The girl in the gilded cage

Malina Lupei is 22 years old. She has spend her whole life in the circus as a member of the Lupei family also known as ‪the flying wolfes of Constanza.
She is a good girl that have no interest in parties or men. She works hard to be perfect in the trapez and on the tightrope. And she has to, one wrong step could be her death as she works without a safety net.
The resident player and hearttrob Ioan Balan who is a knife thrower and Tiger taler wants Malina to be his wife and has gotten her fathers accept to do so when she gets older and is done working the high line.
Circus is its own little World, with its own rule and everyone there knows to follow them.
Then one they Malina's life and the cirkus is turned upside down by the unexpected arrived of a man, an actor that knows nothing about life in a Circus and who isn't going to follow the rules.


7. Locked up by accident


 4 days later


 "Is there anything I can do ?" We have just arrived in a new town last night, and everyone seems busy. But no one really wants me to help, so now I ask Joe, hoping he has something for me to do.

 He looks around. "Well, not saying you aren't strong, but putting up the tent and the animal enclosures is really hard work and we don't want you getting hurt".

 "Yeah Rodgers, this is work for real men not soft actors". Ioan says grinning, as he walks by, carrying  something heavy that makes his arms and chest bulge.

 Joe rolls his eyes. "You know what Josh, Malina is in the storage trailer looking for something, maybe she could use a hand".

 "Okay, I'll go ask her". Actually I would like a chance to talk to her. The last couple of days she has been ignoring me. Like in she have pretended I was air and haven't responded when I spoke to her. But I have had no chance to ask her, as she hasn't been alone.

 So I make my way down to the storage trailer, the door is ajar, so I am guessing she is still in there. I go inside. "Malina ? Are you in here". As I walk inside my foot hit something and I look down, something had been lodged in the door.

 "No.. get the door". Malina yells and comes sprinting. She groans loudly when the door slams shut. "Fuck". Then she looks at me. "Oh you. You just locked us in your bloody idiot".

 "Shit sorry. I didn't know. Maybe use something a little heavier as a door stop next time". I didn't mean to  bite back, but I felt a little attacked.

 She shake her head and sot down on a box. The trailer is crammed full of stuff, leaving only a narrow path free in the middle. "I didn't expect a big clumsy fool to walk in and kick it away".

 "Okay I have to ask, what on earth have I done to you ? You suddenly avoid me like I got the plague and now you are downright mean to me". I look at her, not understanding what I have done to her to deserve this.

 She shakes her head again, refusing to look me in the eyes. "Oh you did nothing to me luckily. It was what you did to someone else that made me change my mind about you".

 "What I did to someone else ? I haven't ... ohh let me guess you saw me and Katja right ? How long did you care to stick around and watch ?" I ask, rubbing my face. So this is were the dog is buried.

 She huffs and look at me like I am something disgusting she just stepped in. "Actually that was a show I rather miss. I saw you two kissing and you pulling at her like you wanted to rip her clothes off".

 "Yeah, except I pulled at her to pull her of me. If you had come a bit earlier you would have seen her literally jump me, that girl is freakisly strong for her age and I didn't want to hurt her. I had a hard time pulling her of me. But if you had stayed a little longer you had seen me do that and explaying her a couple of things about self worth and behavier".



 I stare at him, and he looks me in the eyes not wavering the least. "You are really telling the truth aren't you ?". I ask him and he nods. "Yes, I wouldn't lie to you".

 "Sorry. I saw you and I might have jumped to conclusions. I should have known you wouldn't". I say biting my lip. Is he mad at me now.

 He sighs. "Well, we don't know each other that well, but maybe just ask me next time befor judging me, okay ? So what are you looking for ?"

 "I will. And I am looking for an old tightrope walkers umbrella, I want to use it in a new idea I got. It should be somewhere in here. It is a pink and white". I say smiling at him. Happy he isn't angry with me.

 We start looking around and suddenly I see something pink sticking out of a box on the top shelf and I step up on a box on the floor, getting a hold of the buttom, pulling it from the shelve, regretting when I feel how heavy it is.

 Just before I drop it the weigth disappears from my arms as Josh steps up taking it. "Next time you need something on the top shelf call me to get it for you darling".

