The Infinity Project

Waking up in a hospital, being spoon-fed lies be her mysterious captors, being stuck with a group of teenagers, with no memories of her life before, but flickering remnants of a car crash. Things aren't looking good for Kira. On top of that she has to deal with sudden powers, and a mysterious dark force that has taken hold of her.
With betrayal looming at every corner, can Kira save herself and her friends, or die trying?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


My days soon become a blur. Wake up, be eat breakfast. Back to chambers. Visit with the nurse to receive an injection. Eat lunch. Go to gym. Back to chambers. Eat supper. Socialize. Sleep. Every second day we are forced to shower, and our uniforms, as I've taken to thinking of them, are cleaned.

Slowly, I feel something within me shift. Rearrange. My thoughts stray to the time before this strange place. Is it a prison? A hospital, as I'd originally though? The only windows are situated high up, out of view. Maybe we were underground. 

What was my life before this? Did I even have a life before this? Sometimes faces surface, ones I once knew. Sometimes I have nightmares, of being picked apart. Then something changes. My life gets a whole lot more interesting. 

Way—I'd finally adjusted to calling him that, even though it still felt wrong on my tongue—let something slip. During social time, he mentioned that he'd been bored in his room, and suddenly his chair had started rocking. Though he wasn't on it. As he focused in on the chair, he realized it was actually him making it shake. 

Then Mia blurts that she'd been staring at her feet, then suddenly she didn't have any feet. But she did, she could walk. She was aware of her feet. She could feel them. 

They were simply invisible. 

I reflected, and just as I was about to speak of my experience, one I'd dismissed as a dream, we were cut short. Dr. Saleron grabs me roughly by the wrist, nails digging into my soft flesh, dragging me back to my room. I thought of it as my room now, not chamber or cell. 

Something inside me snaps, and I suddenly lurch to get free. Dr. Saleron’s grip is like iron, and despite my sudden outburst, I remain fixated in her control. 

I make a plot second decision, rage and fear and need guiding me. I pull again, swinging my free fist at Dr. Saleron’s head, satisfied at the resounding crack. She is sent spiralling into the wall, dragging me down with her. I place my foot on her stomach and push myself away, finally free. I sprint down the hallway, legs pumping, finally thankful for all those exercise sessions. How long had it been? They'd made a mistake, they'd made me strong. 

I don't know where I'm going though, I don't know how to get out. I just know I need to. My escapade is cut short by a burly guard I don't recognize blocking my path. 

“Where do you think you're going?” He growls. I try to attack, but I'm spent, and he's so much stronger than me. 

“Let me go!” I shout as he grabs me. His grip crushes me, and I swear I hear bones snap. I close my eyes, cursing the hot, angry tears that seep out. 

I wish myself away, to be just a little bit ahead, to be just on the other side of him, in the clear… my world suddenly condenses and shatters, and my eyes are ripped open. 

I'm… on the other side of the burly guard, just a little down the hallway. I don't pause to think of how it happened, or enjoy the baffled look on the guard’s face. I simply sprint. Running as fast as I can, my legs aching. 

But I'm lost, and aching, and exhausted. Checking for any signs of pursuit, I flop down, satisfied I'm alone. My breathing is uneven and scratchy, I'm sucking oxygen down like a butterfly sucking nectar from a flower, greedily but inefficiently, like in breathing through a thin straw. 

I know someone will likely find me, but at the moment I don't care. I can't keep my eyes open, but I force them to stay wide, observing. I let out a forceful sigh, and push myself to my feet. I don't make it to steps before Dr. Saleron finds me, a syringe grasped in her hand. 

“There you are, you little pest.” She scowls, as she grabs me and plunges the syringe into my arm. I fight it for once, I fight against that undeniable weight against my consciousness. I kick and flail against the onslaught, but to no avail. 

I'm too weak. My energy is spent. 

So, cursing myself, I stop my efforts and let the black veil descend across my mind. It's swift, and I know that even at my strongest I still would've succumbed to its wrath.


I awake, tied to the harsh frame of my bed. I am alone, but I know that guards and Dr. Saleron can't be far off. My head throbs, and so do my limbs. My heart beats at an uneven pace, slamming against my ribcage like it too, is trying to escape. 

What had happened yesterday? What had snapped in me, as to make me fight back? Was it worth it? 

The last one I know the answer to. Yes, yes it was worth it. Next time, it won't be in vain. There will be a next time, and it won't end with me tied to a bed, my efforts staunched by an unknown tranquilizer. 

The door swings open, and Dr. Saleron walks in. Her brown hair is curled, her grey eyes dusted with eyeshadow, eyelashes extended by bottlefuls of mascara. She wears a dress, a simple black one that shows off her perfect figure. 

