The Heartbreaker's Dare

Derek Matthews is the most wanted guy in Peony Hallows. He is the heartless, soulless, cold heartbreaker and finds it amusing to experience the heartbroken tears running down a girl’s cheeks. He broke every girl’s heart in the school – well, except for one. He was given a dare by his best friend to make April Levesque, the school’s loner, to fall in love with him so he can break her. He considers the dare will be easy.
April Levesque is the type of girl who feels as if she’s a worthless speck of the Earth, but she will never let you know. She is the girl who thinks that it’s strange when people fear death when life hurts a lot more than death – at the point of death, the pain is over. At the point of death, you escape this wicked world. This is the girl who is bewildered about why everybody hates her and why she’s lonely. Look into her eyes. Just because they don’t tear up doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t cry.
But the main question is: Can Derek Matthews accomplish his dare?


1. The Dare


D e r e k

M a t t h e w s



I chucked two tablets of aspirin into my mouth and devoured it by drinking water before I exited my house, bounding down the front yard. I get into my grey Mercedes-Benz car, roared the engine into life, and drove the roads to my school. The radio began to play Mercy by Shawn Mendes.

After a couple of minutes, the building of my school came into my eyesight. I pulled my car into the parking area, jumped out, slammed the door shut, locked it and sauntered towards the large school doors. People sent me smiles as I strolled past them with a cold-stoned face. I rolled my eyes as some of the bratty girls tried to start a conversation with me. I roughly shoved them away from me and continued walking to where my friends are. Well, all of my friends are just big-time-assholes except for Theo Romano.

I saw someone up ahead of me, her head facing downwards at some book she’s reading. I grinned as a wicked thought popped in my mind.

I stuck out my leg.

The girl who wasn’t looking up stumbled over my foot and crashed to the floor. Everyone in the hallway cracked into snickers and howls of laughter as the girl gingerly stood up. She searched the floor for her glasses, her cheeks red from embarrassment and humiliation. Finally, she found her glasses and rapidly slid them up her nose. She blinked numerous times. Her eyes then slowly lifted up to take a gaze at me.

I grinned down at the school’s loner. ‘Oops, sorry I didn’t see you,’ I apologized, winking. 

April Levesque clenched her hands into hard balls of fists. She grabbed her bag and smacked my head with it, causing me to fall backwards and hit the floor roughly. I winced slightly at the harsh impact.

I glared up at April Levesque, who huffed, spun around and walked away.

‘Ooooh!’ some guy in the hallway howled, ‘the nerd brought down Derek Matthews. That’s some awesomeshit!’
I scowled, straightening myself up and slapping the guy’s face, causing him to fall to the floor as well. He looked up, his nose bloody and wet. People widened their eyes and took fearful steps away from me as I walked away, anger boiling in my veins.

That little bitch . . . I’m going to get her back.


* * *


‘Who was that little chick?’ Theo Romano, my best friend, asked around lunch time. We were both sitting in a park that is literally next to the school, relaxing on the benches as the sunlight kissed our skin. The refreshing, cool breeze tickled past us, pushing away the hotness. Trees swayed as if they’re dancing. Birds fluttered above us and traffic noises could be heard in the distance.

‘What little chick?’ I asked with no interest, taking out a cigarette packet.

‘The little chick you tripped her over,’ Theo reminded. His sharp cheekbones and bright brown eyes along with a perfect tan complexion gave him the second position of the most wanted guy in Peony Hallows. It’s a title he held with pride. The first most wanted guy in Peony Hallows is, obviously, me. It’s a title I hold with pride as well.

‘Oh, she’s actually a little bitch. She smacked me with her bag.’

Theo snickered. ‘I’ve heard about that. Man, I never knew April Levesque could do something awesome like that.’

I glared at Theo. ‘Why are you even my friend?’ I muttered. ‘Friends are supposed to help someone and stick up for someone, not to stick up with another person who nobody likes.’

‘Actually, I’m your friend because you pretty much begged me to be your friend because you don’t want to look like a loner.’

I chucked a cigarette at Theo. He threw it to the bin.

‘Thanks for the offer Derek but you know I don’t smoke.’

‘That’s why you’re lame.’

‘And that’s why you’re demented. I love this talk, it’s great.’

‘Because you’re insulting me? Is that why you like this “great” talk?’

‘Pretty much, yeah,’ Theo admitted.

I lightened up the end of my cigarette and poked it into my mouth.

‘How was the party last night?’ Theo then questioned. ‘Did you have any fun? Because I certainly did.’

‘Really, what happened?’

‘I finally asked out Stacey Hayes, man,’ Theo whooped, grinning like an idiot.

