Little Town Full Of Little People |Battle Of The Fandoms Competition Entry|

Little town gossip is a tale as old as time, the same story everywhere you go. Or is it? |Disclaimer: This is a Disney fan fiction, none of the character's are mine, they are all property of Disney. |The title is taken from lyrics in the song "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast| COVER BY Infinite_Exho|


1. Lumiere & Plumette

Plumette rolled her eyes as she heard Lumiere slam the door after entering the house. He could be such a drama queen. He entered the living room where Plumette had been watching reruns of TV dramas, and combing the knots of out their kitten, Marie's, soft, white, fur. Lumiere looked tired as he crossed the room, pulling his red blonde hair out of it's pony tail, allowing it to fall onto his shoulders. Plumette lifted the kitten from her lap, allowing her boyfriend to lay down with his head in her lap, before she placed the cat down on his chest.

"Was the restaurant busy tonight?" She asked, now combing Lumiere's hair.

"Not only that mon amour, but that new fellow was working tonight," the man replied, petting the small kitten on his chest in between exaggerated hand gestures. "I want to give him a chance, I really do."

Plumette chuckled, now used to Lumiere's complaints after having this new chief for almost a month. "What happened this time?"

"Blanquette du veau, he added soy sauce to blanquette du veau!" He sounded appalled. "Everyone knows you can't add soy sauce to blanquette du veau. I'm starting to believe he is a hopeless."

"I'm sure he's not that bad," She grinned at her boyfriend's apparent horror. "He's just not used to cooking french cuisine, all he needs is for you to teach him."

"I've tried Plumette," Lumiere sighed, lazily reaching an arm out to pet Marie as she ran away from her owner's dramatics. "Chan Poe is just unteachable. Perhaps I'm simply doomed to own a french restaurant that serves Chinese food."

Plumette rolled her eyes as she stood up to get ready for bed, Lumiere following shortly after. "Did anything good happen today?" 

"That man came in again today," Lumiere informed her. "The Englishman I've been telling you about."

"The one with chocolate brown eyes and a cute little mustache?" Plumette jokingly mocked. "You're been telling me about him every day since you first saw him, I hope you talk about me just as much."

"Of course, ma cher," he gave her a gentle kiss. "You know I love you as well."

"If you claim to love him, you should try talking to him," Plumette told him, eyebrow raised. "You can date him while dating me, but he needs to know about it and he can't know about it if you don't talk to him."

"Dating! Who said I wanted to date him?" Lumiere put a hand on his chest in mock offense. 

Plumette only raised her eyebrows before turning back to the bathroom sink to brush her teeth.

Lumiere sighed. "You know me to well Plumette. I don't know how to talk to him."

"The great Lumiere, master of romance, doesn't know how to ask a man out?" Plumette laughed. "I have a hard time believing that."

"I don't know how to ask him to date, while telling him that I am dating someone else!" Lumiere clarified. "You try it if it's so easy."

"I will google how to go about that tomorrow," Plumette replied. "While you go to work and try to cook up some courage."

"You can't google romance, that's not how it works," Lumiere looked at her appalled. "Do you think I googled how to go about asking you out?"

"Fine, then don't talk to him," Plumette shrugged. "Just stare at him from across the restaurant until he gets creeped out and leaves, never to return again."

"Fine, I will talk to him," Lumiere agreed. "But please help me, I am hopeless without you."

Plumette rolled her eyes but smiled anyway. "How did you live on your own before we met?"


Mon amour means my love in french, ma cher means my dear. Blanquette du veau is a french dish.

Lumiere is polyamorous is this fanfic, meaning that he is okay with having an open, consensual relationship with more than one person at a time. This isn't considered cheating because all involved parties know about each other and are okay with him dating both of them (or at least that will be the case if Lumiere and Plumette's plan works). If you aren't okay with this idea, I would advise not reading the Lumiere and Plumette chapter's from here on out, or possibly the entire story. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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