The Walker

The tale of Herias Knights, an ill boy from knight family. His family, one of the seven Royal Knights, want him to follow the tradition and become a knight. However, his talent, as well as himself, wants to become magician. How will he end up?


10. Magician's Past

Ever since a letter, which stated the current status of Harias, arrived to the Knights household. Many conspiracies and and rumors have been uprising in the capital city of Ernia. Starting from the fact that rival households were no longer able to threaten the family with the death, it was also evident that a new rumor regarding the possibility of the returning Harias being a counterfeit, a fake in his position. 

"So that's why I said..." One of the merchants stopped to take a glance of the traveler's face. It was a face of someone familiar yet distant, like someone who had been missing over for years.

"..." The another merchant, who stood right beside the first farmer, gazed at the traveler as if he had seen a working corpse. His expression became pale as if he had seen a dead person.

Without minding the constant gazes of the townsman, the traveler walked toward the largest mansion in the capital city, the Knights household mansion. Now that the townsman knew where the traveler was heading toward, they were certain of who this traveler was, and surprised at the same time.

"Stop here!" Knights with fully equipped armor and a weapon blocked the traveler's way.

"We were reported that you are a spy from the other nation," Knights held the blade toward the traveler, causing the townsman to rush back to their house. Everyone was screaming and it was simply a chaos.

When the head knight drew his sword toward the traveler, the rest of them drew theirs as well. It was organized, as if it had been planned for several days or even weeks. The traveler didn't reveal any weapons whatsoever.

"What is it? Harias? You don't even have strength to lift a weapon?" The knights taunted. 

The metals that are used to make knight's blades are at least five times as heavier than the average metals. Even an average adults weren't able to hold with both of their hands. It had much higher density as it was used for subjugation quests, meaning that it was prepared against monsters rather than a human opponent.

"..." The traveler walked toward the heavily armed knights. He held his open hand toward his side and something invisible but intimidating could be sensed by the knights. It wasn't sense but an instinct that had sensed the danger of whatever was in traveler's hand. It was as if they were standing in front of a legendary monster, and the knights knew, based on years of experience, that the invisible thing was something that can be blocked or even stopped for a second, it simply wasn't something that was at their level. The head knight trembled in fear as the traveler simply walked toward him. By the time that head knight realized that the traveler didn't touch a hair of his skin, he saw the sight of the other knights trembling in the ground, simply from the intimidating pressure. 

"..." The head knight was left wordless. He couldn't describe what the sensation was, but if he can describe it in one word, then it could be the sense of near death moment. He could have been killed at any moment.

Frightened, the head knight also fell down to his knees. It was as if each second was dilated to a year. Not a single knight dared to chase after the traveler. None of them couldn't move either. Complete win, no less or more.


[Jerris Frails] [Head Knight] [Human] [16]

Strength: C(733)

Endurance: D(696)

Agility: E(519)

Magic: G(355)

Luck: I(62)

Available Skills: 

[Skill: 6th Rank Swordmanship]

[Skill: 4th Level Physical Enhancement]


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