Stacey Hayes is a very gorgeous girl. She’s part of the popular girls but she’s much better than the other popular girls. She’s not bratty. She’s just sweet, feisty and a diva. I would date her but I wouldn’t because I don’t want to hurt Theo’s feelings since he’s my best friend.

‘Wow, you’re lovesick,’ I muttered.

‘I know and I like it. The feelings you get when you’re in love is heart-warming. When you fall in love you will understand . . . well, if you fall in love. Since you’re the player I don’t think you’ll ever fall in love. Nevertheless, I think you’ll be a lone man in the future with no wife and kids.’

‘I will be married.’

‘To a bitch, yeah I know.’

I exhaled my cigarette. A puff of smoke escaped my lips as I glanced at Theo.

‘Anyway, I had a great time in the party as well. I practically ripped Hannah Wallace’s heart with my bare hands. Man, it was entertaining to watch a girl cry right in front of you.’

‘Now do you see why you’re demented, Derek?’ Theo muttered. ‘You’re too cold-hearted.’

‘I’m not demented. And I know that I’m cold-hearted. I like it, honestly,’ I admitted, running a hand through my black hair locks.

‘You know there are other ways to get rid of it,’ said Theo. ‘Drugs making you high won’t kill anything. It’ll only make you worse. How do you think your parents would feel if they find out that their son is being a dickhead?’

‘They’re not here so their thoughts don’t really matter anymore.’ I waddled the cigarette in between my teeth. ‘Theo, I have no other girl to break.’

‘What about Samantha?’

‘I’ve been there.’


‘Been there.’


‘Crushed her.’


‘Ripped her heart.’


‘Destroyed her.’ I sighed, chucking my cigarette into the bin closest to me. ‘Man, I think I crushed all the girls in the entire school.

Theo’s eyebrows twitched as he considered for a long moment, dramatically tapping his chin with his fingers. I knew he’s only doing that to fake his thinking because he already knows who’s next on my target list.

Faking it, his eyes lightened up, a smile forming on his lips as he glanced at me.

‘April Levesque!’ he suggested.

I blinked. ‘What?’

‘Consider it as a dare, Derek,’ Theo said. ‘I dare you to make April Levesque, the school’s loner and nerd and weirdo, to fall in love with you so you can crush her heart.’

Am I actually going deaf or did he just say what I heard him say?

‘Are you actually serious?’

Has Theo seen that girl? To be honest, I rarely see that girl around here but I heard rumours that April Levesque talks to no one other than herself. People clap when they see her . . . but they clap their hands over their eyes so they don’t have to see her ugliness. She’s destined to be alone. I can tell. Hanging out with her might humiliate my popularity and people will start to think that I’m gentle, sweet and weak, and not strong, dangerous or bad.

Theo cocked an eyebrow. ‘Are you refusing? Dude, it’s just a simple dare. All you have to do is to hang out with her for a few days, get her to fall in love with you and bam! You can break her heart and see her cry. And judging by the fact that she smacked you with her bag, if she ever comes to me and ask me if I know about this dare I’ll say no so I won’t get hit by her bag. I’m very valuable to mankind.’

‘You’re only valuable to the wall, not to mankind.’

Theo rolled his eyes. ‘Derek, what do you have against April?’

‘Nothing. It’s just that she was on my target list once . . . I tried to swoon her but she never seemed to get effected by my charms.’

Theo cocked his eyebrows, shocked at what I said. ‘She’s Derek-proof. That’s very rare in this world, you know?’
I’m still wondering if it was really worth it to see the pain in April’s eyes. I visualised a scenario of April Levesque crying tears of heartbreak. Thinking about it made my lips twitch into a smirk. It sounds like fun watching that little bitch to cry. Plus, I made a mental note to get that girl back after she smacked me with her bag.

‘Deal,’ I finally decided. ‘This is going to be easy, dude.’

‘Great. You have five weeks to make her fall in love with you and break her heart.’

The school bell buzzed and we both groaned, straightening ourselves up.


* * *


I pushed the doors open. The hallway was bustling with chatter as students thundered out of the cafeteria, strolling to their next lessons. I roamed my eyes through the crowd of people, searching for the girl that I vowed to break her heart.

I padded my way upstairs and into the Maths area. Stopping next to my Maths classroom door, I spotted a group of not-good-looking guys (geeks, I presume) walking up the hallway. Maybe they’ll know where April Levesque is?

‘Hey, guys,’ I greeted.

All four of them turned to stare at me with astonishment. One of them even gasped. I smirked. I like the effect I have on people, actually.

The boys all gave me awkward responses to my greeting, only one or two able to look at me properly.

‘You’re Alex, right?’ I pointed to the red-haired boy, who furrowed his eyebrows.

‘My name is Sam,’ he muttered dryly.

