Crying for Anya.

So... I wrote this when I was 8, and yesterday (9/7/17) I decided to re-write it and publish it on Movellas!!! Enjoy! :)


1. Crying For Anya.

 Anya and I were inseparable. We were two halves of the same heart and she was my light in the darkness. We helped each other through everything: If I was upset, Anya'd lick my face free of my tears and I'd feel better. Much better. And if Anya had to go to the vets, I'd hold her paw until it was all over.

I'd do anything for her.

We went everywhere together, too, Anya and me. Often, she'd come to my football practice and sit at the sidelines, occasionally leaping into the air to catch the ball, or nuging it back to us if it came her way. She made the greatest companion.

One day, when we were sitting in the park, me trowing sticks for Anya to chase, Anya ran off.

"Anya!" I called, in a sing-song voice, knowing she always came when I called her. 

But Anya didn't come.

Fear gripped me like a vice.

"Anya?" I repeated. Still, there was no answer.

"Anya!" I yelled, beginning to panick.

A small whine came from far off, and I could tell, immediately, that it belonged to anya.

I broke out in a run, crashing through the undergrowth, not caring how many scratches were appearing on my legs.

"Anya!" I screamed "Anya!"

At last, I came to the lake, just as Anya's yelps faltered. I could see her golden head struggling to stay above the water, could see the traces of blood appearing, swirling through the water as they diffused.

For a while, I simply stood there, tears pouring down my face, too shocked to move, before I finally pulled myself to my senses. Scrabbling at the lethal object keeping her under the black, reed-filled water, I managed to disentangle my beloved Anya from the thing hurting her.

Knowing that there was nothing else left to do, I rocked her in my arms, until, finally, Her limbs went limp and her head became heavy. Her ribs ceaced to move and I knew she was dead.

"Anya!" I sobbed "Anya!..." 

And there I sat, holding my beloved friend and crying, crying for Anya.

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