkness, and freezing air, Gloria tore through the silence with a screeching gasp that made Greyhart flinch. Suddenly there was light in the room again. But it had not come from the candles; the light was coming from where Gloria had been sitting. Only now there was no Gloria; it was Ali. At the sight of her husband, without the slightest of doubt, Avah had sworn that she had stopped breathing.
“Oh Ali,” she whimpered, trying to stay focused so that she would not lose the connection.
“My sweet Avah, I miss you,” declared Ali.
The light from his spirit snatched up the darkness from every corner of the room.
“Avah this is dangerous, for both you and Gloria. You both have no idea of the evil you are perusing,” Ali warned.
Avah hardened her wits.
“I don’t care. We need answers. Because if we don’t get them, more people will die. We need your help Ali.”
Ali quickly turned to look over his shoulder, as if he heard someone approaching him.
“What do you want to know my love?” He asked.
“Ali, were you murdered?”
“The person that’s killing these women, is it the same person that killed you too?”
“What can you tell me about him? What happened on the night you died?”
“I remember-“
Ali didn’t finish his sentence. He swung around quickly again as if someone was behind him.
“No, no, God no!” He screamed.
Ali grabbed at his throat as he let out a gurgled choking sound. Ali’s eyes doubled in size as his face became struck with horror. He outstretched his hand to Avah as he suddenly began to slide backward away from her as if he was being pulled.
“Ali! No!” Avah yelled, feeling herself lose control.
“Av…Avah…do…not pursue this evil. It will kill you!”
“I have to Ali! I just have to!” Avah pleaded
Ali continued to slide away from Avah. The invisible force that had been dragging him was making its way to the kitchen.
“It will be difficult Avah!”
“Why! Why will it be difficult?”
“It is not just one person. It’s…It’s two! It’s two Avah and you have to catch them both!”
“Ali come back! Come back baby!” Avah screamed.
And in response to her plea came a new voice that had entered the room.
“He belongs to me!” The demonic howling voice declared. The base from the things tone was enough to shatter the windows of the living room. Avah screamed as Ali disappeared around the corner into the kitchen. Greyhart leaped up from the floor and turned on the lights.
“Avah are you ok!” He yelled.
He made his way back to Avah and put his arms around her as she showered herself in endless sobbing. Gloria suddenly came crawling from the kitchen on all fours riddled in a chocking cough.
“What the hell happened?” She asked.
“We made contact with Ali,” Greyhart told her.
“Did we get any answers?”
“Yeah, we did. It’s worse than we thought Gloria. We’re not looking for just one killer. We’re looking for two.”
“Oh my God,” Gloria whispered. She crawled over to Avah, who was still crying and wrapped her arms around her.





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