“Come on.” She commands, practically hauling me out of bed. I bight my tongue to stifle a groan and a complaint. A snarky comment builds on the tip of my tongue, and I resist letting it out. 

I stumble to my feet, studying the expression on her face. Distaste. Annoyance. A hint of resentment. Directed at me? It didn't seem so. Something else was on her mind. But I don't ask. I know that curiosity won't end well, for me. 

She leads me to a bathroom, handing me a nondescript plastic bag, the sort you get your purchase shoved into after buying something at any sort of store, except it's not branded with any company logo. 

“Change into these. My boss is coming, and we're behind schedule. You need to all look your best.” She says, then unlocks the bathroom door. “Knock when your done.” 

I stumble into the bathroom, confused. I immediately study my surroundings. A toilet. Cream walls. A sink. Mirrors. A window, a large one. A second mirror, this one a larger floor length one. 

I strip out of my dirty hospital clothes, which were once well fitting but are now loose. I've lost a noticeable amount of weight. 

In just my undergarments, I study myself. I have to admit, I do look pretty good. Better than I ever remember. My hair is glossy, even though it's unbrushed and un-styled. 

I'm slim and athletic, as all girls my age wish to be. I was never truly ‘fat,’ but I was always a little bit pudgy and not exactly athletic. Now though, I'm almost dangerously thin, my arms and legs lined with lean muscle, my stomach flat. My face has narrowed, cheekbones more pronounced. My eyes glimmer blue-grey, humming with hidden power. My eyes weren't always that colour… I think. For some reason, I can't remember. 

But looking at myself, I notice the things others probably wouldn't notice. Cheeks a bit too hollow, ribs just a little too pronounced. I made a mental note to ask for larger portions next mealtime. 

Quietly, I slip into the clothes that Dr. Saleron had placed in the bag. I'm surprised by the contents, as it's not something every girly or elegant, it's something like I'd actually wear, if given the chance. 

A dress, made of silken material covered by a layer of black lace. The back was completely exposed, showing skin through nothing more than a piece of thin, black lace. It is a nice dress, though fancy. What is going on?

Dr. Saleron mentioned something about her boss coming, and being behind schedule. Behind what schedule? 

There is something going on here, something strange. We were never told why we're here, we just simply are. I'm lost in thought when an angry knock sounds on the door. 

“You done in there!?” Dr. Saleron shouts in impatience. 

“Just finishing up!” I respond, ignoring the audible groan that echoes in response. 

I dart out, awaiting an explanation from Dr. Saleron. Instead she just seizes me up. 

“Good. Now come.”

“Um, excuse me… but… why exactly are we all here anyways? What's going on?” I ask, my voice hoarse and quavering. 

“I guess I owe you somewhat an explanation.” She sighs, her brow wrinkling. “You're here because you were killed. We brought you back to life, as well as the other kids here. But that's not all we did for you.” 

“What else did you do?” I force myself to ask, already knowing the answer is a vile, disgusting response. 

“We made you new. We changed you, created something better. You're incredibly fortunate, you know that?” 


“Enough questions!” She snaps, and I fall silent. I silently shiver. I may not know exactly what's been done to me, but I can begin to guess. 

The corridors fly past, until we're in the room we use for our ‘social time.’ My stomach grumbles, a reminder I haven't had breakfast yet. Dr. Saleron hears, and groans. 

“Come on. I oughta feed you.” We detour to the cafeteria, the rest of the group in tow. I can't help but notice how everyone's dressed, David in a suit, Way in a tight shirt and tight jeans, Tiff in a dress that was just a hint too revealing and Mia in a simple shirt and skirt. 

We are handed bowls of slop, and I greedily dig in, my stomach gnawing in hunger. 

Once finished we are given time to ‘wash up,’ then are forcefully led back to the comfort of the social room. 

We are all instructed to sit on the couch, while Dr. Saleron explains what's going on, with the occasional aid of Dr. Kurran. 

“Our supervisors are on the way here as we speak. Our project is a little behind schedule, so you'll have to—”

“We’re a LOT behind schedule, is what Elizabe—Dr. Saleron here is saying, so y'all gotta be good for the supervisors when they come.” Dr. Kurran states, and I detect faint hints of an unplaceable accent in his husky voice. 

“Do not interrupt me again, Core.” Despite myself, I chuckle, Dr. Kurran’s first name is Core? Core Kurran. 

He blushes, and falls silent with a curt nod. 

“You will have to demonstrate your worth to our superiors, in order for them to keep funding this project. And if they stop funding us, you stop living.” Menace rings clear in Dr. Saleron's, or as I've guessed from Dr. Kurran’s slip, Elizabeth's, voice. 

“What exactly is this project?” Wayne pipes up. I scold myself mentally. I still couldn't drop those two letters. 