‘OK. Whatever.’ I don’t really give a crap about people so it’s kind of expected for me not to remember people’s names in my school. ‘Have you seen April Levesque?’

One of the boys raised his eyebrows, bewildered by my question. He had a long, pointed nose that made me wonder if his name is Pinocchio.

‘Isn’t she in your class?’

She’s in my class? How comes I never saw her in my classes before? Damn, I need to pay attention to the people around me more often.

‘Oh, OK. Thanks anyway.’

They all replied and shuffled away awkwardly, leaving me with people lining up behind me. The door swung open, revealing Mr Nelson. He told us to come in and we obeyed, flopping down into our seats.

Mr Nelson explained to us about how to solve percentages. As fifteen minutes passed, I stared out the window, giving everyone the impression that I might die of boredom.

My head whipped around when the door creaked open, revealing a girl with glasses. Her hair was long and dark, cascading down her shoulders in cute, little, perfect waves. Her eyes were so dark that it looked like the colour black. But I’m hundred percent sure black eyes aren’t real – that’s the only scientific fact I know.

‘Miss Levesque,’ Mr Nelson said, clearly annoyed that she is late to class. ‘You are twenty minutes late. Twenty minutes. Care to explain why you’re so late?’

‘Sorry, sir,’ April replied apologetically. ‘I . . . lost track of time.

Mr Nelson arched an eyebrow while the class snickered because of the stupid excuse she had said.

‘This is the third time you’re late, April, which means that I must put you in detention,’ Mr Nelson said. ‘But I won’t.’
Teacher’s pet, I thought.

I heard many people mentioning that April Levesque is liked by all the teachers in the school – even Mr Taylor likes her and he’s the main, cranky English teacher with a grim face. Some people envy April and scoff at her because whenever she’s late to class or forgets her homework (which she rarely does) the teachers gives her another chance and weren’t even bothered to give her a detention. But when it comes to the other students or me, they instantly gives us half an hour of deadly detention. I have to admit, that is unfair.

April smiled with delight. ‘Thank you, Mr Nelson.’

Mr Nelson returned the smile. ‘You’re welcome. Go on, sit down.’

As she walked towards her seat, her eyes locked with mine for a moment. I gave her a wink, expecting her to smile or giggle because that’s how all the girls are like to me. But she just ignored me and slid down a seat behind me, taking out her exercise book and began writing the date and title.

‘Aye, April, how was it like to get tripped over by Derek Matthews?’ some guy asked.

April didn’t even look up.

‘Man, it was awesome when you smacked him with your bag,’ another guy howled.

‘If you don’t want to get killed them I suggest to keep your mouth shut,’ I growled at the two boys.

Once class was over, I walked to my next class which is Science – my least favourite subject.

I spotted April walking ahead of me, and I increased my speed to catch up with her.

‘Hey,’ I greeted once I have reached her.

Her long, wavy brunette hair cascades around her shoulders as she looked at me. Her expression was instantly dull when she looked at me. Normally, I have that effect on people when they stare at me as if I’m a famous celebrity. But April . . . she just looks at me as if I was living in the trash can.

I have to be honest, when I think about the rumours of her appearance, she isn’t ugly. She’s pretty for a nerd. Her eyes were the colour of dark-chocolate and in the light made her eyes glisten like jewels. Her black-framed glasses does make her seem dorky but cute as well . . . Now, why am I suddenly calling her “cute”? Seriously? I don’t like girls. I have no soft spot for girls. All I like doing is to play with them, break them and destroy them. But something about her made my heart flutter with excitement, as if my heart finally came alive. There’s something about her . . . she utterly looks like someone I know very dearly.

‘Hey,’ she replied glumly.

‘How are you?’ I asked, flashing her one of my charming smiles.

I have to admit, it would be a lot smoother if it was another, gorgeous, sexy girl, but dealing with someone who never touched a guy’s hand, I need to be softer, nicer, friendlier and not acting like a total jock – even though I am one.

April looked at me with a peculiar expression before saying, ‘Fine.’ She then returned her attention to the front.

A few people who passed gave us odd, suspicious, bewildered looks. They’re probably wondering what the most-wanted, sexiest guy in the school is hanging out with April Levesque.

‘So . . .’ I said. The atmosphere was so damn awkward, I wanted to run away. Are my charms even affecting her in any way? ‘How’s life?’

Instead of answering, April glanced at me. ‘What do you want, Derek?’

‘What? Can’t I talk with someone?’

‘You can,’ she said. ‘But it’s just weird for the school’s asshole to hang out with the school’s loner.’

I blinked. ‘What did you call me?’

Nobody has ever called me words like “asshole” before except for my best friend, Theo. Everybody knew that if someone calls names that I don’t appreciate then they’re dead. This girl is lucky that she won’t be lying in a pool of her own blood.

