To come from a golden land

submission for the diversity competition


1. To come from a golden land

Now I for one,

some might say,

come from,

a golden land


the sunset,

my jhumkis, 

the bangles in my hands

my toes digging into the golden sands


the golden stalks of wheat

in the breeze they sway

i come from a golden land

at least thats what they say.


the idols shining 

in the temple they see

"truely!", they say,

"from a land of gold,you must be"


the tika

the kangan,

that adorn the bride

her promises in gold she does abide


the majestic coat,

of the tigers bold

their kohl black stripes 

on a field of gold


the peacock

who dances joyously in rain

shows specks of the gold

that runs in my veins 




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