The Infinity Project

Waking up in a hospital, being spoon-fed lies be her mysterious captors, being stuck with a group of teenagers, with no memories of her life before, but flickering remnants of a car crash. Things aren't looking good for Kira. On top of that she has to deal with sudden powers, and a mysterious dark force that has taken hold of her.
With betrayal looming at every corner, can Kira save herself and her friends, or die trying?


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


I am tied up, sitting upright in a chair instead of lying down. I force my eyes open. Electrodes are connected to my temples, wires leading to a large, scary-looking machine. Speakers are placed on either side of me, though no noise flows through them. 

Electricity sizzles over me, as the speakers crackle to life. What flows through them shocks me, and I'm almost glad when the blackness surges up, pushing me aside. 

But I'm still there. It swirls, melding with my own consciousness, and I'm forced to listen to those horrendous noises. 

First it's Wind’s voice. Screaming for help. Begging for whatever tortures he's enduring to stop. 

This is what the Lock is. Permanently locking this evil into my mind. I whimper. Mia comes next. Then David. Lastly Tiffany. Probably because out of all of the group, it was Tiffany and I that disagreed the most. Wether it was on music, books or serous things like what would become of us, Tiffany and I were never on the same page. And now, that comes into play.

I wish I had been nicer to her, hearing her sob in pain and not being able to help. I wish I spared her some pain. To make up for what she's going through now. 

Screaming. Begging. Wailing in pain. Tears steam down, as I fight against the blackness. 

Get away! Get away! I mentally screech, the blackness’ oily curtain sliding over. I fight against it, but what's the point? I let it take over, not having the fight to keep it off any longer. 

It's different this time, it's still me. The horrible wailing increases, pounding in my head. A horrific echo, the sounds of my tortured friends. I can't take it.

Tears wet my cheeks. My eyes sting. I try to do something, get a hold on some fragment of reality. But I'm floating. I'm distant, a spectator in my own demise. 

Electricity sizzles, the scent of burning flesh drifting past my nose. Heat radiates from where the electrodes are attached to my skull, a burning that is more intense than anything I've ever felt before. 

Terrible. That's what it is. Terrible. No words can describe the pain, can begin to explain the agony. But it's worse. Because it's mental, emotional pain, paired with a lacing of torment from the electrodes. 

I bear through it, managing to pull through. When it's over though, the fine line that kept both my consciousness and the Blackness—I thought of it with a capital ‘b’ now—in balance is destroyed. 

The Blackness completely washes over, a separate entity. 

As I fade away, I feel the rough rope secured around my wrists and ankles be pulled away, and suddenly free I force myself forward, only to be lost seconds later. 


“WHERE ARE THEY!??!?!” I billow, Dr. Saleron visibly flinching at the unrestrained anger in my voice. I'm the stronger one now. I'm the one with the power. 

Days have past, but I still haven't seen the others, those who I now consider friends. They probably think I went through whatever they did, but really it was so much worse. I had to listen to their cries, but not be able to do anything about them. 

“I can't tell you.” Dr. Saleron says quietly, but I pick her up on the faint quaver in her voice. She fears me. Good. 

I flash over so that my face is inches away from hers, a knife, stolen from the kitchen, pressed to the soft flesh of her throat. It would be so easy… to watch the blood spill… 

Do it! The Blackness coos, wrapping tenderly around the edges of my mind. Dr. Saleron made a mistake. The Blackness is mine now. Mine.

I still don't know what I do when I'm under its influence, but I'm the one who calls it up. It's on my side, and that's a good thing. It makes me stronger. Dangerous. It turns me from weak, fearful me into a creature of rage and destruction, and I thank it for that. 

But now is not the time. I need certain information from Dr. Saleron and I'm most certainly not going to get it if she's dead. So I refrain, but stay pressed there, my face a mask of menace. 

“Tell me now?” I ask, my voice a gentle growl. She swallows, her throats bobbing and pressing against the gleaming blade of the knife. 

“They're here. In their rooms. Tied up, bandages up.” She says slowly, and I move the knife slightly away from her. 

“All alive?” I demand, my blue eyes shining with icy wrath. 

