The Walker

The tale of Herias Knights, an ill boy from knight family. His family, one of the seven Royal Knights, want him to follow the tradition and become a knight. However, his talent, as well as himself, wants to become magician. How will he end up?


9. Side Story: Knight's Years - Raries+Haris

"If you are Reis's doppelganger, doesn't it mean that you are also a murderer?" The very words have been hunting Raries for the past year and a half. Ever since the day that his house's failure, Harias Knights, decided to suicide, the Knights family wasn't the way it used to be.

"..." Haris, the youngest heir, stared at the straggly walking Reis. He woke up from the commotion.

Raries, who was finished with his sleep, simply walked outside for no reason. 

"..." He gazed at the stars of the night. It was somewhat calming.

Every one of the Knights household were talented geniuses, except for Harias and Raries. Harias had a proper excuse, but Raries didn't. Because his talents were lacking, he knew better than anyone else that it was necessary for him to train himself with more effort than anyone else. He was the closest person in the house who knew what it had felt like for Harias who practiced nearly the same amount as Raries.

To Raries, Harias was the alternative version of him who had failed to reach the satisfactory results. 

It was the reason why Raries did his best to protect Harias's pride, but it didn't work out as he had planned it to be.

Walking down the forest that Harias also walked, Raries found himself polishing the granite grave that he had made for the owner of his dead brother, Harias. The existence of the gravestone itself was secret between Haris and himself. He couldn't believe how cold blooded the family was to use Harias death as a method of gaining sympathy from others.

Anyways, though he finished with the basic designs of the grave, he wasn't sure what to say on the grave stone. He should have asked Haris for the details, but he didn't want him to wake up this early.

"..." Raries, in spite of lacking creativity, thought of a great words. Marking down the exact sentence words by words, Raries revealed downhearted grin on his face. When he was finished, he was prepared to leave.

"Good night," Raries walked away from the cliff.

The grave stone stated, "May your next life be blessed." 


[Raries Knights] [Royal Knight Trainee] [Human] [18]

Strength: A(953)

Endurance: B(816)

Agility: D(639)

Magic: E(555)

Luck: H(262)

Available Skills: 

[Skill: 8th Rank Swordmanship]

[Skill: 6th Level Physical Enhancement]


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