Elizabeth Malfoy

The twin of Draco is finally reviled.


2. If you are

  We got on boats and rowed are way to Hogwarts. Hogwarts was close to six skyscrapers tall and four skyscrapers long. Once we got to shore I saw a wamping willow. We entered the castle and followed someone named prophesier mcganigal. 

  "Wait here" she said. 15 minutes later she comes back directs us into a big room with 4 tables. "Now when I call your name plz sit on the stool."

  "Hermione Granger" she said.

  "GRYFFINDOOR" the hat said. The gryffindoor table claps.

  "Draco Malfoy"


  "Elizabeth Malfoy"

  "Hmmm...  Well you aren't Slytherin. You are ether Gryffindoor or Ravenclaw. You know what RAVENCLAW....." Everyone is shocked even me. But ravenclaw claps anyway.


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