“No. Tiffany didn't make it. She was the weakest link.” I don't deny it. She was the weakest of our group. The first one to call it quits in training. The one to complain the most. 

“And Wind? How is he?” And how come I couldn't seem to get through to them using our mental link? I stare at the tattoos on my wrists, the black ink seeming impossibly dark against my light skin. 

“He's fine. He did the best in the Testing.” 

“Testing? Is that what you're calling it? Because I was thinking more torture.” I hiss. Real fear shines in Dr. Saleron eyes, and I savour it, drinking it in like it's a fine wine. 

“Do what you wish to me. You'll never win.” Dr. Saleron says in response. 

“Win? Win what!? As far as I  concerned, there's nothing to win. Nothing to lose.” 

“Win you're fight to get answers. Get freedom. You will be the one to pay the heaviest price, and it will be payed in blood.” She spits, grey eyes wild. 

I can't hold it off any longer. The Blackness slips over, and I let it. I catch a glimpse of the knife, blood just beginning to stain it, but I don't get to watch. I'm not even a part of it. The transition is smooth, my sanity traded for the Blackness. 


I'm me again, racing through the hallways. But it's too late. I'm not going to win, at least not tonight. Two burly guards catch me, forcing me back to my room. 

I fight them, trying to teleport away. I manage to get five feet, but I'm spent, and I collapse. The guards come running, ready to drag my back to my room. 

The blood on ,e feels so filthy, so vile. It's not natural. Whatever was done to Dr. Saleron, it made her into something disgusting and twisted. Not human. At least not on the inside. 

The guards have firm hold of me, and all to soon we're back at my door, back to my cell.

I don't even get a chance to clean the blood from my hands before I'm sedated and tied down. 


Dr. Saleron smiles down at me. She's alive. I failed. I failed. I failed. It is a mantra, echoing in my head. I failed to escape. I failed to get out of here. 

I won't ever fail again. Next time, I would get myself and my friends out of here. And I will then burn this whole place to the ground, and let the ashes blow away, like death’s glitter on the frigid breeze. 

“How—how are you alive?” I gasp. I'm tied down to my bed, she's undoing the ropes. 

“Same as you, my dear. Remember the accident? The company I work for has the ability to revive and heal, as long as you're not gone to far. That's how you're all here now.” She explains, a crooked smile splitting her face. She leers at me, defenceless on the lumpy mattress. 

Then she unites me, and drags me into the cafeteria. The rest of the group waits there already, and j go and sit, digging into whatever slop is on the menu today. We don't speak. We sit in silence, focused on our meals. But it feels empty, Tiffany’s seat vacant. By the somber looks on everyone’s faces, they know what happened too.

I have a plan to get us out of here. I say, broadcasting it out to the rest of the group. I can only pray that the doctors and guards aren't part of this web. 

Explain! David mentally shouts at me. 

I will. When I have the chance. I angle my head slightly at approaching Dr. Saleron, who strides over and collects our dishes, wether we're finished or not. 

“Come on. Training time.” She leads us to the gymnasium, and I note the mats spread out once again, a white ring painted on to their rough, dark blue surface. 

“What's going on?” Mia demand, her normally still face full of emotion. Her skin, a flawless honey tone, glistens with sweat. Out of all of us, she is the quietest. She keeps quiet, complying without question. Everyone stares in shocked silence at her now. 

“Two versus two. Girls on boys. Fight.” We don't need to be told twice. We've all been itching for a fight, and now’s our chance. I glance at Mia, than gale at the space where she used to be, now invisible. 

I ready my own power, that feeling of my world shrinking and collapsing sitting just beneath the surface. I call to the Blackness too, but I try to keep it leashed. 

“Go!” Dr. Saleron's command rings out clear, and I launch myself at the boys. 

I go fro David, launching a punch. He blocks, his grip impossibly strong. I grit my teeth and blink away, attacking from behind. I flash in and out, landing the occasional punch and dodging way more. 

I call to the Blackness, keeping a short leash on it. My vision darkens, and I can tell by David’s expression my eyes have gone black. I flash away, then back, suddenly on top of him, grasping him into a chokehold and pushing him to the floor. I toss him with ease out of the ring. 