“You'll see soon enough.” Dr. Kurran hisses, as two new figures stride in. 

The first is an young man, with luscious black hair and golden skin. His face is regal and handsome, his eyes glimmering green. He is followed my a woman who is slightly younger than Dr. Saleron, with dusky blonde hair framing a pale face. Her eyes are cunning brown, reflecting knowledge beyond her years. 

“Hello, I am Aliza Cunning, and this is my assistant, Martin Branch.” The younger woman announces, gesturing to Martin, who's handsome face wrinkles at the word assistant. He's clearly a prideful man, the type who hates to admit they're second. 

We all murmur our greetings, as Aliza and Martin seize us up. How is it that people so young became the bosses of people older? How is it that everyone in charge here seems to be to some degree, beautiful? 

Something seems off, and Aliza soon explains what. It's a shocking statement, one I don't think my mind can quite believe. 

“You make think me to be youthful. In truth I am sixty-four.” Aliza states, and my brows knit in confusion. She couldn't be more than thirty. “I am the head of a medical research company.” 

“And what does that have to do with anything?” Way butts in. I give myself a mental congratulations at mentally referring to him as his nickname. I'm not much of a nickname person. 

“If you didn't interrupt, you would be found out much quicker!” Aliza snaps, and Way fall into a shocked silence. 

“Sorry, Ma’am.” 

“That's better. Now where was I? Aw yes. Medical research company. You see, we design drugs that most people deem impossible. You five, are a pristine example of that.” 

“How so?” Mia all but whispers. I can see the curiosity burning in her eyes, and I remember all that Dr. Saleron has told me. 

“You mean you don't know yet? You five are equipped with powers that most people have deemed works of science fiction! By now, you should know this! You are works of wonder, and you will be put to use very soon, if all goes right.” 

The two doctors, Saleron and Kurran, grimace. They hadn't been planning to tell us this yet. Their grimaces fade into discomfort as Aliza continues. 

“Now I've heard you're behind schedule, so while we visit we'll help you pick up the pace. I'm aware you've been getting one injection a day, we'll boost that up to two.” She states. 

I begin to protest. I can barely stomach one needle, let alone two! But before I get a chance to properly form a sentence, she begins speaking again. 

“If that doesn't speed things right up, we'll go with three. Sound good?” I gawk at her, and Way tenses besides me. 

“You dislike needles?” I whisper to him. 

“Dislike is too mild a word. I despise them to the very bottom of my soul, I loath with every drop of hate that occurs in my body.” I look towards him, a faint smile playing across my lips. 

“Quite the poet, I see.” 

“And what would you know of poetry?” I blush, an inevitable red staining my cheeks. A memory surfaces, one of me sitting on my bed, writing, stanza after stanza until a song forms. 

“I did some songwriting, before—” Dr. Kurran hisses for us to be closet, and I swallow my giggle. I feel like a second grader, caught speaking while the teacher is explaining the day’s lesson plan. Aliza and Martin eye us. I can see the distaste in their eyes, and I feel a familiar anger blossoming inside me. Defiance. Bright, beautiful, blazing defiance. Joyful, strong, unbroken defiance. I welcome the feeling, sucking up the anger like I've spent the last year in a desert, only now to have found a cold, cool lake. 

“As I was explaining, we’ll be upping your dosage. And, I'd like you to note, your only alive because of us. Do anything, and I mean anything, to displease us, and that will change.” Aliza’s voice is filled with cold menace, enough to make even the bliss of my defiance flicker in questioning. 

“Yes ma'am.” I hear a few people murmur. Not me though, and neither does Wayne. Way. 

“Hey,” I whisper to him when the adults all go to chat, leaving us alone. 

“Hey,” he whispers back. 

“Would you prefer if I called you Way or Wayne, when we first met you said to call you Way, and—”

“That's not my real name. I'm really called Wind, but I thought that sounded too dopey, so most people call me Wayne. Don't know where Way came from, just needed to say something else, to fill that silence.” I take a shaky breath. Wind. I like how the name sounds. Mystical, unique. 

“Would you like it if I called you Wind?” A slight nod is his only answer. 

All too soon, the doctors and their supervisors return, and we are dismissed. We are sent to our cells as I've started viewing them. It's strange how quickly things change. We change back into looses fitting hospital clothes, and I gaze in fondness at the soft folds of the dress. 

I feel with burning realization, I need to escape. I can't fail. The consequences would be deadly. For me, for all the group. A terrible sense of foreboding settles over me, fear for what is to come. Terrible, paralyzing fear.

Sitting in discomfort on my bed, I begin to scheme. A plan begins to form, slowly a web of lies and freedom forming. I will get out of here, and I will take this place down. First though, I need to uncover the truth. 

And I will, if it's the last thing I ever do.

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