Her lips twitched up and down as she tried to keep a straight face. ‘Asshole,’ she echoed before entering the Science classroom.

* * *

I found myself drifting from the science teacher to the window, then to the board full of words that I’m not bothered to copy. Sighing, I looked at the other students, who seemed as uninterested as me. I opened my bottle and jugged down the white wine mixed with water. I closed it before my eyes drifted to the girl sitting on the left side in front of me.

April seemed to be expectedly focused on the science teacher as he explained about God knows what. Yet I could see that exhausted glint in her dark eyes. Her eyes are dark. Too dark. Almost like black. It’s as if her eyes are a warning of tragedy that will occur in the future.

Staring at her, my heart unpredictably began thundering in my chest and my hormones started to rage. I tore my gaze from her and I swear I could hear a tiny voice in the back of my mind shrieking at me:LOOK AT HER!

I stood up, causing several people to snap their eyes at me.

I walked to where April is sitting and ordered the girl next to her to move. The timid girl gawked at me, frightened, and she gingerly scrambled away, flopping down in a random seat.

‘Mr. Matthews?’ The science teacher raised an eyebrow.

‘I’m changing seats, sir,’ I noted. ‘Permanently.’

The teacher blinked, surprised. Then he shrugged and spun around, continuing whatever he was doing.

I slowly slid into the chair, placing my stuff on the table. I could feel April’s orbs staring at the side of my face so I turned around. Our eyes connected so rapidly.

‘What are you doing?’ she demanded.

‘Sitting next to you,’ I muttered.


‘Because I want to.’

‘Out of everyone in the class you chose to sit next to me?’

I shrugged.

April sighed, going back to jotting down notes. I would’ve too. The atmosphere lurking around us is too awkward to live in but I had something plotted in my head.

My blue orbs gaped at her as my fingers hesitantly rose up, latching onto her hair-band and pulling it.

‘What are you –’ April was cut off by her hair falling onto her shoulders like a rock tumbling down a mountain.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips against her cheek. Her breath hitched up as my mouth lingered on her already-heated cheeks; then I leaned backwards in my chair, smirking at my actions. That probably would’ve given me a head-start in my game.

‘What the hell was that?’ April asked, frustrated as she took out a tissue and dabbed her cheek with it hastily, her nose scrunching up in disgust as she shivered nastily as if my lips are a virus to her.

‘A kiss, obviously.’

April stared at me for a long moment, some type of emotion (which I’m sure I’ve seen before) wondering in her dark eyes.

Just as the bell buzzed throughout the whole school building, April straightened herself up and cracked her hand across my face.

‘Ow!’ I complained, my hand reaching up to my cheek where she has slapped me.

She huffed and shoved past me, causing my ribs to crash against the edge of the table. I grunted at the impact slightly and I rubbed my cheek hastily.

Maybe Theo is right.

Maybe she is Derek-proof.


* * *


‘Aye, Derek.’ One of my good friends, Jackson, swung an arm around me as we walked the hallway. ‘I heard you accepted a dare to make April Levesque to fall in love with you.’

‘Yup,’ I said, raking a hand through my black hair locks. ‘Don’t tell anyone or else the game won’t go right.’

‘Of course I won’t. It’s just that I don’t think it’s –’

‘Any success with Levesque, man?’ Theo interrupted, popping his head in between Jackson and I.

‘She called me an asshole,’ I grumbled. ‘That’s progress, right?’

Jackson laughed. ‘No, that’s called failing. Man, I love that girl. She is feistier than I thought she would be. Honestly, I never knew April would have the nerve to say that right in front of your face judging by the fact that you’re a ruthless bull sometimes.’

‘She smacked Derek with her bag after he tripped her over,’ Theo said, ‘that’s kind of expected from her.’

‘She also slapped me after I kissed her cheek,’ I added in a grumble. ‘She looks at me as if I’m a scum of the Earth. My looks, my charm, everything about me isn’t affecting her at all!’

‘I told you she’s Derek-proof,’ Theo said for the second time today, grinning.

Jackson nodded in agreement. ‘Why would you kiss her, though? You should’ve given her time . . .’

‘I kissed other girls’ cheeks before and it charmed them but with April . . .’

‘Derek-proof,’ Jackson and Theo muttered in unison.

‘Can you two shut up?’ I said angrily.

Jackson and Theo both grinned, winking at me before walking away to their classes.

When I entered the English classroom, I flopped down into my seat, sighing as I rested my head on my propped arm.

The English teacher informed us that he has to go somewhere for a few minutes. ‘No monkey business,’ he added before disappearing behind the door.

I looked over at April, who was sitting down calmly and gracefully, her head facing downwards to read a book.

This is my chance.

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