I'm shaking from the effort of not letting the Blackness take over completely. I cast it aside, whirling to see Wind throw Mia out of the ring without even raising a hand. I flash over, my fist slamming into his jaw. I reals backward, staring at me in shock. 

Suddenly, I can't breath. I'm being pushed backward, towards the edge. I wait until I'm almost out, that blink away to the other edge. 

Wind whirls around, green eyes burrowing into mine. I flash again, landing to his side, my fist whacking him in the stomach. 

He falls to the ground but is back up in an instant, barreling towards me. 

I flash away to behind him, and we go on like that for a few minutes, until he gets me in his invisible grasp again, readying to throw me backwards. 

I smile, as I allow the Blackness to take over, staying passenger to keep control of the situation. 

I'm going forward, flashing ahead and to either side to keep Wind from getting a solid grip on me.

Then, I'm on top of him, and he's on the ground, and I sling him out. I grasp at the Blackness and try to force it away, but it doesn't want to go. I begin to panic, but with a giant mental shove I'm free. 

Exhausted, I walk over to where Dr. Saleron and the rest of the group stands. I pant, my thoughts sluggish. 

“You did well.” Dr. Saleron congratulates, and I nod in thanks. A funny feeling sweeps through me, and I am suddenly floating. Growing distant. My knees wobble about to give out. I'm too distant at this point, not even fear or panic will draw me in. 

But then Wind’s eye slam into mine, and I'm firm in my skin again, but falling. I can only hope someone catches me… I feel myself in Wind’s firm grip, gazing up into his twinkling emerald eyes. A blush creeps up my cheeks against my will as he smiles down at me, despite the fact that we were just locked in battle. 

I right myself, pushing away and standing on my own shaking feet. I didn't need anyone to help me. Something told me that in my life before, I'd always been a loner, having to do stuff for myself. That's why I'm so independent here. 

Thinking about my life before strikes a strange pang in my heart, as the memories are so distant now it's like it's own form of torture, facts of another life held just out of my reach. 

For a blissful moment, everyone is still. Not a word is uttered. Then Dr. Saleron turns around and walks away, and after exchanging a confused look we follow. 

I still feel disconnected, but I'm slowly drawn back down. Painstakingly slowly I right myself, drawing in deep, steady breaths. Part of me is spent, exhausted, and I want to flop down and sleep my life away. But another part is humming with adrenaline, filled with energy and rage. Thankfully, in this case it's the adrenaline-charged side that wins. 

Confusion runs through my mind, trying to puzzle out where we're going. I draw up the mental map I'd created, trying to puzzle out where Dr. Saleron could possibly be leading us. 

We swing around a sudden corner, walking into a brightly lit room, empty except for a plastic chair. It's small, barely big enough for all five of us to cram into. 

We all hold our breaths, waiting for Dr. Saleron’s explanation. 

“This is the testing room, where you'll each be individually tested on how far you've come along.” She states, grey eyes twinkling with madness. For the thousandth time, I wonder what the endgame for this is. 

“What is all this for!?” I blurt out, everyone’s eyes suddenly glued to me. I couldn't help it, the curiosity was getting the better of me. It was like an itch that I just couldn't scratch, and now I have a small semblance of relief. 

“This is so much bigger than just you. You're the tester bunch, the rough draft. You're powers are gonna be sloppy but strong, until we can dilute and polish them in the next batch.” She explains, and I savour the small victory. 

“But why do this all in the first place?” David demands, not a hint of humour to his voice. It's unusual for him, the charismatic joker, to be without a smile.

“To build an army. To destroy this whole world. To kill those in power, and put a new group at the throne.” 

Gold certainty fires through me. I can't let this happen. She's talking about world domination, and as much as I might hate society and how the world works, I can't let that happen.

I need to get us out of here, and destroy this place and everyone in it. I will do it, I realize, determination like a fire sweeping through me. 

I will destroy this facility, so that those running it can't destroy the world. 

“Now for the testing.” Dr. Saleron hisses, a malicious grin creeping across her face. 

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