The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


5. Chapter five.

The morning light creeps into the building telling me that it isn't time to sleep. I sit up and look at Anna, who is struggling to stay awake, she has dark circles underneath her eyes looks as though she could use a rare cup of coffee.

Coffee wasnt something that we made often it is only used , not really used but packed for, raids when we go to the Lasts because of how far away they were. Even if you got coffee it would be black because we dont have cream or sugar.

" Morning." I say mid yawn wishing I had some coffee myself.

" Hmm." Is all she answers with.

She seems to be happy that I am awake but disappointed that she didn't take my offer and sleep herself. She should have I could have stayed up and let her get her sleep.  But Anna appears to be a stubborn person who decides by themselves.

I stand up and stretch my sore tired muscles and then help Anna up so she can do the same. From the pace she is moving I can tell that she was up all night watching and making sure nothing bad would happen. I look over at the office building and hope that Gemma hasn't already left, if she had already left I would lose all hope in finding her.

"Don't worry they haven't left." Anna says noticing that I am worried when I look at the building in front of us.

Anna seems to get what I am thinking before I even say it but I guess thats because I am a predictable person.

"Thanks." I say.

I am truly grateful that she stayed up all last night to be sure that I could follow them and get Gemma. Almost as soon as I sit back down Harry emerges from the office. He looks around him twice and then whistles loudly, clearly indicating that it is safe for them to come out. The other men come out carrying Gemma, who is now awake but tied up.

"I can't just stand here and watch this." I say making Anna tense up.

"What are you going to go trade yourself for her?" Anna asks "you know you are basically friendship goals summed up. "

Friendship goals. Who even says that, clearly Anna does. Anna is an intresting person, she isn't like anyone from my camp and is more like what people used to be. She actually,  at times, seems at ease here.

"Go save your little friend." Anna says.

Anna sounds annoyed by my idea but it's the only way that Gemma will have a chance at escaping. I slip silently out of the building and decide againest going and getting her. It will , or should be eaisier, when they think that they are safe back at their own camp.

Harry now walks calmly through the streets of the abandoned city completely unaware that I am following close behind him. Gemma moves and Harry stops to look at her.

" Don't like being tied up?" Harry asks.

Gemma stills and doesn't give him the reaction he wanted. The men that hold Gemma place her down and untie her feet. She quickly turns and tries to sprint away.

" Oh, no you don't. " One of the men says.

"Lucas, why did you do that." Harry asks sounding ticked off at the man, who's name is apparently Lucas.

" Shes impossible to carrry, she never stops moving and it is easier if she walks." Lucas says trying to explain his reason for untying her feet.

Harry nods and continues walking forward. Lucas shoves Gemma so she starts walking but Gemma doesn't move. The other man pushes her until she nearly falls over.

"Move." He demands.

Gemma now moves forward but at a painfully slow pace, this pace makes the men angry and annoyed. Lucas picks her up again and just begins to carry her deciding that its eaiser to carry her rathr then force her to walk.

We walk slowly behind them picking every few building to hide behind, Anna has a hardtime keeping up and trips over pieces of the road that have come up from the orginal road.  We are now only onebuilding behind them and we can easily see their camp.  I go to run to the other building when Anna trips into a rusted shopping cart.

The noise from her fall catches th attention of Harry and he points for the other man to go check it out. The man walks over to where we are and I panick. I pull Anna into the side opening of the building we are hiding behind and cover her mouth. The man comes into the alley with his gun out ready to fire. He wonders down to the end of the alley and doesn't seem to notice opening we slipped into.

"Theres no one here." He yells.

He probably is just assuming that it was an animal that is wondering the abandoned city in hopes of finding a good place to hide. I am glad that he is so oblivious to the fact that we are staring right at him. Anna wiggles free and gasps for air, clearly I was holding her to tight and causng her to suffocate a little.

"Alright lets go." Harry yells.

The man jogs out of the alley and towards Harry, Gemma,  and Lucas. We head out of the alley also and notice that they are jogging now instead of walking. Gemma looks beyond agitated with this new form of transportation and is trying to head butt Lucas but only manages to look like a flailing fish.

I am a few paces behind them but I am now, gratfully, covered by the shadows of the small forest that surrounds the Lasts camp. They slow down to a walk and enter their camp without being stopped. I look around and notice people patroling the outside of the camp, making entering it a harder task.


" Every camp will have people patroling the perimeter. " Sava says.

We all nod this is not new news and I something we all had to help with last week to prove that we were capable of doing so. I of course got stuck with the midnight shift,  and I bassically had no sleep.

"But most camps wait twenty minutes in between each person." Sava says.

Our camp only has five minutes in between each person and sometimes it becomes confusing. We know that in between each person at Outsiders is twenty. We went on a raid for weapons and easily noticed that they wait twenty minutes in between the people patroling.

"As we learned Outsiders waits twenty minutes, as does the Lasts, tey arethe only groups that we know the times for but you shouldn't need to know any others." Sava says.

The other camps were to far to walk to and driving there wasnt an option either because it would waste to much gas.


Now I see why training takes a whole year,  we needed to learn enough about the other camps to be safe if we ever had to do anything like this. Even if this isn't a typical event I am happy that I have this knowledge that Sava wanted us all to know.

The last time someone had to go on a rescue was for the leader of our camp, Andrew. Andrew had gone on a raid to Outsiders and had got caugh, they hadn't killed him because they wanted to learn information about our camp.

After about three rounds of people patroling I decide that I need to get in the camp as quick as possible. I sprint to the huts and try to stay in the shadows, their camp seemed to small which means if I was spotted it would be to easy to get caught. 

Anna runs behind me and catches her breath, she doesn't seem to be used to sprinting to stay unnoticed.

"You okay?"I ask.

Her breathing seemed to have picked up since we entered the camp and her eyes are filling with tears.

" Im really not." She whispers.

"Why?" I ask trying to understand what her problem is.

"This is the camp that I came from." She says.

Now it all makes sense, why she was the only one out of the people we traded that looked different and was more scared.  She came from the least violent camp and didn't want anything to do with other people. 

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