Poem-style musings about how loving someone can be as damaging and addicting as something like smoking. Often we know that something or someone will be bad for us, but still we line up to take it all in. Although it's hard, recovery is a road we can all take.


1. Thin Air

​I can still taste you on my tongue

Hot, heavy, staining

​I rinse my mouth out with sad poems and cheap wine

​Cover my skin with patches made by a blade's edge and sold by plastic smiles

​But my lungs are plastered with your lies

​And no amount of coughing can banish the black


​I remember the first time I held you between my fingers

​The danger buried by temptation and sensation and excitement

Hiding the bloodstains of your victims who fell before

​I hid the warnings, dancing with death just to feel alive

​But you clawed at my throat as I swallowed you toxins labelled as "love"

Convinced this was what I need

You may have been flavoured with bliss

​But my heart resisted your aftertaste


​When the room was filled with nothing but you

​Tears stung at my eyes and the sink was wet with blood

​When my walls, my cloths, my hair couldn't rid your stench

I finally chose to live for me

Rather than die for you

​So I scrubbed the walls, burned my clothes, cut my hair

Gone are the midnight relapses

​Never again shall I let your strength be my weakness

​And I may struggle for breath when the air gets thin

​Or crave to inhale you one last time

​I won't let you ruin me again

​Because it's finally clear enough to see the door

​And it is open

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