The Walker

The tale of Herias Knights, an ill boy from knight family. His family, one of the seven Royal Knights, want him to follow the tradition and become a knight. However, his talent, as well as himself, wants to become magician. How will he end up?


7. Magicians Works

"Um... Hi... Herias..." Basil, who was now near death, greeted Herias with weak smile.

The three students, Herias Knights, Teret Drias, and Iris Kale, stood beside Basil and his fragile body. None of them dared to talk until Basil began to talk by himself. He wasn't his usual self.

"Homunculus..." His word surprised them. 

"I am Basil Magis, the Homunculus of the Magis Family..." 


"I am at my limits, ain't I?" Basil's word calmed down the minor commotions.

"Basil?" Herias, while everyone else was shocked, asked in serious tone.

"What are you? And why did you save us?"

"..." Basil became silenced for a moment. He took a slight breathing and explained.

"As I spoke earlier, a Homunculus is what I am. Magis family has created a human resembling creature, me. Our lifespans are barely fractions of the humans, and I am the failure that escaped from the Magics household. I had what the others didn't, an emotion."

"I felt it was my duty... To save people in trouble..." 

"Its all there is to it. Nothing more or less."

"I see..." Herias slowly closed his eyes, took a breathing, and opened back his eyes.

"Is there anything you need? I will make sure that your last moments will be without regrets."

"I don't have any regrets, but there is one thing that have been worrying me. Mark my words, my disciples, follow the justice that leads to happiness, of not just yourself but everyone else. Choose the best way..."

It was the day that Basil had died(Stopped Working). His remained became ashed the moment that he stopped breathing. The only thing that had remained was the crimson core that had been acting as his heart, a core. The three divided it equally and gave everyone a piece of the core. Some integrated it to their wands, some kept it inside of a baggage, and some kept it as a charm.

"What do you plan to do? Herias?" Iris, unconscious of the situation, asked Herias for an advice.

"Return to the house, of course," Herias responded without a moment of hesitation.

"Didn't you choose to become a magician?" Iris was somewhat irritated. Mainly because of the fact that he is willing to face people who have been burden for his lifetime.

"I am returning to show them that I chose to become Magician, not a knight," Herias tilted his head toward Iris.

Iris, now relieved, said farewell toward the distant figure of Herias. By the time that the night came, her figure was out of sight from his position.


[Basil Magis] [Grand Magician] [Humunculus] [17]

Strength: G(314)

Endurance: F(536)

Agility: G(371)

Magic: S(1212)

Luck: D(642)

Available Skills: 

[Skill: Elementary Magic Mastery]

[Skill: Intermediate Magic Mastery]

[Skill: Advanced Magic Mastery]


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