 I look at him, suddenly realising that we are standing very close, to close. He puts the box on the floor next to us. And I realise he got a stribe of dust acros his chest from the box, so I lift my hand to brush it away. But somehow after a few feeble attempts it just rests there, as our eyes lock into each other.

 We just stand there. I can't look away from his eyes. My breathing catch in my throat and I have only one thought in my head. Kiss me Josh, oh please kiss me. He suddenly blinks and take a step back and I literally feel like crying.

 I am pretty sure he had thought about kissing me. The way his tongue wetted his lips. They way his eyes ran over my lips. Even with no experience at all in the area I knew that. But why hadn't he then, didn't he want too ? I looked down and pulled slightly away too.

 "Malina ?" He almost whispers my name and I look up, my voice suddenly almost inaudible. "Yes Josh". And then his arms is around me and he pulls me into him. 

I gasp slightly. "Josh ?" 

"Yes ?"

"Kiss me". And he does. His lips seals themselves to mine and it feels like an electric current runs through me, but in a good way. Making me gasp sligthly and his tongue slide into my mouth, gently stroking mine.

 My hands rest on his chest and I can feel his heart pounding. My head feels dizzy as our tongues get acquainted and he moans deep in his chest. I whimper and rest my head against his chest as he breaks the kiss.



 Oh God, that kiss had felt like nothing I ever felt before and I kiss her softly again. When she looks up at me I know that no matter were I am, no matter how far I travel, this is home. I feel like I have crossed time and space to get here, but there is no doubt in my mind, this is were I belong.

 "I have been waiting for you. It took you a long time to get here". She whispers softly, looking into my eyes.

 "I had things I needed to do first". I say, my arms still around her. "We are going to bet a problem with that high line Malina". I warn her.

 "We'll see". She says with a small smile.

"I haven't come to see you die". I have already been divorced, I have no wish to become a widower any time soon and I don't want to fall in love with a woman who risks her life every evening. "I need you here, with me".

 "I need you too.. maybe I wont need the high line with time". She says.

 "Is that why you do it ? For the thrill". I look at her with surprise. She don't strike me as that type of person. She is so serious and strong and wise beyond her age.

 "No. I do it because it is expected. This is what my family does and they need me to do it. My sister is to tall and she is scared. My brother is to heavy". She says.

 "But members of you family has been hurt and killed. I don't want you to be next". I say, pressing my face into her hair, kissing the top of her head.

 I am owerwhelmed. I feel like we are destined for each other. Like our roads had meant to cross, that it had been predicted in another lifetime. I can't get enough of her, just kissing her makes my head spin, aswell as the feel of her skin when I gently touch her face or when she touches my hands. She feels like velvet.

 "We talk about this later". I can't think about it any longer, I just want to be with her, feel her in my arms. She is so tiny so fragile that I am afraid that I am going to squeeze the life out of her.

 "I can never be yours". She says sadly. Her words surprising me.

 "Why do you say that ?" I ask her, probably sounding as hurt as I feel. She lowered her gaze, but she didn't look away. She seems happy enough to be in my arms.

 "Because of who you are. I am just a girl from a circus and you are famous and important in your real life. I can see that. Soon you'll be leaving, going back to your real life. I don't know what brought you here, but I know you will be leaving again. You don't belong here. I do". She says.

 "I could take you with me. You are not just a girl in a circus Malina. You are very special". I just know. She has this calm dignity about her, a grandeur and graceful way, that made it irrelevant were we met and were she came from. I would be proud to be with her anywere and I told her with no hesitation.

 "I would always be beneath you in everyones eyes, because of my heritage". She says sadly. She might think so but that isn't how I feel. She is the most exciting woman I have ever met. I don't care what anyone else will think. In no time at all she has made me feel like this is it, there is no way back. "Some day you'll regret". She says, but I know it isn't true.

 "Never". I promise her. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Neither have I. I am the luckiest man in the world if I have you by my side".

 "You are a famous actor Josh. I am just a poor tightrope walker".

 "Be quiet". I tell her. "Shhh..". And I silence her with another kiss. All I can do is proving to her that I mean it. The bond between us was made, irrevocably, from the first moment we met. And now in this dusty trailer it had been sealed.

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