Little Town Full Of Little People |Battle Of The Fandoms Competition Entry|

Little town gossip is a tale as old as time, the same story everywhere you go. Or is it? |Disclaimer: This is a Disney fan fiction, none of the character's are mine, they are all property of Disney. |The title is taken from lyrics in the song "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast| COVER BY Infinite_Exho|


2. Scar & Shere Khan

Shere Khan pulled up to the large Pride Co. building in his bright orange and black Ferrari Aperta just as Scar was ending his shift. The man parked in front of the doors, scanning the small crowd exiting the building for Scar. Soon the man emerged from the building, carrying a brief case and wearing a black suit and a look of boredom.

"How does some La Beauté et la Fête, sound?" Shere Khan asked, once Scar had gotten close enough to hear. "It'll be my treat."

Scar raised an eyebrow in response. "Isn't it a bit late for lunch?" 

The other man chuckled. "I know you don't eat at work, Scar."

"You know too much," he replied as he slid into the passenger seat, a sinister grin on his face. "I may just have to kill you."

"Save that for your brother, will you?" Shere Khan's reply earned him a chuckle from Scar as they started the short drive to the local french restaurant. 

"I just might," Scar confessed. "And Simba too."

Shere Khan simply chuckled and shook his head fondly as they finished their drive in silence. Soon they were seated at their usual table, in the corner by the open window, where they could see everyone, but very few could see them. They had ordered and nearly finished their meals when Scar's phone began to ring. The man made a noise of anger, eerily similar to a growl as he pulled the device out of his pocket. Shere Khan chuckled when he saw Mufasa's contact picture on the screen, Scar shot him a venomous glare before answering the call.

"What do you want?" Scar drawled, causing Shere Khan to grin as he listened to the brother's conversation.

"You should try being nicer to your family, Scar," Mufasa's deep voice replied. "After all, you do work for me."

"Don't remind me," Scar hissed, rolling his eyes. "I assume this isn't a courtesy call."

Mufasa sighed. "No, I was hoping you could do me a favor."

"Let me think," Scar replied, examining his finger nails. "No."

"I need you to watch Simba for the evening," Mufasa continued as if he hadn't heard. "Just pick him up after school, feed him dinner, and bring him home around seven or so."

"I believe I said no," Scar replied. "Besides, the hairball is yours, therefore, you should watch him."

"That hairball is my son and your future CEO," Mufasa growled. "I can't watch him this evening, that's why I called you. Do you really think I would call you if I had another choice?"

"Don't you have a wife and an assistant for this sort of thing?" While Scar liked Sarabi more than his brother, he didn't care enough to save her watching the brat, and Zazu was annoying to say the least.

"Zazu and I have a meeting this evening," Mufasa sighed. "And Sarabi is visiting her mother in Tanzania, she won't be home for another week."

"I'm busy tonight," Scar replied, looking back to dining partner. Shere Khan winked, and Scar waved him off with a dismissive gesture, though there was mirth in his acid green eyes. "I have a dinner date."

"Take Simba with you," Mufasa suggested. "I assure you he wants nothing more than to spend time with his favorite uncle."

"I'm his only uncle, he has no choice," Scar reminded him. "Fine, but I expect more days off to recover."

"Thank you, Scar," Mufasa sighed. 

"Goodbye," Scar hung up and stuffed his phone back in his pocket with a look of rage on his face.

"Well that was awfully nice of you," Shere Khan grinned. "I never thought you to be the family type."

"I'm not," the other man growled. "In fact, I plan to feed the runt nothing but sugar so that by the time he gets home Mufasa will have hell to pay."

"You are a wicked one," he laughed. "Perhaps I can help you corrupt this child you despise so much?"

"What time do schools release their share of brats these days? Three O'clock?" Scar checked his watch. "We should leave now if we don't want to get stuck in the rush."

"I'll stop at the candy store on our way, buy him something with red dye in it, that's what makes him the most hyper isn't it?" Shere Khan asked as he wrote a check for the restaurant. 

"But of course," Scar's grin would've frighted the very same child they were discussing. "Mufasa will be simply furious."

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