The Walker

The tale of Herias Knights, an ill boy from knight family. His family, one of the seven Royal Knights, want him to follow the tradition and become a knight. However, his talent, as well as himself, wants to become magician. How will he end up?


6. Learning Magicians

"Herias! Wake up!" Aris, one of the children of the lab, lightly tabbed Herias's shoulder.

"Alright..." Herias, half awoke, slowly moved out of his bed, as if he was a walking corpse.

"You know that I only slept for three hours last night," Herias complained as if he was a child.

"Its just an excuse! You don't have to put that much of effort with that talent," Aris argued.

"I may have the largest amount of mana, but I lack in technical areas, I am not as good as you," Herias countered.

Aris, who was somewhat pleased, left out to the dining table. Herias wore his newest cloth, a magician's robe, which was given to any magician who have passed the first stage, to master the elementary magic. It has already been a year after Herias's arrival to this institution. 

[Skill: Elementary Magic Mastery]

[Skill: 2nd Level Intermediate Magic]

Herias learned that though he had limitless amount of mana, it didn't mean that he had talent in magic. Just because a vehicle had unlimited fuel, it didn't mean that its performance is guaranteed to be top-notch. Herias realized this sooner than anyone else, worked harder than anyone else, and started from the very bottom of the magic basic to reach his current standards. It would have taken at least three years for elementary magic mastery, but he managed to finish it sooner than the expectation.

"Good morning, Herias!" Teret, one of the institution's children, greeted Herias with smile. He was one of the other hard working individual that shared same traits as Herias. Despite his lacking growth, he worked himself to a considerable level. His confident expression along with the spiky dark brown hair made him the most lively character in the institution. 

[Skill: 8th Level Intermediate Magic]

"How are you, Herias!" Iris, one of the institution's top magician, tapped Herias's shoulder. Despite her young age, she had already become known as the "Elite of the Magis Institution". She was able to reach intermediate magic mastery since she was one of the magic oriented species, an elf. Her hairs were sunlight golden and her eyes were emerald green, similar to any other elves. 

[Skill: Intermediate Magic Mastery]

"Good to see you that you are alright!"

Not a single person in the magic institution was filled with ill intention. Everyone knew that magic wasn't just about talents, it was also about the effort and their dedication toward the subject. Mostly anyone can reach the intermediate magic mastery and often advanced magic mastery if luck follows along with them. 

"Good morning!" Herias, while walking down to the cafeteria, greeted everyone in his way. His face was smiling with genuine smile, not the artificial ones that he revealed at his house.


[Herias Knights] [Intermediate Magician] [Human] [16]

Strength: E(541)

Endurance: F(465)

Agility: D(695)

Magic: Infinite()

Luck: A(942)

Available Skills: 

[Skill: 3rd Rank Swordsmanship][Not Effective]

[Skill: Elementary Magic Mastery]

[Skill: 2nd Level Intermediate Magic]






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