The Walker

The tale of Herias Knights, an ill boy from knight family. His family, one of the seven Royal Knights, want him to follow the tradition and become a knight. However, his talent, as well as himself, wants to become magician. How will he end up?


5. Magician's Birth

"May I ask for a diagnosis?" Herias, standing in front of headmaster's office, asked formally toward Basil.

"How can I help you?" Basil greeted him from the door.

"Come in, and we will discuss about it."

The two sat on the chair, facing each other. Basil had prepared his personal journal with lists of diseases that he had been encountering so far. He was ready to hear what type of issues that Herias had.

"Have you ever heard of Distorted Life Force?" Herias's word echoed through Basil. 

"Um... Mr. Magis?" 

Basil immediately rushed toward the large bookshelf which had been filled with journals and records. He found himself searching for the book that was placed in the innermost area of the bookshelf, the one that had been hidden from the public's sight. 

"Can you explain your penalties a word by word?" Basil was surprisingly enthusiastic.

It was [Physical Status(Strength/Endurance/Agility) Reduction by 90%] and [Mana Amount Reduction by 100%].

"A...ha...ha..ha ha ha ha ha," Basil seems to be somewhat out of his mind. He held on to Herias's hand.

"You truly are the one who will change this world!" 

"Ha?" Herias was once again dumbfounded.

"My ancestors have been passing this records for generations. It included the details about the last owner of that disease, Gracius Karis, the king who changed the world a thousand years ago!" Basil explained briefly.

"Children under 15 are able to expand their mana capacity by one percent every time they drain out all of their possessed mana! However, in exchange for heavy reduction in physical stats, it allows the user to expand their mana capacity by one percent every second of their lives! Its the most effective method! The owner of it will possess nearly infinite mana and will greatly affect the world!" 

"How can it be healed?" Herias asked in the middle of a ruckus.

"When one reaches age of 15, it will eventually disappear," Basil replied.

"How old are you?"

"..." Herias was speechless.

"Check the status plate," Basil suggested as he leaned toward Herias's shoulder. 

The two of them analyzed every change in the status plate and discovered that his status were now free of negative effects. What was said on the magic status was simply unbelievable. Infinite.

"..." The two lost words to speak.


[Herias Knights] [None] [Human] [15]

Strength: F(437)

Endurance: G(387)

Agility: E(575)

Magic: Infinite()

Luck: A(912)

Available Skills: 

[Skill: 3rd Rank Swordsmanship][Not Effective]


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