The Infinity Project

Waking up in a hospital, being spoon-fed lies be her mysterious captors, being stuck with a group of teenagers, with no memories of her life before, but flickering remnants of a car crash. Things aren't looking good for Kira. On top of that she has to deal with sudden powers, and a mysterious dark force that has taken hold of her.
With betrayal looming at every corner, can Kira save herself and her friends, or die trying?


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


I awake after a night of nightmares. Dr. Saleron is dragging me out of bed. I'm incredibly tempted to let her haul me across the floor, but for some reason I instead push myself to my feet, standing on my own, with great difficulty. I wobble, but somehow remain upright. 

My back aches, and so do my legs. I suppress a groan and follow Dr. Saleron. Each step sends a shot of pain up my legs, but I force myself to keep going. We go to breakfast as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Ha. Everything here is strange, out of the ordinary. 

What even is ordinary? I'm starting to forget everything about what happened before her, even the events leading up to walking up in the hospital bed. An accident, I know that. A tragedy. Something terrible, something that is a cause of incredible sorrow. 

The day passes in a blur. Then the next. Wind refuses to talk to me, and the rest can hardly meet my eyes. I barely eat, not being able to stomach anything. 

At the gym, I do whatever the rest aren't doing. During social time, I curl up in the corner and nap, until a guard comes and shakes me awake. Alone in my room, I cry myself to sleep. Two days lasts barely a heartbeat, and suddenly I'm back in that dreaded hospital room, Dr. Saleron preparing yet another injection, the painful, black fluid completely opaque and even within the glass tube of the syringe. 

Before I can protest, she jabs it into my arm and I force back the vomit and bile that rises. Waves of pain roll over me, and suddenly I'm smothered by a thick carpet of black. 

And not the good kind, that would single an end to the pain. No, this is the kind that rose that day, when I lost myself, when my own will and conscious were pushed aside. 

But this time it's different. I'm a spectator now, a viewer in my own body. 

I cock my head at Dr. Saleron, deciding wether or not to attack. I want to, the part that's really me. I know whatever she's done to me, it's made me stronger. Strong enough to destroy her, and this whole retched place.

I call to the other power within me, the quieter one. The pain is gone now, and I welcome its departure, as I flash away to behind Dr. Saleron. 

I study her, assessing her weaknesses, strengths. 

“No.” She says, her voice full of quiet command. Against my will, I go still. I cock my head at her again, studying her. Primal emotions course through me. My thoughts are barely thoughts, simply half-formed phrases hovering in my mind. 

I snarl. A terrible, terrifying sound. My lip curls in anger. Slowly, whatever is controlling me grows stronger, and I'm pushed out of my own head. 

“Tomorrow, we will finish this.” I hear Dr. Saleron says, her voice full of merciless warning. I see her glowering face, before I fall away completely. 


I awake to a throbbing in my wrists. Both wrists. The blackness is blissfully far away. 

I'm back in my bed, tied down but looser than before. I guess Dr. Saleron knows she can control me now, so there's less need for me being tightly blind in place. 

I twist my hand free, scrutinizing my wrists for any marks. In the centre of each wrist lies a tattoo, a design I'd never seen before. Like two triangle, on there sides and aligned so their points are touching. Like a cartoon bowtie. 

I'm puzzled by it, and also the throbbing that echoes away from it. The ink is black, dark as the blackness that shrouds the edges of my mind. 

Do the others have marks like these too? 

I close my eyes, the image of Wind’s face filling my mind. I can't help but to wonder how he's doing. Did I hurt him? I needed to know. 

I imagine walking up to him, an apology ready on my lips. 

I'm… sorry. That wasn't m—

I know. It's fine. His voice. In my head. Clear as if we were having a conversation. 

Did I hurt you? 

Yes, but I'm okay now.

Ok… I'll guess I'll see you soon. 

Yes, once the day starts. What?

There's a pause, no voices in my head, not even my own. 

I guess you figured out this little trick too.

What trick? 

I'll explain later, when we're face-to-face. 


Then silence. Blissful, lonesome silence. And my thoughts, whirling. What just happened? Did we just have a… have a conversation in our minds? 

Seconds later, Dr. Saleron appears at my door, untying me and leading me out. She shoves me some new clothes. Still not that interesting, but a tighter fit. She leads me back to the bathroom. 

“Change. And take care of any… needs you have.” She instructs, and I nod in silent compliance. 

Without pausing, I strip of my old clothes and slip on the new ones. They are a pale colour, a whitish-grey. and made of a skintight stretchy material. I feel the urge to check my appearance in the mirror, and just as I'm turning I feel the darkness claw at my mind again. 

As I gaze at myself, I watch as my eyes go black, all pupil. 

Then I give in, too tired to protest and fight as the blackness closes over, pushing all rationality aside.


I come to, slumped against the bathroom door, someone—Dr. Saleron more than likely—pounding on the other side. 

How long was I out for? I push to my feet once again, and slip out. 

“What happens in there?” Dr. Saleron demands, her grey eyes piercing into me. I run my head and groan. A headache is starting to form, but I'm glad that the blackness has temporarily exhausted itself, leaving my mind free. 

“Nothing. I'm fine.” I insist, meeting her grey stare with my blue one. Or was it black now? We're my eyes even always blue? Yes. Yes they were. At least that I can remember. Something seems wrong with my memory. How come I'm forgetting? 

“Fine then. Lets go.” Her fingernails—painted a shade of grey that matches her eyes—dig into my soft flesh as she grabs me by the wrist, yet again. 

