Little Town Full Of Little People |Battle Of The Fandoms Competition Entry|

Little town gossip is a tale as old as time, the same story everywhere you go. Or is it? |Disclaimer: This is a Disney fan fiction, none of the character's are mine, they are all property of Disney. |The title is taken from lyrics in the song "Belle" from "Beauty and the Beast| COVER BY Infinite_Exho|


4. Belle & Adam

Belle placed the book back on the shelf before stepping down from her stool and sighing when she saw the cart full of books she still had to put away. While she enjoyed running her library and helping children to discover the fun in reading, she didn't always enjoy the cleaning and organizing of the library. As she reached down to grab another book, a warm, russet brown hand covered the book she had been reaching for. Looking up she saw the familiar face of Plumette smiling at her.

"Good morning Belle," the young woman greeted. "I was wondering if you could help me with something."

"Of course Plumette," Belle replied, returning the smile. "What can I help you with?"

Plumette made her way to the library's small sitting area before looking for others and finding none, sitting down. 

"I need some advice," Plumette told her. "But what I'm asking might sound strange."

"Don't worry," Belle laughed as she sat down. "I've heard everything."

"Okay," Plumette thought a moment before continuing. "So, hypothetically, there are three people. Person A and person B are dating and person C most likely doesn't know this."

"Lumiere didn't...?" Belle trailed off, unsure how to finish.

"No, he would never," Plumette laughed, waving her off. "Person A and person B are together, but person A wants to date person C."

Belle opened her mouth to reply, but Plumette held up a hand to silence her.

"Person A wants to date person B and C at the same time, and person B is okay with that," Plumette continued. "The problem being that person A doesn't know how to ask person C out without sounding strange or hiding person B from person C. Does that make sense?"

"So to clarify, person A and person B are dating, and they wish to date person C as well, but don't know how to approach the subject?" Belle confirmed. 

Plumette nodded. "What do you think?"

"I think person A and B should get to know person C before rushing into things," Belle replied. "Then, if they decide it's something they really want, they should talk to person C together."

"Thanks," Plumette replied with a smile. "I'll pass that along to hypothetical person A."



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