The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


14. Chapter fourteen.

Hey guys, you know what the one and only reason that I am writing a before part is to keep you guessing what is happening with Eve, so I could continue this longer but I am a horrible staler sooooooo, here is chapter fourteen.


Harry’s p.o.v


Why did she have to run, of course she ran, she made it perfectly clear the she didn’t want to be here, but running into the woods and drowning herself, really!? I watch Eve as she gets pulled under again a I panic, she isn’t coming up. I peer into the water and see that Eve is still struggling a little, I dive into the water after her and feel the freezing cold waters that are slowly drowning Eve, I reach my hands out for Eve and feel that her body has no warmth to it what so ever. I pull her to the surface and I can feel that she has taken a breath. I swim to shore and pull her into the snow, her lips are blue and she is uncontrollably shaking.



Eve’s p.o.v


Air finally reaches my lungs after it feels like the burst, I am so cold, colder then I have ever been. I open my eyes and see Harry staring down at me with worry in his eyes. His eyes search my face for any signs that I am okay and I weakly try to smile, Harry notices this and relaxes a tad. I go to sit up but my hand sinks in the deep fresh snow. My hands are numb and I am worried how my body will react to the intense cold that it had to put up with. Harry leans down and scoops me up off of the ground, Harry’s cold body still feels warm against my own. I lean into his body and try to warm myself up. Harry works his way back through the forest and you can see the struggle we had with running in the woods earlier. We get to the edge of the camp and I can see that people have come to see what was going on, one person looks like she is very angry with what had happened even though I am sure she doesn’t know what really happened.  


We go back to the hut and Harry places me onto the futon. I shiver when I am set down because what little warmth was there is now gone. Harry goes to a little dresser that I didn’t notice and pulls out some clothes, he leaves and goes into the bathroom.  I reach underneath the futon and retrieve the bag that has my stuff in it. Crap. In the bag there isn’t any clothes, Harry comes out of the bathroom and tells me to wait right where I am. I sit there one the futon as he leaves, I take it that he is going to get some clothes for me because he saw that I didn’t have any more clothes to change into.


I lay back on the futon and close my eyes, I can’t believe that I thought that the ice would have been thick enough to hold me. it has only been below zero for a few days and it wouldn’t have been long enough for that small pond to freeze enough. The doors open and Harry walks back in with some clothes. He tosses them to me and tells me to go and change into the bathroom.


I go into the bathroom and peel of my wet clothes, they splash on the ground and the floor is covered with icy water from the pond that I nearly drowned in. I grab a towel that is laid on top of the toilet seat, I wrap it around me and look at myself in the mirror. I look just as I expected, I look paler then usual and my lips are just starting to return to a normal color. I dry myself off and put the clothes that Harry brought me on. They are a little big on me but I am glad, if the fit me normal they wouldn’t be comfortable at this time and they probably wouldn’t feel as warm.


I leave the bathroom and tell Harry that I am sorry that the ground is covered in water, he tells me not to worry about it and goes to clean it up. I can’t help but to feel bad that I didn’t clean it up before I left the bathroom. There is a loud knock at the door and I go and look at who it is, it is Anna and she looks angry. Harry hears the knock and goes to the door.


“Come in here Anna.” Harry says.


Anna rushes in and hugs Harry. Harry looks shocked and pushes her off of him with both hands. Anna looks up at Harry and is clearly confused with why he pushed her away.


“I was so worried that you drowned.” Anna confesses.


“Well I didn’t, so please tell me why you are here.” Harry demands from Anna.


Harry is pissed off with Anna, and it isn’t apparent why, she understandably came here to make sure that he was okay and somewhat healthy. She sits down beside me and opens and closes her mouth like she doesn’t want to tell us why she is actually here.


“Come on we haven’t got all day.” I say impatiently.


“Well, umm.” Anna starts. “There is a big meeting in the middle of the camp, and everyone is supposed to attend. Even Eve, yeah she is supposed to go to the meeting too.”


There is a meeting in the middle of the camp. That isn’t something I have ever heard of and even when I heard of meetings for the whole camp it was almost always held in a main building. Harry mumbles a thank you and then asks her to leave. He walks over to me and looks down at me.


“Are you okay to go?” Harry asks.


“I guess so.” I say, I still am a little chilled and tired but I need to know what the meeting is about and why we all have to listen to it.


Harry nods and we head out into the freezing weather again. The snow has stopped and is now replaced by an icy wind that effortlessly passes through me shirt. I shiver and Harry seems to notice, he runs back inside and comes out with two large hoodies. I slip the hoodie over my head and am grateful that he brought one out for me to. The sleeves on the sweater go past my fingers and I curl the sleeves around my numb fingers.


We walk to the center of the camp and I see that there is already a lot of people waiting for the meeting to begin. I look around to see if I can spot anyone I know but I don’t see anyone, not even Anna or Mercy. Everyone is talking loudly and I am beginning to have headache, my head is pounding but I don’t want to tell everyone to stop shouting so I silently let myself suffer with the headache.


Everyone goes silent and I am grateful that they did. I look around to see why they went so quiet, I see Suzanne and now I understand that they deeply respect her. I am sure that she does great things for this camp but as an individual she is very rude and disrespectful towards me. Suzanne walks to a little stand that is placed in the middle of the crowd and I can help but feel uneasy as she stares me down.


She clears her throat and everyone goes tense, even Harry stopped moving for a moment. Suzanne taps the mic and adjusts her shirt.


“Hello everyone, let me start by thanking you for coming out and attending this meeting.” Suzanne start professionally. “As you all know there is someone new among us who doesn’t belong to this camp. She has been here for many days and you may wonder what she is doing here and why she is here.”


I can’t believe that she called the whole camp to a meeting just to point me out. I am very angry with her right now and when I have a chance to show her that I am angry I will take it.


“I called you all here today to inform you why she is here.” Suzanne continues. “So, let me begin. Her name is Eve and she comes from the Survivors camp, her sister is Thalia as you all know. So now is the part where I tell you why she is here, she is here because Thalia betrayed us all and she has to come and take her place. Eve will be doing all the thing Thalia promised but never did, so if you were promised something and never had it done you may feel free to go and ask the promise of her.”


My sister, she betrayed them? I don’t really remember her that much but I know that she always kept her promises.


“So, Eve can you please come up here with me?” Suzanne asks.


I don’t want to go up there with her but I know the will be a problem if I don’t. Harry nudges me forward and I make my way to Suzanne. She puts her hand beside her and directs it towards me as if she was presenting a prize.


“This is Eve.” Suzanne says.


“Of course, I am Eve.” I say bitterly.


“Yes, alright everyone thank you again for attending, goodbye.” Suzanne dismisses them.

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