I don't bother to assess were she's leading me until I'm in the cafeteria, a bowl of slop in front of me, Wind gazing at me knowingly. I stare at his wrists. Sure enough, he has the marks too. Everyone does.

Hey beautiful. I hear his voice in my mind, and I blush. I am suddenly uncomfortable in my new outfit, it's too tight and revealing.

Tiffany seems to have the opposite problem, her head held high, her tight shirt pulled down low so that it reveals a tiny bit too much of her cleavage. 

She keeps glancing at David, but he couldn't care less. I blush harder and suppress a childish giggle as I see Mia, unable to take her eyes off Tiffany, blush and bow her head as Toff swings her head around and meets Mia’s gaze. 

They'd make a cute couple! I think, only to see the rest of the table whirl around to look at me, looks of confusion, amusement and anger stretched across their faces. 

“Who said that!?” Tiffany all but screeches, and Mia looks in my direction, flashing me a knowing smile. Suddenly, an idea blossoms. 

I did! I mentally shout, watching as Tiffany and Dave’s eyes go wide. Mia and Wind must have already figured out what's going on. 

I focus in on Mia, trying to Project my thoughts directly to her. 

Hey, you really like her don't you? 

Mia looks startled, and for a second I wonder if I've gotten it all wrong. But I saw the fondness in her gaze, and I saw that Tiffany also seemed to be rather interested in Mia. 

Tiffany? Yeah… yeah. 

Go for it! I coach, then rip my mind away. Let’s see how this all plays out. I expect Mia to blurt something out, or maybe even Tiffany, but to my surprise, it's Wind that breaks the silence that hangs over us first. 

I discovered this last night. It seems… we all… share a link of sorts, like a subconscious tie in all our minds. I lock eyes with him, his green eyes seem different. They hum with power, that I'd never seen there before. 

Something clicks in me, and I mentally blurt. I expect regret as soon as the statements out, but I only feel relief.

That's not all we can do! And proceed to tell them about how I can… move places. How I flash in and out of existence, changing position in the blink of an eye. 

Like teleport? David asks, excitement shining in his eyes. He doesn't seem to fully grasp the danger of the situation, what's really going on. He doesn't see past the surface. 

Yes! Exactly! 

I can turn invisible. Mia pipes up. 

I… I move things. Without touching them. Wind stares, and David and Tiffany gaze at us in amazement. 

I was on the treadmill and I was going WAY too fast! I didn't think too much of it, but it couldn't have been physically possible. I could also lift all of the heaviest weights like they were feathers. David mentally tells us. He seems overjoyed, excited at the prospect of what's going on.

Am I doing this right? Ah, well I still haven't figured out what I can do yet but— she abruptly stops. I think I can change my appearance. 

So this is cool. We all have some form of super power. David says, and I almost burst out laughing. I giggle still slips out though, earning me a glare from one of the guards. 

This is so NOT cool, we're trapped here and we have no idea how to get out, or as to what's going to happen to us. I counter. I can't tell them about my plan yet. It was a barely formed idea. I can't get their hopes up. 

But I will save them. I need to. I feel it inside of me, a weight, a responsibility. It is my job to protect them, I am the self-appointed saviour of the group. 

We finish eating and lapse into silence. All of us thinking what next? Something about today didn't seem like a normal day. We wouldn't go about the schedule we'd started to memorize, there was something else in store for us. 

What did the doctors have up their sleeves now? What new torture awaits us?

And I'm right, as Dr. Saleron, Dr. Kurran and another young woman that seems awfully familiar but can't place. 

“Mia, Tiffany, you guys go with Dr. Kurran.” Dr. Saleron instructs, and the two girls dip their heads in acknowledgment, following Dr. Kurran out of the room. 

“You two, with Dr. Alexia.” She states, gesturing to David and Wind, who get up and follow the pretty young woman out of the room. She is lithe, with 

“And you, Kira, are coming with me.” Dr. Saleron beckons to me, and I follow her out of the cafeteria, a sense of icy foreboding settling over me as I watch the others retreat. Why was I being singled out? 

I was never singled out. I was always the nobody that no one bothered to see. I was invisible, but not now. Everyone's eyes are on me, and I want nothing more than to disappear. To fade away from whatever awaits me. 

My cheeks grow red against my will as I think of Wind, and what's going to happen to him. I can't help it, but still I sigh. I can sense the others shorting glances over their shoulders, trying to catch a glimpse of me. I'm touched by how when I focus in on that mental link, the one that allows us to communicate, I can detect faint traces of worry. They care for me. 

“What's going on?” I ask. My heartbeat is a flutter, my pulse skidding and jumping like an injured bird, pounding so hard I feel like all me rubs are going to snap from the force of it. Thankfully, they seem to be holding up fairly well. 

“The others are going for individual testing. You'll have to do it a bit later, but for now you're coming with me for the Locking.” States, and I marvel that she actually answered me. 

“And what exactly are we locking?” I demand, a surge of defiance blazing through me. Anger. I relish it. Such a rare feeling, instead of fear or hate or compliance. The courage to say something is rare for me, so I live in that moment where I found the strength to speak up. 

She doesn't answer this time, simply leads me through the black, winding hallways. I try to familiarize myself as best as I can with the layout, knowing that it will come in handy in the near future. It might even contribute to my plan to escape. 

“I'm sorry about this.” She says suddenly, then whirls around and injects me with could only be a tranquilizer, as my limbs abruptly quit, and I lose consciousness. 

I'm really getting tired of all this. I know I shouldn't, that it'll only lead to more fear and pain, but I can't help but wonder what I'll wake up to this time. Or if I would wake up at all. Part of me wishes I don't. 



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