Lily-Covered Lies

This is just a poem I made. It's not very good and I made it a few years back. Either way, I hope you enjoy! Have a great day/night! :) P.S. I was thinking about making it into a story, but that's up to you guys! If you like it let me know! Thank you!


1. Lily-Covered Lies:


Dark brown hair and porcelain skin,

Thick lashes, umber eyes,

Where many secrets hide within,

All covered by your lies.


Your cheeks dusted pink and you smile,

When someone compliments.

By using your beauty and guile,

Conceal false innocence.  


Your words are music to one’s ears,

I see through that fake laugh,

Hiding your pain and broken tears,

your heart is torn in half.


I sit behind you in our class,

You barely speak a word.

When you do it’s fragile, like glass,

So soft it’s scarcely heard.


I see the sadness in your eyes,

The claw marks up your arms.

When you look as if you wish to die,

It fills me with alarm.


I am mesmerized by your skill,

How you write down your thoughts.

Your words paint the perfect idyll,

You feel it’s all for naught.


You might not care, I care too much,

You think you are not loved.

Happiness is out of your clutch,

Dangling just above.


I will always be there for you,

In your darkest of times.

But you don’t seem to have a clue,

That to me, you’re sublime.


You think me daft, I always knew,

Not one noticed but I.

Hiding your despair and gloom,

With lily-covered lies.

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