He Won't Leave

Grace decides to escape an abusive relationship after her boyfriend, Josh, hits her again. After fleeing away from him, he chases after her so she cannot report his abuse to the police. Through an entire adventure of escaping his grip, Grace seeks shelter in the least expected place, and tries to catch herself falling for another man.


1. Three Days Before

"Babe, are you ready for the barbecue?" I heard my boyfriend, Josh, ask me.

I nod my head 'yes' as I put foil around the deviled eggs I made for his nieces' birthday party. 

I slip my gold-colored heels on before we both rush out the door.

As we're in Josh's red Dodge Neon, the song "Pour Some Sugar on Me" by Aerosmith comes on. As Josh picks up the beat and realizes what the song is, he laughs to himself. 

"What's so funny?" I ask, smiling.

"This was the song that Ginger gave me a lap dance for the bachelor party!" He says, continuing to laugh.

"Oh." I reply, in a painful manner. What's with guys having no filters? 

As we get to a red light, I feel Josh's right hand slip onto my left thigh. I look up at him and give a half smile before I keep my focus back on the road. 

"Grace, if it makes you feel any better, you're a better dancer than Cinnamon." He says, thinking that would make me feel so much better. With no response from me, I can tell Josh is impatient. He moves his cold, sweaty hand away from my thigh and puts it back on the steering wheel.  

Throughout the rest of commute, I cake my face in makeup. I use my dark red lipstick to match my maxi skirt. The rest of the car ride was silent. Am I being too sensitive?

"Grace, don't fuck this up." Josh says as we both get out of the car. 

After taking a long, deep breath in and out, I reply with "I wouldn't dream of doing that, baby." Right before giving the most fake smile anyone has ever seen. As we both walk to the backyard, I glance around to find at least one family member from Josh's side that I don't mind being around with. Jacob, Josh's younger brother.

I tuck my hair over my ear as I walk over to Jacob, setting the deviled eggs and Sierra's gift on the table on the way. Something about Jacob is just so welcoming. 

"Hey stranger! How have you been?" Jacob exclaimed as he pulled me into a bear hug as a smile stretches across my face. "I've been great! How about you?" I ask.

Before he could respond, I felt a presence behind me. Josh.

I turn around to see my boyfriend lurking over my shoulder. Without anyone saying anything, Josh leans his arm across my left shoulder. My first reaction wasn't to just let it go, but rather to flinch since I thought this would be the first time he would backhand me in public.

A look of confusion took over Jacob's face before he asked "What was that about Grace?" 

I smile and throw a curve ball by replying "Well, I do have two older brothers that used to play rough with me when I was younger. I guess it's just my reflex!" As I try to laugh it off, I look up at Josh for his approval. With a simple nod from him, I knew I was going to be in trouble when we got home after the party.

Before anything else, I felt Josh's hand trail from my shoulder to my waist. He squeezed tightly, triggering pain up and down my body. Even though I couldn't show it, I closed my eyes for a second, just to escape and go to a quick paradise. 

"Well, Jacob, we're gonna get some drinks. We'll be right back." Josh said before pushing me away from everyone and cornered me into the smallest area ever and slammed his hands on both sides of my head, only a few centimeters away from my ears.

"What did I say earlier? You fucked up big time, you stupid bitch!" He whispered in my ear. I look down at the ground, noticing Josh has both of his fists clenched, ready to hit me, again.

Before he walked away, he smirked at the look of my face; horror. 

I am in so much shit when we get home. 

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