The world went to hell shortly after that first attack on the city I was in. Its was every man from themsleves until one day all the people who held a little bit of power silently agreed to live away from eachother. Now the world stayed divided up in to sections.

The first group of people were called the outsiders, the were the ones that you had to avoid they trusted no one and you were smart to do the same with them. Outsiders are the people who would kill you no matter what the age or circumstance. The were the closest group, and the most deadly, they had most of the weapons left. Then there was my group we are called the survivors, and that is exactly what we are. We do what we have to do to survive and nothing more, literally nothing more then that. The other groups are the murder, the lost, and the last. I don't know much about them, I just know their names.


15. Chapter fifteen.

Hey guys let me know what you think of Suzanne, I just want to know what your thoughts are, alrighty then here is chapter fifteen.


Everyone leaves the middle of the camp slowly and only the children rush off to find something more entertaining to do. I look around to see if I can spot Harry and sure enough he is waiting for me and is the last one still here. I start to walk away from Suzanne and towards Harry but Suzanne places her hand on my shoulder to stop me. I slap her hand and turn to face her.


“You and Harry should come to talk to me in the main building.” Suzanne suggests.


I look at Harry and he shrugs his shoulders. Such a great help. I turn back to Suzanne who is starting to head to the main building and quickly decide on my answer.


“I don’t think we should.” I say boldly, knowing that she won’t like the answer.


“Well, I suggest that you do, because you don’t really know what I was talking about during the meeting.” Suzanne says.


It is true that I really have know idea what she was talking about but I am sure that whatever it is Harry can tell me instead of her. I don’t say anything else as I go back to the hut that I was staying in. I pass Harry and he quickly turns to walk along side me. We get back to the hut and I go directly to the futon. It has been along day and all I want to do is sleep my life away. I lay down and grab the blanket that was lying along the top of the futon and wrap myself in it. The warmth is soothing and I easily forget every worry I had today.


Suzanne stares at me with devilish red eyes and looks as though she, herself, could be a murderer. Suzanne takes a large step forward and I step back into something that appears to be mud. That mud seeps into my shoe and I am very uncomfortable, I want to fix it but I have a feeling that I have to keep my attention on Suzanne, who is now slowly circling me.




Suzanne lunges at me and I duck to escape the dangers of her nails which are now transforming into talons that look extremely dangerous and sharp, the rest of her features are also switching and she is starting to resemble a crow. She calls out and I cover my ears, the noise is loud and surprisingly terrifying. I pull my foot out of the mud but lose my shoe in the process, I rip off the other shoe and bolt for cave that is directly in front of me. she swoops down from above me and claws at my head, I can feel that cut that she made and I shiver, knowing that if I don’t get to the cave fast enough it’s not just my head that will bear a cut.


I make it into the cave and everything goes eerily silent, I take small steps forward and allow my foot to become flat on the soft dirt underneath. My arms are outstretched as I feel for anything to hide behind, for anything that may give me protection. My hand reaches what I believe is a wall of the cave but I move around it and realize that it is a tall thick rock that could block me from the outside off the cave. I slip behind it and sigh, I will have to wait to leave and this isn’t very comfortable.


I am sitting for a few brief moments when I hear footsteps coming from the entrance of the cave, they take a few steps then it goes silent again. My breathing is shallow when I see light coming through the pitch-black cave, and then the footsteps start again. This time to footsteps are almost right beside me and I panic. Out of nowhere a hand wraps around my neck and I am struggling for air. I see that the face of my attacker belongs to Suzanne and I know now that she truly wants me dead.


I thrash underneath her as her grip gets tighter and tighter. Her face begins to change and now the person strangling me is Thalia, her light blonde hair surrounds my face as I run out of my last breath.



“Eve, Eve!” Harry shouts.


I open my eyes and she Harry standing beside me shaking my shoulders to wake me up. He looks scared and worried when I sit up, like I am a ghost and am transparent. I look around and realize that I am in Harry’s hut, I would have thought that he would have moved me to the other hut but no he has not.


“What?” I ask quietly, worried that if I speak to loudly Harry will have a panic attack.


“You were kicking and screaming and,” Harry say, struggling to find words. “And, Eve? What was happening? In your dream, I mean. You were freaking out.”


I sit silently and try to figure out why I would have been freaking out in my sleep, and then I recall my dream. It isn’t something I wanted to remember and I wish that it was like most of my dreams and I couldn’t remember what had happened within it. I shiver and try to stop my mind from imaging it occurring in real life.


“Umm, I don’t remember what was happening.” I easily lie.


I don’t want to talk about it and don’t want harry knowing what goes through my mind when I have no control over it. With that answer Harry goes back over to his bed and lays back down, he sighs and then quickly falls back to sleep. And then I do the same.


I just want to say I am super sorry for the extremely short update, I promise that the next will be longer, it’s just I am on vacation and don’t really want to sit and write at this present moment in time.


Love ya’ll.

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