The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


12. Chapter twelve.

The other place was simply a larger hut across the camp, this hut at least looked lived in and that was something. The walls looked older with the paint that was once on them peeling of and bits of the wall were actually missing, the floors looked as though they survived a hurricane and had scratches and fading all over. In the hut, there was a similar layout to the one I was staying in, with a futon near the front door and window, a bed right across from it, a small bathroom with the door near the edge of the end of the futon, the only thing that is different is the small desk that was in between the bed and the futon.


 The desk was covered with papers that had dull colors that looked more depressing then the rest of this hut. I look at the papers and realize that they were drawings that had just been started, each one was of the same thing, an open field that had nothing but grass blowing in the wind. The skies had been painted a sad dull yet beautiful pinkish orange color. Everything about the drawings was so realistic, I had seen drawings in a museum as a child but to see them now was so unusual and out of place. They were like hope in a hopeless world.


“Who draws these?” I ask Harry who is sitting on the futon staring of in a daze.


“I draw them.” Harry says. 



Harry draws these. He must have a lot of time to just be able to sit down at the desk and draw. It probably took him years to learn this skill and then clearly master it. I once tried to draw when I first showed up at my camp, but I failed horribly and burned the paper shortly afterwards. Perhaps, he can teach me how to draw.  I would love to be able to create such meaningful pieces of artwork, and I think that I will either get Harry to teach me or I will teach myself, but I will learn to draw.


“Will you teach someday?” I ask.


“No.” Harry says. “You won’t be here long enough to learn.”


It is clear that I will not be, hopefully, staying in this camp for much longer then. Harry stands up and heads over to the desk, he collects all of the papers and places them into the draw that is part of the desk. I sadly watch Harry do this, I was enjoying the free feeling of looking and admiring these wonderful drawings.


“Where will I be sleeping?” I ask.


Harry doesn’t answer, instead he points over to the futon. I carry the stuff that I was given over to the futon and place it underneath. I don’t want Harry looking through the little that I now own. I sit down and feel awkward knowing that Harry is leaning against the wall watching me. Harry makes no attempts to hide the fact that he is indeed watching me and it is starting to bother me.


“What.” I say sharply, trying to figure out why he thinks it is okay to just watch me.


“Just wondering if I regret bringing you to my hut.” Harry says.


This is his hut. That’s uncomfortable feeling from earlier returns and I know that my face shows. Harry notices and tries not to stare at the awkwardness radiating off of me. I look around the hut once more and see that some of his drawings and paintings are on the walls. Each one is filled with meaning, emotion and perfection. One of them is of a sunset, the colors are fading but you can tell the pretty picture that it is supposed to capture. I wish that I had the skill in order to do that.




” So, why did I move to this hut?” I ask.


I was quite happy to be alone and separated in the other hut, it made me feel as though I was safe. Now, though, I have to share a hut with Harry, and that wasn’t on my to do list because I was content not talking to anyone. or at least feeling the need to fill the silence, since it appeared that Harry wasn’t much of a talker.


“Because we found someone else, and that hut was the only place to keep them.” Harry answers.


I would have been fine if they left me in that hut, with another person that I didn’t know. If I didn’t know them I wouldn’t be obligated to have a conversation with them and if I didn’t have to talk to them I could just sit silently and enjoy being away from everyone but this person I didn’t know.


I nod as if I am accepting, but I honestly wouldn’t accept this. Harry walks over to the door of the hut and stands there like he is about to open it but he doesn’t. instead of opening the door he just places his hand on the doorknob and looks out the tiny window in the middle of the door.


“I am leaving the door unlocked when I go out.” Harry says. “But I trust you enough that I am leaving you here.”


That fool. If he is leaving the door unlocked then of course I will try and leave, but it is his own stupidity for trusting me enough. He opens the door and leaves; the door closes gently behind him. I go over to the window and see him walking away an angry facial expression, and he seems to be walking with a purpose and I wonder where he is going.


I go over to the door and test the handle, and sure enough Harry didn’t lock it. I open the door and peek my head outside just a little bit, no one is near the hut and no one will notice if I walk out. I open the door the whole way and step outside. The air is colder then it is in the hut and I have a feeling that it will snow soon.


Now, would be a horrible time to run back to my camp. If I am correct it will snow soon, and then getting back will be a lot harder. I would have to face starvation, because hunting would be out of the picture, getting lost would also be another big factor. Instead of facing my chances in the winter that I soon to come I decide to go and follow Harry. It will be entertaining to see what life is like here and following Harry should be funny, considering he doesn’t seem like a happy person.


Harry is just around the corner and is about to go into the main building. He opens the door and enters the building, I wait a few minutes then follow in. The main building is a little warmer but not much, I wish that I had brought a sweater so I wasn’t so cold. The lighting in the main building today is different then what it was when I rescued Gemma. The lights shine brightly down on me and I am worried that someone will easily spot me. Harry walks around the corner and I am right behind him, I didn’t go this way when I was first here because I didn’t expect to find anything there. But there is in fact stuff down this way, there is a first door that Harry strolls by without glancing at it then there is a second door that Harry stops at and talks in a deep breath.


Harry opens the door and I can hear a woman greeting him. The woman’s voice sound friendly but stern, like it belongs to someone with power. I walk carefully of to the door and press my ear against it, the wood is cold and smooth and is surprisingly soft. I run my hand along it and hardly feel any imperfections in it. I lean closer to the door and my body is now also pressed up to it, I hear a chair being pulled backwards then a sigh coming from Harry.


“Well?” The woman asks in a demanding tone that makes me agitated.


“Seriously, Suzanne, do you not trust me?” Harry asks.


Harry sounds frustrated with Suzanne, and I can tell that he doesn’t want to stay and chat with her much longer. I hear moving around and I stop breathing. They start talking again and I breathe a sigh of relief.


“So?” Suzanne says as she completely avoids the question of whether or not she trusts Harry.


“I have Eve.” Harry says and doesn’t elaborate any further.


“And, where is she?”  Suzanne says.


“I have her at my hut.” Harry replies, once again not giving any extra details.


“Get her please.” Suzanne says.


I talk a step backwards and look around trying to find a reasonable spot to hide. I notice a few large boxes a couple of steps away and I dash towards them, I slip in between the space of the box and the wall and try to remain still and calm. The door opens and Harry steps out of there, he closes the door and heads directly in my direction.


“Eve, I know your hiding behind the boxes, so please just come on out.” Harry says.


How did he know that I was hiding behind the boxes? He must have known that I was following him and keep tabs on my possible hiding spots. I don’t answer and try to stay still, I am freaking out as I hear Harry walking closer and closer to me.


“Eve, just come here it’ll make your life easier.” Harry says calmly.


Fine. I wiggle out of the space that I was in an see Harry staring down at me. he steps forward and is now in an arms-reach distance. Harry goes to grab my arm but I pull away.


“I can walk myself.” I spit.


“Fine, then come and meet Suzanne with me.” Harry says.

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