The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


13. Chapter thirteen.

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What have I gotten myself into? Harry walked me into the room that Suzanne was in an took a seat, Suzanne instructed that I sat also. And now here I am stuck in between Miss. Angry Librarian and Mr. I am never happy, joy.


“Hello.” Suzanne says.


I smile and give a little wave. She shakes her head in a disappointed way and looks down at some papers that are in front of her, I peer over the desk that stands between us and see pictures of me in my camp. It is weird to know that Suzanne has photos of me. It is rare to find a camera but to find one that is working and that will take decent photos is next to impossible.


“Not much of a talker?” She asks, as she still glances down at the photos she has.


“No.” I mumble.


“Hmm.” Harry grumbles


I look at Harry who has a smirk on his face that makes me want to laugh despite being in a really tense room.  I swallow my laughter and face Suzanne again, she flips the paper over and I can tell that the photos are of Thalia. I take a closer look at them and notice that most of them she is happy in, but the more surprising part is that she is talking to Harry or Suzanne.


“Do you know why you are here?” Suzanne asks even though I know that she knows the answer.


“Yes.” I say as I test my voice.


The photos are disturbing for me to see, to know that Thalia was once comfortable and content here in this camp, she must have been completely unaware that I was alive and that I played and important part in a camp. I look slightly down at the photos and see that she wasn’t in the backroom in any of them. Then why was she when I found Gemma? They must have some how figured that I was coming after Gemma and decided that they wanted to cause my life more trouble, by adding Thalia into the mix.


“Does it have to do with you being in charge?” Suzanne asks another question.


” Yes.” I answer once again.


This “interrogation” is starting to get on my nerves, if she was all knowing then why on earth does she feel the need to ask me so many god-damned questions. Suzanne giggles a little at my answer and I lose it. I stand from my chair and slap Suzanne on her left check, my hand is stinging from the skin on skin contact and I know that I will have to face the consequences of what I have just done.


Suzanne looks up at me with a surprised and enraged face and yells for the men in the room to tie my hands behind my back. Her face is now a bright shade of red and it looks like it is painful. Good, it better hurt her. I let myself laugh at her frightened and angry mind.


“what was the purpose of that, what did you gain out of it?” Suzanne screams.


“The purpose?” I say, how does she not understand that she is completely wasting both her time and mine by asking me such ridiculous things. “The purpose of that was to see you understand that you are not controlling everything and that what you find amusing isn’t for the rest of us you stuck up….”


“Silent.” Suzanne cuts me off.


“No, you be silent, and you listen to me.” I continue. “If you think that it is okay to hold me here in your camp against my will then maybe you should just go and rethink what you need to deal with, because I can assure you I am not your biggest problem.”


Harry walks over and wraps his arms around me and tries to take me out of the room and away from Suzanne.


“And just so you know, I am not as stupid as you think I know that me being held here has nothing to do with Andrew and please for own sake don’t underestimate me.” I shout at her.


She looks shocked by what I had said. In her mind right now, I probably went from the skittish girl to just walked into the lion’s den to the person who threw the girl into the den to toughen up. I stick m middle finger up as Harry successfully pulls me out of the room.  Harry leads me back through the main building before saying anything or even making a deep breath.


We step outside and I feel the cold air surround me once more, it has started to snow and the snow silently falls from the sky and lands gently on the ground near me. when I was in the room with Suzanne I hadn’t felt cold, but that most likely had something to do with the fact that I was beyond angry and mad with her for what she clearly assumed about me. Harry and I head back to the hut and I can feel my anger rising up again.


“That little, ah!” I yell at the top of my lungs.


A few people’s heads turn to see what the commotion is but they don’t seem alarmed by the fact that I most defiantly don’t belong here. I go to kick the ground but I lose my balance and fall on my behind, having my hands still bound behind my back makes getting up next to impossible and I struggle on the ground like a turtle that got flipped upside-down.


“Ha.” Harry laughs as he helps me up of the ground that is blanketed in snow.


“What!” I say angrily.


“It’s just I never saw someone yell or slap Suzanne, heck I haven’t even seen or heard anyone say more then two words per sentence to her.” Harry says in a light tone.


“Well, that is surprising. I don’t know how anyone could put up with that piece of…”


“Okay, I think it’ time for you to calm down.” Harry says.


Of course, he does. I take a step away from him and look down at my hands then back up to him. Harry sees what I am silently asking him to help me with, Harry unties my hands and I move my wrists around. Once Harry step back I bolt away from him and head out into the forest. I can hear Harry’s footsteps close behind me but I have a feeling that I can easily out run him once we are in the woods.


I reach the edge of the woods and see that the snow in deeper here, the snow doesn’t stop me and I continue to run away from the camp and away from Harry. I struggle in the deep snow and I sneak a look behind me, Harry is still following me but is also having a hard time getting to me through the snow. I look in front of me again and I can see a small pond that is frozen over. I dive for it and instantly fall through the ice that I thought would have been thick enough to support my weight.


The water is freezing and I can’t feel my hands, feet or arms, I paddle towards the shore but to ice keeps breaking and I am having a hard time staying above the surface of the water. The cold water pulls me under and I scrap at the air to try and somehow magically pull myself back up. I get back to the surface and take a deep breath of air in, the air is just what I needed for my burning lungs that were deprived of oxygen. The water is getting colder and it feels like my it is burning my body instead of freezing it. I am having a hard time swimming and I can’t feel my legs anymore, my body is about to give up when the water pulls me under and my vision and mind goes black. 

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